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How Do Women Ejaculate? The Definitive Guide to Female Ejaculation


How do women ejaculate? Squirting is every woman’s birthright. And yet, this wet and wonderful body miracle raises many questions in the minds of men and women. Before we go into who, what, when, where, and why, let’s get down to the basics of HOW.

In This Article:

Now that you know the basics, I want to address the most common questions men and women ask about making a woman squirt.

Are Squirting Orgasms really the ultimate orgasm?
Why do some women squirt and others don’t?
Why are Squirting Orgasms considered the ultimate orgasm?
What is her fluid made of? 
Where does all that liquid come from?
How many women are squirting in real life?
Is she more likely to ejaculate during lovemaking?
How much ejaculate is normal to release, and how does it come out?
Does female ejaculation coincide with her usual vaginal/clitoral orgasm?
How many times can a woman squirt in a single lovemaking session?
Does menopause affect a woman’s ability to ejaculate?
Do you have any special tips to help her squirt?

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If a woman is to shudder with pleasure as that sweet, warm fluid gushes out of her onto her man’s hands or penis, there are several essentials to consider.

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How to Make a Woman Squirt in 6 Easy Steps

1.  Protect Your Mattress.  It’s essential to be prepared, so the bedding doesn’t get soaked when a woman squirts. Here are my top two “how to make a woman squirt” recommendations: a) a crib pad with towels over it, and b) a full-size waterproof mattress pad or protector so she need not worry whether she’s on the pad or not and can freely move around anywhere on the bed. Then she can squirt her heart out, throw the wet stuff in the laundry, and crawl into your arms in a dry, cozy bed.

2.  Use Lube. I recommend Avocado Oil, a protein-rich moisturizing oil high in Vitamins A and E. It is vastly superior to chemical lubricants filled with noxious chemicals no woman needs on her delicate parts. (It is also better than coconut oil, which has a slightly gritty texture.) Keep two bottles of avocado oil on hand: one that’s thin and light to get her warmed up, another that’s more viscous for intercourse. For those few allergic to avocados, organic sweet almond oil is a good option. Avocado and sweet almond oil feel wonderful, nourish your genitals, and as an added benefit, are completely edible. You can go from oral sex to intercourse with a quick reapplication.

3.  Find her G-spot. Considered the “heart of her yoni,” the G-Spot isn’t actually a spot; it’s the whole area up inside a woman’s vagina where you’ll find her urethral sponge. Think of a woman’s vagina as a cave; the G-Area is up toward the roof of her cave about two inches in. If you think of the vagina as a clock, the G-area is located between 10 and 2. Like the clitoris, the G-area gets swollen when stroked. You’ll find it about 1-2 knuckles in, and as she’s aroused and the tissue fills with blood (this is called engorgement), the G-Area will begin to peek out of the vaginal canal.

Both men and women can benefit from a basic lesson on female genital anatomy. You’ll want to have an erotic map that shows you exactly how to touch a woman’s private parts for maximum pleasure.

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“I was surprised there was THAT much information in this little freebie.” – Tallulah Sullis
how to make a woman squirt

4.  Use the “Come Hither Stroke” gently at first.  Partners: it’s essential to take a slow-and-steady approach. The aggressive come-hither motion is NOT the place to start if you want to give your woman a squirting orgasm.  With your palm up, slowly work one finger inside her vagina with some lubricant. Begin by stimulating her G-area gently. A horizontal “windshield wiper” stroke, slowly stroking the wiper across her G-area, can feel good. You can transition to the “Come Here Stroke.” Crook your forefinger as if signaling someone to come toward you. Gently pull up and toward you in an arc as if you are “milking” her G-area. Mastering this stroke is one of the keys to how to make a woman squirt.

5.  Go slowly and focus more on pressure than movement. It’s important to find a consistent stroke that feels good to her. Once you’ve found a sweet spot, just hold and deliver. Don’t try to improve it. Don’t change the stroke. Vary the pressure rather than the movement; be sure to ask her what amount of pressure feels best. Be consistent, and both of you be patient; that’s the key.

6.  Stroke her clitoris simultaneously with the other hand. She needs her clit gently teased with her partner’s free hand or tongue. Gentle, light, rhythmic strokes are best and are sure to use plenty of lube. Stroke up under her clitoral hood around 1:30 or 2:00 (the top of her clit is 12 o’clock, and the opening to her vagina is 6 o’clock). As always, she should be encouraged to give her lover feedback.  

[NOTE: These “how to make a woman squirt step-by-step” instructions should always be customized because every woman is unique, so adjust the approach to meet her needs and desires.]

It’s easy to dismiss female ejaculation as unusual or “weird.” This, like so many myths about this completely natural experience, puts an unnatural limit on her pleasure. Find out what female ejaculate is really about, so you don’t leave this exquisite pleasure on the table.

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Are Squirting Orgasms really the “Ultimate Orgasm”?

For many men, female ejaculation is viewed as “the ultimate orgasm.” It’s one of the most common drivers behind why men want to know how to make a woman squirt. The reason for this goes well beyond the dramatic experience of seeing the watery liquid squirt out as PROOF that she had a sensational orgasm. (Ultimately, this plays to a woman’s advantage because his need for proof is a powerful motivator—he wants her to have this beautiful release that so nurtures her womanhood. Plus, when he sees her release her womanly waters, he gets a rush of masculine confidence in his ability to give her the most pleasure possible.)

how do women ejaculate

Squirting is the ultimate expression of female orgasmic pleasure because it gets her life force moving, gives her sexual confidence, increases her vitality, strengthens the bond she shares with her lover, allows her to bathe in the matchless pleasure of knowing she is living into her sexual potential.

More and more, we women have come to understand what our bodies are designed to do, and we want to experience all of it. From full engorgement to body-shaking orgasms to “flooding” ejaculations, women want to have it all. (And that plays to a man’s advantage because we all know how much a man likes to please his woman.)

Why Do Some Women Squirt and Others Don’t?

All women have the anatomy to ejaculate, but not all women actually squirt. Here are some reasons why a woman’s natural fluid may not flow:

  • She’s never heard of squirting orgasms and doesn’t know it’s possible.
  • She hasn’t had enough time to build up the ejaculate and get highly aroused.
  • She’s afraid to let go because her ejaculate might make a mess.
  • She mistakes the pressure on her vagina and bladder as a need to urinate and either holds back for fear of peeing on her lover, or gets up to go to the bathroom, thus short-circuiting her turn-on and her orgasm.
  • They have a hard time getting deeply aroused and surrendering during sex.
  • She doesn’t feel comfortable with her current partner.
  • She isn’t in touch with her body.
  • They don’t masturbate and/or knows little about her genitals and arousal pattern.
  • She has issues with body image and gets self-consciousness during sex.
  • The PC muscles (Pubococcygeus) in her pelvic floor are tense or weak.
  • She has experienced sexual abuse, shame or trauma that causes her to go into her head or dissociate when sexually aroused.
  • Her partner just doesn’t know how to make a woman squirt.
anatamy of how to make a woman squirt

It’s important to understand that just because a woman doesn’t or can’t ejaculate does not mean there’s something wrong with her. And it certainly doesn’t mean she’s sexually inadequate. It just means she hasn’t learned how to have a squirting orgasm—yet. Part of learning how to make a woman squirt is knowing it’s also important to have compassion.

Women: relax to where you are now in your sexual journey. Know that your path to high arousal and supreme pleasure is perfect. The key is to continue to open and explore, following what gives you pleasure and strengthens your bond with your partner.

Female ejaculation is confusing for a lot of women. Some want to but can’t. Others do but find it embarrassing. Get the facts so you and your lover can begin to enjoy this amazing body miracle.

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What is her fluid made of?

A woman’s ejaculate has many of the same components as a man’s without semen. His is more white and sticky; hers is clear and watery.

When a woman gets aroused, several chemical and hormonal reactions occur in her body. The fluid that comes from her Skene’s glands and flows into her bladder is a prostatic fluid of arousal that is doesn’t smell or taste like urine. There may,

shower how to make a woman squirt

however, be small amounts of urine and urea in her ejaculate. When tested in the lab, female ejaculate contains high amounts of glucose, prostatic fluid, and water.

Ejaculate is safe to drink, and it tastes different depending on where she is in her cycle. Sometimes it tastes like sweet hay; sometimes, it has almost no taste. Vitamins can alter the taste of her ejaculate.

Female Ejaculate: Where Does All The Liquid Come From?

A woman’s ejaculate comes from the Skene’s gland, popularly known as the female prostate, located at the lower end of the urethra on the upper vaginal wall. (That’s right… women have a prostate, too!)

Several ducts called paraurethral glands feed the fluid into the urethral canal located inside the spongy mound with ridges called the G-Spot. When this area is stimulated and gets aroused, the paraurethral glands fill with fluid and become engorged with blood. When she has a squirting orgasm, her fluids travel through the urethral canal. But don’t be fooled—just because fluid comes from the bladder does not mean it’s pee.

Don’t believe it? Want proof? You HAVE to see this video by science-geek, sexpert ______ who set out to PROVE female ejaculate isn’t pee.

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The design of her urethra is quite remarkable; it has a “valve” of sorts that prevents her ejaculate from mixing with her pee. Just like a man both urinate and ejaculates from his urethra that runs down his penis, he doesn’t pee when he ejaculates.

In certain studies, women who were catheterized and had their bladders completely drained still produced large amounts of fluid during arousal released with orgasm. Although the fluid came from the bladder, it was not urine.

A woman may ejaculate by consciously pushing the fluid out, or she may squirt involuntarily. Some women ejaculate once during a session of lovemaking; others do several times. Her fluid can dribble, gush, spurt, or squirt out of her vagina. Think of a garden hose with multiple settings, and you’ll get a sense of how variable women’s anatomy can be. Some women release a few drops, others a cupful or more. We know one woman who can fill a quart-sized Ball jar with female ejaculate!

Precisely how the Skene’s glands work with the bladder to produce the fluid is still something of a mystery. It has been said that the process is similar to lactation.

How Many Women Are Squirting In Real Life?

As stated above, squirting orgasms are every woman’s birthright. But this wet, wonderful body-miracle is elusive for some. One of the most asked questions is: “How many women really DO ejaculate when they orgasm?”

We at Personal Life Media were also curious about this. Hence, we teamed up with Sheri Winston, author of Women’s Anatomy of Arousal: Secret Maps to Buried Pleasure, to find out.

Here’s what our survey of over 1,700+ women from different age groups revealed:

  • Of all the respondents, only 1% didn’t know what female ejaculation was.
  • Only 62% of the women in our survey reported having experienced female ejaculation.
  • Of the women in age groups 34-49, 50-64, and 65 and older, 62% had already enjoyed squirting orgasms, and 50% from the 20-24 age group claimed they have tried squirting.
  • 6% of women said they “always” squirt.
  • 41% said they “usually” do.
  • 42% said it’s hit-or-miss and they only ejaculate “sometimes.”
  • 23% said they “rarely” ejaculate.
female ejac survey

Women who don’t squirt (yet!) are often simply misinformed. Female ejaculation is widely misunderstood. Now you can dispel the myths and enjoy this amazing, beautiful part of female sexuality.

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Is she more likely to ejaculate during lovemaking?

You’d expect the answer to this question would be “Yes.” It seems logical to assume that women would ejaculate more during sizzling sex, especially when their lover is eager to help out.

But the numbers tell a different story.

Only 41% of women said they “usually” squirt during intercourse, and only a tiny 6% claimed they “always” do.

SM couple

That means more than half of the women who took the survey don’t always achieve splashing, gushing orgasms, even during sex. Not even with the help of their partners. This could be because these women don’t fully know how to achieve female ejaculation just yet, or their men don’t know how to make a woman squirt.  Sometimes women just don’t feel like squirting. Sometimes a woman just doesn’t get to the level of arousal required to ejaculate. Hydration levels also factor into a woman’s ability to release.

But our survey did reveal some exciting statistics for lovers: 53% of “she-jaculators” say they are more likely to achieve wet nirvana when having sex with their partner. Only 20% reach nirvana by masturbating. 27% said it’s the same whether they’re with a partner or going solo.

This is a good indication that, for the women who do ejaculation, their partners are making them feel extra special and extra good.

How much ejaculate is normal to release, and how does it come out?

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Again, each woman is unique, so there is no “normal.” But here is the wet, wetter, and super-soaked breakdown:

Quantity of fluid:

  • 1% report releasing a few drops.
  • Nearly 11% said “a small amount.”
  • 22% ejaculate “more than a little, less than a lot.”
  • 35% said the amount “varies from time to time.”
  • A whopping 31% said that “it floods!” These are the women who release so much ejaculate, they consider themselves super-soakers.
quantity of ejaculate

As for how the liquid emerges, our survey revealed:

  • For 8% of women “it arcs.”
  • In 10% of women “it dribbles.”
  • 46% report that “it varies.”
  • For 35% of women their ejaculate “floods.”  
liquid emerges

Are ejaculation and orgasm the same thing?

Good question. We, too, were curious. We wanted to know if our pet theory—that ejaculation and orgasm are separate systems in the body—bore out in the experience of the 1,700 women who answered our survey. So we asked if their ejaculatory orgasms tend to coincide with their usual vaginal/clitoral orgasms or not. Here are the results:

When asked how often they ejaculate without having an orgasm:

  • 5% answered “always.”
  • 14% said “usually.”
  • 31% said “sometimes.”
  • 22% said rarely.
  • 27% reported that they rarely ejaculate without having an orgasm.
frequency without orgasm

Asked how often they ejaculate with a vaginal/clitoral orgasm:

  • 1.5% said “never (because I’m not orgasmic).”
  • 6% said “always.”
  • 24% said “usually.”
  • 43% said “sometimes.”
  • 18% said “rarely.”
frequency of ejaculation

As it turns out, orgasm and squirting do not necessarily happen at the same time. That means the popular phrase “female ejaculatory orgasm” is a misnomer. The good news is: if you’re squirting but not climaxing, you can still enjoy the sweet release. Consider female ejaculation a different kind of “orgasm.”

How Many Times Can A Woman Squirt (Ejaculate) In Single Session?

Of course, there is no right answer to this question because every woman is unique, and every sexual encounter is unique. The only way to answer the question is to see what happens.

That said, here are some general concepts to help you relax into whatever happens:  

  • Any woman has the physical ability to ejaculate multiple times in a lovemaking session.
  • The likelihood that she will ejaculate increases dramatically if she has a healthy sexual appetite and is interested in doing so.
  • Her hormones fluctuate so results may vary.  
  • Female ejaculation isn’t a spigot you simply turn on and let the waters flow, nor is it a drip system you can set with a timer. A woman’s ability to ejaculate tends to evolve over time. The more she ejaculates, the more fluid she can squirt. As she gains confidence in her ability to let go and go with her flow, the more pleasure she gets from the experience.

When I first heard about female ejaculation, I just had to have the experience. Initially, I pushed out to ejaculate but could only feel a little extra moistness in my vagina that my hubby couldn’t detect at all. And even that little dribble wouldn’t happen every time.  Eventually, I could feel a little wetness each time, and my ejaculation evolved from there. My husband started seeing a little spring of fluid come out of me, and there was a noticeable wet spot on the bed. At that point, we started putting down a towel every time we made love. Soon, the little spring would fill up and release multiple times. My husband would give me short breaks the continue stroking, and I’d ejaculate 5 to 10 times. We continued to practice, gaining more and more knowledge about my body, and eventually, my ejaculate started running out of me and down between my labia and soaking the towel. That’s when we ran got a waterproof sheet (baby crib sheets work great) because so much ejaculate was coming out of me I’d soak through two towels!

how to make a woman squirt

Each ejaculation got better and better. I noticed that my stomach muscles were really contracting, and my vaginal walls would clamp down on my husband’s fingers just before I ejaculated. He’d feel the contraction and then stroke rhythmically using different finger strokes he learned from Female Liquid Orgasm.  One day my ejaculate squirted out like a little sprinkler (pshh pshh pshh). My abdominal muscles had gotten so strong the ejaculate was coming out of me with gusto. Nowadays, I often squirt like a little hose, sometimes so much fluid comes out I get my feet wet!  

That’s how women tend to evolve their ability to ejaculate. In the beginning, it’ll happen sporadically, and she may only release a teaspoonful or two. Then she’ll squirt more regularly, and a couple of tablespoons will come out. Eventually, she’ll be coming about a dozen times in a row. Sometimes she’ll ejaculate a little spritz, and sometimes a cup or more will gush out of her and drench the bed. It’s super hot, and you get to enjoy the pleasure together!  

So start small. See if you can get moistness. Then a little spring, a little squirt, then a gush. Work your way up. Give and receive lots of feedback. She should drink plenty of fluid before, during, and after. Men, make sure you tell her “good girl” and “that’s beautiful” or whatever she likes to hear. Give her compliments. Tell her what you see. Encourage her. Give her hugs and kisses. And encourage her to let it rip. Give her as much stroking as it takes to ejaculate. Each time she comes, let her rest a bit, then ask if she’d like to go for another. Often, with a concise refractory period, she’ll want another orgasm and another and another, each more intense until she’s totally spent. Remember, each session will be different so stay open to what’s right for her at the moment.

Does Menopause Affect A Woman’s Ability To Ejaculate (Squirt)?

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Some women think sex is over after menopause, but there is no physical reason a woman who had ejaculatory orgasms before menopause cannot have them after menopause.

Private Purse

Even women in their seventies who’ve never ejaculated before can tap into this delightful aspect of female sexuality. Orgasmic capacity grows with practice, so the more squirting orgasms she has, the better they will feel. I know women in their eighties who still squirt, some even during solo sex. Sex keeps getting better throughout your life; there’s no end to the pleasure if you educate yourself and devote the time and attention to it.

Often lack of libido is due to the drop in sex hormones that comes with menopause. This can readily be addressed with bio-identical hormone replacement therapy, which recent studies have shown is safer than was once believed.

Do you have any special tips to help her squirt?

Yes! I have several final tips to “aid and abet” your efforts to include this amazing experience in your sexual repertoire.

But before I do, I want to circle back and talk about context. As I always say, it’s all in the setup. You’ll want to set the mood and make sure she’ll feel safe and comfortable as you explore this delightful terrain.

Do what it takes to ensure your time together will not be interrupted. (Needless to say, you’ll want to turn off your phone!) Get the lighting right with candles or an amber party bulb. Put on some sexy music. Turn on the heat if it’s cold; bring in a fan if it’s hot.

Psychology of Lovemaking

I can’t emphasize enough that the key to opening her floodgates is to encourage feedback. It’s best to approach this as a “team sport” and be eager to know what is or isn’t working throughout your time together.

Men can say something like: “I want to learn the best way to please you. Please don’t worry about hurting my feelings; I’m here for you, baby. My utmost concern is your pleasure.” Understand that this is a game-changer for many women, and it may not be easy for her to speak up at first. Women are conditioned to stay silent lest a man feels like she’s criticizing his technique.

Women: trust that he means it and give yourself permission to break the silence and tell him what works for you and what doesn’t. He’ll love you for it, I promise! Use my Sexual Soulmate Pact bedroom communication technique to open up safe lines of feedback.

Here are four tips that will accelerate your success:

How to Make a Woman Squirt Tip #1 : Kneel

Use gravity to your advantage with this handy way to release her female ejaculate. She’ll be gushing all over the sheets this very night!

Whether it’s her first time or she’s an experienced squirter who’s ready to release more volume of liquid, this is a perfect position. She kneels on the bed while he strokes her G-spot with a steady rhythm. Depending on their body dynamics, he can stroke her from behind or from in front. From that angle, he’ll be able to see the Amrita run down her legs, even if it’s just a few drips or a dribble.

Amrita is another common word for the ejaculatory fluid. It comes from Tantric sexuality or “Sacred Sex.” It’s a Sanskrit word. Many Tantric sex practitioners do “sacred spot massage.” That is the same thing as G-Spot massage or G-Spot orgasms or squirting orgasms. These are all words that mean the same basic thing.

Romantic moment in the bedroom

The benefit of this position is simple: any ejaculate that comes out will be more visible to him. Guys are typically very visual, so seeing her fluid will reward his efforts. When a woman ejaculates, she will often feel the moisture before he can even see it. This position makes it easy for him to stay in touch with what’s going on in her body. For partners who get really aroused, seeing ejaculate expressed, kneeling, or squatting can be highly erotic.

If she’s a beginner and still doesn’t believe she can do it, she just needs encouragement. Her release will come at the perfect time. The more patience, the better; it’s the main ingredient that helps her let go. Remember: this is not about getting to a goal; this is about allowing a woman’s body to do something totally natural that happens when she surrenders to the delicious stimulation.

I can’t emphasize enough: her ability to surrender has everything to do with her emotional and mental state. The last thing she needs is to feel pressure to “perform.” It’s a learning process for both of you, so relax and let it flow until she does…  

How to Make a Woman Squirt Tip #2 : Milk Her Ejaculate

To achieve that wonderful release, it helps if the man “milks” out her ejaculate rather than expect her to do all the work to push it out. She needs those steady strokes for her ejaculate to come out on its own. It’s best if she forgets about squeezing down and relaxes while focusing on the sensation in her clitoris and G-Area (it’s not actually a “spot,” it’s her whole upper vaginal canal.

Couple making love in bed

When a woman is learning how to squirt, it’s best to forget about squeezing to focus the sensation, which many women do to have a clitoral orgasm. Instead, she can open and expand and even push out as if she’s “birthing her orgasm.”

After a while, she can let go of effort altogether. Ladies, just relax, let your lover take over, and coax or milk your ejaculate out.  Your job is simply to relax and surrender to the sublime sensations of having your lover put their full attention on your area.

If you’re a clitoris-centric lover, you’re not taking full advantage of her entire G-area. And that means you are missing out on a tremendous amount of pleasure — pleasure a woman is hungry for. Feed her desire, follow her pleasure, and you will be rewarded with a shower of her ejaculate.

How to Make a Woman Squirt Tip #3 : Straddle Him

When the man is good and hard, he lies down on the bed. Then the woman climbs on top, and with one knee on the bed and the foot of the other leg on the bed, she positions herself over him, straddling his groin. Then she can take hold of his penis and use the tip to run back and forth across her clitoris and urethral opening.


This works especially well for women who can’t let go of the need to be in charge. Or, to be more accurate, she can’t seem to let go on that particular day due to some circumstance she’s dealing with outside the bedroom or in her relationship with her lover. When she’s the one working it, she can rub herself as fast as she wants to make herself squirt all over.

How to Make a Woman Squirt Tip #4 : Three Magic Words

This is for you men: If you want to know how to make a woman squirt and help her explode in a wet, wild, hot mess all over your sheets, just whisper these 3 magic words: “Let It Go.” More than any technique or stroke pattern, this will give her the reassurance she needs to fully 


surrender. What women need most is to feel connected to their lover, and by saying “Let It Go,” you signal her that you know how to make a woman squirt and are tracking her turn-on and totally willing to receive her juices—even if they squirt all over you!

Liquid orgasm. Considered the pinnacle of pleasure for a woman, it is easier to achieve than you might think. Learn the truth

A final note of caution… and encouragement

I’d be remiss if I didn’t alert you to the REALLY BAD ADVICE that gets repeated over and over. As you may have noticed, most of the stuff you read on the Internet is just an “information cascade.” One person says it, and then everyone thinks it’s true—even if they don’t research or have firsthand evidence. There are hundreds of websites promoting BAD G-Spot strokes that will only work on a porn star. Guys need to know that these are not what to do with a woman—especially if she’s not an experienced squirter or is reluctant to give him feedback on his technique.

The aggressive come-hither motion is the WORST place to start if a woman will have the incredible release of a liquid orgasm. That’s not how to make a woman squirt! It’s just plain bad advice that can turn a woman off to the point where she will give up on having the wet and wild orgasms altogether.

Some men can be too rough when they go after a woman’s G-spot—especially guys who’ve been watching porn. You can’t learn how to make a woman squirt from porn! Porn stars are professionals; they can have sex for hours during a single day of shooting. I wouldn’t be surprised if they don’t have calluses on their genitals! A man doesn’t need to jackhammer a woman’s precious Yoni (another word for a woman’s vulva or genitals)  to get her fluids to flow. Better to coax it out of her, not bang it out of her. Be patient. Soft. Sweet. Loving. She needs lots of foreplay and G-spot stroking to get fully engorged. She needs plenty of clitoral orgasms and a steady stroke. Use copious amounts of lube and, once her waters start to flow, apply more lube because her ejaculate will dilute it or wash it off.

Guys: if you want to learn how to make a woman squirt and have your lover soak the sheets when you make love, the best first step you can take to help her achieve this mind-blowing experience is to develop your technique. Be sure to ask her to give you verbal feedback throughout. When she’s finished, just hold her, hug her, and get her some lip balm and a glass of water. She’s going to need it after all that moaning and squirting.

Women: squirting is something you deserve to experience. If you consistently play around with your ability to ejaculate, you will start to experience a little moisture. You can experiment with or without a partner and, as you gain experience, tap into a wellspring of wetness. Once in a while, you’ll squirt like a fountain. Then those fountains will occur more easily the more they occur. You will likely start ejaculating during intercourse instead of from fingering or a mix of oral and manual stimulation in time. Be patient as your body learns how to let flow.

Ejaculating makes a woman feel like a sensual goddess. Her body is designed for this natural pleasure. Make an effort, be patient, attend to her emotional and mental state, and you will experience the delicious, fluid rewards.

Suz lying in bed

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  1. My poor wife has NO chance of orgasming from penile stimulation in my case!! I have never made any woman cum from that, but my Ex-Wife decided from my “short-comings”, She would train me to become an oral expert!! My new Wife is very appreciative of that training…it is very Rare for her not to have at least 8 gushing orgasms from my oral stimulation, and often even more!! Sometimes it takes a lot out of her (seeing as how she is 67 years old), so we may have to stop for a few minutes for her to relax before we continue again. Since all you men don’t have a chance of my Ex teaching you as She did me, I highly recommend this training, as it will be well worth it!!

  2. I am a 55 year old female, very sexually active, in a manogamous relationship. I have been having regular clitoral orgasms since I was very young and with all my boyfriends. In the last several years since I went through menopause, I have this clear and watery liquid and comes from my vagina and it’s not orgasmic at all. It’s is went he puts his finger inside me and it seems to stimulate what you are referring to, but I am not having an orgasm. it never happened before going through the change of life. I cannot have an orgasm, even after one drink and that seems as when it happens. White, clear and oderless…where is this coming from and why didn’t it happen when I was younger?

    1. Your vaginal fluid changing like that is reason to go to a gynecologist and have a full panel of STD tests. Just rule out mycoplasma geitalium, chlamydia and syphillis… just in case.
      You may also benefit from having an O Shot to rejuvenate your clitoral sensation which declines with age. Also look at getting a DUTCH test for hormone levels. Once you’ve tried that, let me know how things change.

  3. I have tried and tried to squirt and my guy friend and I wants it so badly. Is there any way to find out if I am capable? I have had 3 children, am 61 years old and have had a hysterectomy. I am now widowed and having incredible sex with my guy amd both of us want to do this. Are there any clinics in Florida that I could go to get help with this?

  4. It’s just pee. It’s easy to prove. Don’t drink much water all day and go pee in the bathroom right before you do this. Even a female that supposedly is a super soaker, have little to no squirting.

  5. Hello I’m 34. Years old. I’m dating with 67 years old man for a couple of years. We make love for at least 3 hours 3-5 times a week. He can make me squirt like fountain. I think I squirt like 20-30 times during Our sex. Our bed is so week after sex. We are so open mind, he is toting me, gushing my pussie, fingering (what I like the most). Also. We like to film it for us.
    So folks get relax, open your mind,tell him what you like

  6. I had a girl today who admitted before that she had never had a single squirt in her life. Well today she squirted over 100 times the first time and at least equal the second time. Each one was a huge orgasm back to back. I have made other woman squirt and have multiple orgasm too who admitted to never having a natural orgasm before. Well I have to admit my sheets and blankets were soaked and I am not sure what caused this. 200 squirts at least in 90 minutes. It was hot and messy but consodering she never squirted befor was it a fluke?

  7. My wife and I began the squirt thing about a year ago as every one else has said slowly and small amounts to start with and not every time now it is easier for her. We only learnt last night in our first three way that she can squirt many many many times I was shocked but happy she was enjoying her self my question if you guys can help I read at the top of blog that if you get used to squirting you can lose the ability to have a traditional o is this true do.will swapping between the 2 allow her to keep both types of o

  8. I’ve enjoyed reading all these comments. Thank you everyone. I’m in my seventies and have a new and much younger girlfriend. She has not had a happy sexual history; she was raped as a young teenager, and later entered a long abusive marriage. Consequently she became uneasy around men and never had much pleasure from sex. Because I have erectile dysfunction (viagra works, but it costs like an arm and a leg) I bought an 8 inch glass dildo which I introduced to her. She was hesitant at first, but then began to love it. She named it Sir Galahad, and began to have sort tentative orgasms which gradually increased in intensity. The first time she squirted I was down below giving oral sex. At first I thought it was urine, but it didn’t taste like urine. We did some research and came across this article and comments which are very helpful. (At first we thought there was something wrong with her.) But now she squirts like ten times a session and we both love it. And we’ve fallen in love. The only down side is the amount of laundry I’m having to do! 🙂

  9. Once I started squirting I’ve never stopped. Will that always be that way? I have no friends or do this or if they have that on my done it once in a while. I have been with the same person since it’s happened.

  10. After being married for many years to a prude, I got divorced and moved in with a woman that loved sex! We had great fun and eventually watched a video on female ejaculation. She had experienced it accidently with a former lover massaging her g-spot while he was kneeling behind her and she was at the kitchen sink. We started to experiment. We found the best way was for her to lay on her back and rub her clitoris as if she was alone. She would have her legs across my lap and of course I was working on myself. She would tell me she was about to cum and I would slide a finger into her and rub her engorged g-spot for a few seconds until she pushed me away and spasmed uncontrollably as she shot fluid, sometimes across the room if I didn’t block it. This in turn would cause me to shoot my load all over her legs. It was the best orgasm I can recall for myself and she said it was the best of her life as well!

  11. My question is I have just learned how to do this and it opened the floodgates very happy about it! The question is now I always have squirting orgasms so will that always be the case?

  12. When I ‘work’ on my gir’s clit, there’s this whitish creamy fluid that come out. Is that ejaculation?

  13. Me and my wife have been trying to do a she jaculate for years and more often than not if it does happen I feel and smell it’s urine. When she does do whatever she’s doing it happens more from clit stimulus. A blended orgasm brings quicker results. I have experienced female ejaculate in my past with other women and it’s nothing like I’m finding with my wife.

    I need some help in this matter. I know how awesome it can be for a woman and I’m not getting the same response from my wife. It’s been years and it’s not working like its supposed to in all my research. I’ve studied this extensively only to get a golden shower if anything at all. She’s not one to self explore or try it on her own either. What can I do differently?

    1. Hi Nate. I don’t understand why you seem to think that the passing of urine is not the right way: often it all goes together. If your wife is enjoying it like that, as indeed my wife does also, then enjoy it as it is! It’ll get you closer with her and then there’s less pressure on her and eventually it might just happen the way you would like it. But really, the pleasure, whichever way, should be hers. We use a thick absorbent towel folded around a thin yoga mat and a disposable puppy training pad on top to absorb the fluid. Enjoy!

  14. I have been squirting for twenty years now and it is amazing. My first experience scared me. I was much younger and did not know what was happening to my body but it felt good. I wanted more, so I begin to allow myself to become more in tuned to the feelings that preceeded my orgasm. Now I’m a PRO at it. I can squirt literteally 8 feet across the room. As a result from squirting multiple times, I can become extremely dehydrated and exhausted, however, at times I become very energetic and gitty. My husband is always extremely aroused after I have squirted and he can not keep his hands off of me afterwards. My husband and I always experience a new and different emotional connection and it feels like falling in love all over again.(EVERYTIME!!!)

  15. I’m only 22 years old, and I know how to squirt. When I’m in the mood, my boyfriend can make me do it almost every orgasm, I usually have about 7-10 every time. The best advice I can give is; focus on your muscles, squeezing them together during penetration can help, make sure you are doing it with someone you are HIGHLY sexually attracted to and that you are very aroused! 🙂

  16. Not to mention in the 5 years I was sexually active before getting married. 6 months and 9 months into the marriage but I was under the influence and there for more relaxed and turned on. I was sexually abused many times throughout my life and hated sex. Our first five years of marriage were largely spent being abstinent and patient. Now that we have reached a new level and trust one another so completely I find myself wanting to play all day!!!

    Benefit/ I’ve actually lost weight and that hard to get rid of porch is getting stronger everyday.

    And the sex afterwards has me doing 100s of push ups! I am getting full body toned!

  17. Learned how to squirt 2 weeks ago. The second day fifteen times in a row. Multiples almost everyday. About 5 this morning and 10 tonight. Getting better and better every time. It’s cupfulls now!

  18. My partner made me squirt last night & must admit it was amazing!! Every man needs to make their woman squirt. Largest orgasm ive ever had

  19. I am a transgender female an i really enjoy squieting like a female.. didn t know until tonight that a male can also do it.. Mine will really soak the sheets !! Lordy, it really makes mefeelso much like a female.. Guys i have dated thought it was very unusal for someone like me to be able to do it.. It s a great feeling when it happens.. A clear thin ,slick fluid that squirts out an i have no control when it happens..

  20. things were slowing down a bunch after 35 years together. My wife finally went in and started a hormone therapy program. After about a week or so, she became more sexual than she has ever been. She had squirted before but now, she wants sex all the time and will squirt easily 10-15 times. it’s the hottest thing bringing her to so many orgasms. Only question is; can this become addictive?? She has never been so sexually aggressive as she is now. We have soaked up about every room in the house and the laundry room is full! Don’t want to quit but seems like it has become the only focus every night by the time we get home from work!! she wants it and i want to give it to her.

  21. My girlfriend has squirted once in the past with someone she met long before me. She is 46 and has since had an LVH. Is she still capable of squirting and, if so, how can I help her squirt again? We are very much in love and I want to give her the gift of a squirting orgasm. By the way, she is very orgasmic and comes easily.

  22. I got my partner squirting early in our relationship and she did not know what hit her, I am 65 and she is 62 and we have only been dating for 18 months. I learned the art here and put it into practice with each girl I went out with to there amazement of whayt they can do. there is always a towel round now so the bed and carpet does not get wet.
    I have now got it to a position that i can make her squirt while I am in her and we both get wet. It is the first time she has orgasmed with penetration in her life preffering clitoral stimulation. gabby has taught me to improve now and my partner has got up to 8 before begging me to stop!!! such is life.

  23. I squirted for the very first time tonight, my boyfriend and I lost count. I was standing and he was probing me with his fingers and suckling my nipples I squirted all over his arm and leg, at first I was embarrassed, because I thought it was pee, and then he kept saying how awesome it was and how did I do that. After I got over the initial embarrassment, we continued having sex for the next several hours and he would make me cum so hard that I gushed over and over. They were the most incredible orgasms ever. In the past I have had difficulty just having a normal orgasm, but tonight I was relaxed enough for it to happen over and over and my man was loving every minute of it. I love this new found sexual pleasure and so does my boyfriend.

  24. It’s going to be end of mine day, except before finish
    I am reading this enormous piece of writing to improve my experience.

  25. The term “g-spot” may be a bit unscientific. Try “Skene’s Gland” when researching the exact function of this area of the vagina, and you’ll see studied that show variations between women in how well this gland is developed, which may better account for why some women can and some cannot squirt. It may not all be their fault.

    1. What could it be cause I never squirted before and I would love to have a chance to see what everyone’s talking about

  26. Hello i uses to squirt before and dont know what happened to me my current boyfriend has an issue with me not squirting i have tried all my best but it can still come out plz help me

  27. I have been squirting or coming multiple times. Every time my man kisses me with his fingers inside me. He was in a accident and his penis works sometimes and it’s amazing . I’d rather have his fingers 🙂 . He feels so amazing I now . He can make me squirt on que 🙂 . I tell him no penis can do that !! I think it’s because I Love him and Im so comfortable . when I away busy .I can’t wait to get home to go for it again 🙂 . He seriously kisses me I squirt. I love that he gets off on it also so I’ve comes easy 60 times in a night . We have been up inil 5 am on the weekends just enjoying each other’s body’s . It’s a great way to show a man he is not just his penis !! We didn’t have sex a lot but we do now . He has started to get extremely hard ! Not ecerytime. But hey it’s a start 🙂 also I can’t orgasim with my vibrator or clit stimulation now. I loved that orgasim . Why is this ?

  28. I have only squirted enough times to count on 1 hand 🙁 for some reason I just really have trouble with it and I haven’t been able to figure out why. Everytime I get close I just can’t push it out, any suggestions or advice? Please help!

    1. Hi Maria

      Make sure u r extremely turned on. Take ur time at least 30 min of foreplay with ur vagina & gspot & B completely in the moment mentally which is so important for a woman & communicate with ur partner. I give my gf a full body massage as well as a yoni massage before I make her squirt.

      Good luck 🙂

  29. I also cannot squirt while the guy is inside of me and a lot of guys never understood why I would always say pull out now!!… Or while in doggie position I would back away, it’s the only way of letting it out.

  30. The very first time this happened to me I was in my early 20’s, I had been having sex since I was 14, I really thought that I had peed it was embarrassing but I let it go. Then it happened again so I went to the Dr’s and explained to him what had been going on, I told him recently every time I have intercourse I am urinating, he asked me if I noticed an odor, I told him there was no odor. He asked when it dries up is there a color to it, I told him you can’t tell where it was, but I had told him it’s very very large amounts, I didn’t think my blatter could hold this much fluid because within 20 min. There are huge wet spots all over the bed and if you smack the spot it splashes back up at you. He told me there is nothing at all wrong with me, and it’s not urine, he told me to enjoy it and always make sure that I stay very well hydrated. I am now 42 and just from having my partner smack his thingy on my clit, it’s like a rain storm. I have learned so much about it and I’m very comfortable with it.

    1. Excellent news, Bryan! Just for the record, I ALWAYS think of him while I’m earthly pleasuring myself, but I wasn’t expecting him to ever actually show up!

      One quick question though — why are you telling us here? Does Jesus comming soon have anything to do with female ejaculation?

      OMG…I always knew that god isn’t so prude as to totally outlaw me from stickin my dick in fully 50% of the people in the world (<1% of the mammals). What a waste of holes that woulda been. So Transvestites ARE god's chosen people; now THAT'S a revaluation! Hellafuckinlulla!!!

  31. My boyfriend practiced with me and I learned the comfortable you are with letting yourself go the more you are relaxed, the more comes out. When I first started it was tiny bits as well. Then it was more, 3-6 times during love, and more fluid came out. At this point I thought, is it pee? There is so much! But I would go pee before we had sex and even experiment by not having any liquid a few hours before we had sex. He even went down on me, I came into his mouth and he told me it tasted a little sweet like floral

  32. I use to have a hard time orgasming and never with only penetration. Now I squirt 50+ times in a couple of hours. So many times I lose count. The come closer together and strong the more times I come. I can reach a point where it is just one constant orgasm… I’m surprised I haven’t blacked out. It is AMAZING! I orgasm with just a touch now, just a thought. I orgasm better during sex and although I still enjoy it, clitoral stimulation just seems so… Shallow? My lover is a great multitasker so will stimulate my g-spot while sucking on my clit. At first I find I enjoy slow sex with more shallow positions, but build up to wanting really hard, fast, deep strokes. My lover is well endowed but my previous was on the small side and I still needed the progression. The bed gets COMPLETELY soaked! I have used many things successfully. Look for washable “pee” pads used for young children, hospitals or the elderly. Around $20 at medical supply places or some pharmacies. I’ve tried the full bed protectors but I don’t usually need to cover the head/foot of the bed so not worth the trouble. You have to make the entire bed and they take up room in the washer. You can also get flat protective sheets that are about single bed size- I lay them sideways. I find it ruins the mood to have a “pee pad” down though so I will make the bed with a fitted sheet, lay two across the middle of the bed (where most of the action happens) and place a folded flat sheet over it. That way I can clean up fast (just grab one side and roll up) or change out if I’m hoping for an additional session during the night/morning. I do a ton of laundry lol but it’s so incredible it’s worth it and my lover is blown away and has the most amazing orgasms when I squirt all over him. I squirt the most when riding him while he sits or lays down.

    1. This sounds so fantastic. I/We look forward to such grand times also. My wife orgasms, but not squirt yet.

  33. After reading all of this I cant believe I still haven’t told my hubby that I can squirt I feel kind of shy even tho it feels sooo good when I make my self squirt in the shower any tips on how to tell or let my hubby know. …?????

  34. i was with on older woman..about 10 years..she said none of her other lovers made her squirt ..but she could……she asked me if i would freak out if she did it..i said go for it…it was over a cup full bc she had been holding it in for so long…she squirts about 80% of the time.. not to be too crude, but she said it was a combination of fast penetration, hitting right spot..and she would tell me when to pull out ” which i learned when after a while without her telling me… she said that i made her squirt so much bc in doggie style my balls ” which are big” was hitting against her clit so much and so hard that it defiantly contributed for her arousal and ability to squirt so much… we tried other positions it would never happen, just from behind…do you think there is any truth in that…she knows her body , so i can only agree….btw i am the only guy that has made her squirt….other than her masturbating…..which was rare for her…she said she had to have actual penetration. and a fast pace…i would be wore out, sweating so much..i got more satisfaction from her organism as i would if i did. and it did help her when we had sex in places we should not…like public places…it really turned her on.., but i do believe she is correct in my balls hitting her clit so much and so hard that played a part in it.. any thoughts on this?

    1. btw once we broke up, she would call me over bc other guys either didnt like to be squirted on or just didnt know what to do….its is true practice makes perfect.. i do believe that about every female can squirt, but that they think it is urine. and may be embarrassed that it is piss..ladies..if you fell an orgasm, and fell like you got to pee, it is not piss…let it go and have a understanding and trusting lover..and it is not really orgasm like a guy… it really has no taste to it…it is mostly secretions and is more water and salty taste than anything…and she needs to hydrate ..either it beer, wine , water, ect. water is the best… tell your lover you have this super ability…many guys have never experienced this….she would , shake and quiver for a few and we would keep on going…she would squirt up to 5 times in one session…i would be worn out and we wouls just lay together until she would just fall asleep from the serotonin released ..we had to keep a beach towel near by . and made sure it went onto the hardwood floor… not the bed. my next mate would stop it before she would squirt bc she never done it before and would quit bc she thought she was going to piss on me…i tried to tell her what it was..but she still had multi organisms. maby when my new gf and i have sex, she will do it…if she is able and willing to let herself go. LADIES , WE RATHER YOUR GET OFF THAN US , BC IT GIVES US GUYS CONFIDENCE.. and be sure to talk about it and make her tell you what really turns her on…instead of having to guess….tell us guys what you like and want!!!! please!!

      1. I can get any guy to make me squirt. Its a matter of knowing your own body & letting go! Its the BEST feeling & a lot of the time my husband won’t penetrate until I do. He absolutely loves it & so do I. I’ve been asked by many guys who heard through the grapevine how to do it so I feel I’m performing a public service for their women by telling them what to do. 😉

  35. I’m 26 yrs old and I’ve never had the pleasure of squirting. I’ve been with my current boyfriend for only a year. My last was seven years. And reading some of these comments im pretty confident that with my ex I was probably close to squurting quite a few times what with the urge to pee and very intense feeling to cum. But as others posted I too tense up and hold back but still orgasm. So my problem now is not only do I want to do experience squirting with my new man for the first time. But he is more shy for lack of better word than me. It took me a while to get him comfortable with dirty talk. He’s more of a lover in bed and I’m more rough and kinky. So I know I’ll only be possible to squirt if he does all the things I like. So my question is how do I break him in with all that without freaking him out? Because I’m getting bored with all the masturbating and fantasizing… I’d like to make it happen. Thank you.

  36. My gf usually gets to the point of squirting but then she goes to pee instead of letting it out, i really wanna make her squirt before she goes back to her home state, how can i get her to just let it go

    1. Hi Tory,
      I appreciate your desires! Yah.

      All you need to know about how to get your lady to relax and allow her ejaculate to come out is covered in audio, video and ebook format (three modalities) inside Female Liquid Orgasm. This program is designed for couples who want to enjoy female ejaculatory orgasms.
      Here is a link to get a free ebook about squirting: The Truth and Myths About Female Ejaculation

      Keep trying! Arm yourself with skills and knowledge.


  37. Well OMG… I’m 52 years young and had my first gushing experience ever on New Year Day! I was quite relaxed having flown in from a vacation and went directly to my lovers house for the evening. He’s got incredible latin passion and we have been together for only 3 months. At the beginning he could sense that I was too preoccupied with still being a “good girl” so I asked him to help me seek my inner goddess. He generously spent lots of time down there each week and always believed that I could squirt if I could just let go… His nickname for me was “one pop” because I was content with one good clitoral orgasm then ready for sleep. He then showed me how to have internal orgasms, lots of those! Game on!!!

    So how this occurred for me was on my back, lots of foreplay with tongue and fingers. I felt I needed a little more direct stimulation so I added the Pocket Rocket on my clit then POW! Orgasm hit then large bursts of warm liquid exited uncontrollably and pulsed out. I lifted my head with a “what the hell was that?” look on my face and my BF was so proud to congratulate me on my first squirt! And he said don’t worry about the puddle, the mattress was protected in advance. I’ve been giddy and glowing all week like a teenager; free from the shackles of my mind and seeking my next adventure.

    Best wishes to great experimentation and exploration in 2015!

    1. One Pop Laura,
      Thanks for bringing to life the thrill that women feel when they experience their first orgasmic ejaculation.
      It just keeps getting better from here.

      1. I am having problems with this squirting. I’m wondering since I have a tilted uterus would this be a problem. But then everyone makes a big deal out of it and I get in my head thinking I’m the only one who can’t. Then I start to feel inadequate. So would someone please send me the proper techniques.

  38. Well in my 31 years i have had sex with diferent girls but only three of them has experienced this squirt…one of them is 23 years old and she said it was her first experience squirting…tbe other two are 45,,and,,40 i was with that squirt so much that i had to swallow it to know how it taste it doesnt has flavor or smell..just a liquid that it get me more hard everytime i see it coming out…as i said i have had only three diferent experiences but i.m.sure i will have more experiences like these….good luck finding your source lol..blessings and merry christmas

  39. Hello, I am 23 and I have never experienced squirting before. My fiance tries so hard almost to the point where he has worn himself out. I feel bad, because I really want to and I want to share something like that with him, but it’s just not happening. We have tried different things, like gspot vibrators, stimulating inside as well as out, different positions. But nothing seems to work. Please help. We both want to experience what this “magical” moment is truly like.

    Thanks -Jt

    1. first thing you must be horny as much as you can so let him kiss you the way you like and do the things you like and it is better that your mood is good as well then you should tighten the muscles of your vagina during intercourse and then push the muscles outside as hard as you can and keep doin this all the time by the time you will fell wet inside and squirt and a small note when you are goin to squirt you vagina will push the cock outside the vagina

  40. My fiancé and I are literally studying how to get me to squirt. I cream a lot every time we have sex and when he goes down on me he is able to give me multiple orgasms till I start shaking. Can I squirt that way? Can you please give me the best tips on mastering this?

  41. Very informative @nd interesting.You ladies are doong a very great and important job here. I really appreciate the work you sre doing

  42. Grazie Tallulah! Very informative.
    I once had a Lady who said she didn’t orgasm very often (always love a challenge)!!
    When I made her squirt she was shocked and it took some convincing to reassure her it wasn’t urine!!
    Needless to say the next time I did the obvious!! :-))

  43. my new partner and i were together for the second time. i begin squirting; again and again and again. it was done very only a little penatration. i just keep going. he had never experienced it before and we were both so turned on. when i couldnt seem to stop i felt strange at first but after about 25 times i let go of all that thinking! Drink alot of water before and after.

  44. Not absolutely every woman has the ability to have a squirting orgasm. Although I count myself among the lucky, not every lady is so fortunate. Being that it’s a highly variable organ, it can vary in size and functionality allowing for a wide range of potential, and unfortunately lack thereof.

    So, if you keep trying and your lady just isn’t doing what you expect, it might not be because of any ineptitude or lack of satisfaction. She just might not be entirely built for it.

    Taken from the Wikipedia entry for the Skene’s Gland:'s_gland

    ” In 2002, Emanuele Jannini of University of L’Aquila in Italy showed that there may be an explanation both for female ejaculation and for the frequent denials of its existence. Skene’s glands have highly variable anatomy, and in some extreme cases they appear to be absent entirely. If Skene’s glands are the cause of female ejaculation and G-spot orgasms, this may explain the absence of the phenomenon in many women.”

    1. Thanks for posting, Stephanie. But I do not agree. Perhaps there are “extreme cases,” similar to hermaphrodites being born with both male and female genitals, where a woman may not have all the anatomy to affect an ejaculatory orgasm. But those are extremely rare cases.
      There are two major determinates for ability to ejaculate: first and foremost, it’s a mental requirement. One must believe it’s possible and want to have the experience. Secondly comes technique. Every woman prefers different kinds of arousal and stroking techniques, even changing from day to day.
      A woman’s ejaculatory response begins in her mind and rolls through her body. The large, large majority of women on this planet, just like men, can ejaculate.

      1. “There are two major determinates for ability to ejaculate: first and foremost, it’s a mental requirement. One must believe it’s possible and want to have the experience.”

        I have to disagree with this statement due to the fact that woman can achieve orgasm even during an unwanted sex act. Often times here is a huge sense of guilt at the fact that their bodies “just responded” even though that was the farthest thing from their minds at the time.

        A woman needs to be aroused to enjoy ejaculation but it doesn’t always start there, also, not all woman are capable of having more than one type of orgasm. I for some reason can orgasm/squirt in many many ways, sometimes with no physical stimulation whatsoever, while pleasing my partner or during a dream. I don’t feel that is where the ejaculatory response comes from in all cases, if I am really turned on, my body just does it 🙂

        Our minds can be the most erotic toy we have, we still need to have the knowledge to use them properly 😛 Some woman know their bodies, yet still cannot orgasm…

  45. I squirt but I get kinda embarrassed, my husband loves it & he says that it’s a good thing. I was wondering since I am easy to make horny and I get wet easy could that be a factor in squirting/gushing?

    1. Hi Christa,
      Some women just ejaculate more easily than others naturally. For most other women, with the right knowledge, encouragement and stroking, they can easily ejaculate as well. Don’t be embarrassed. It’s a beautiful thing to be able to ejaculate. Your husband loves it. So many men find it super hot. Embrace your feminine waters and enjoy!

      1. I almost drowned in bed. After I had ‘activated’ this woman’s squirting ability it would happen spontaneously all the time. We would be standing kissing passionately in the kitchen and she would wet the floor. Volumes of liquid. She could no longer control it. No stroking required. No G-Spots. And then she was crouched over my face and I was kissing and sucking her clit and the waters started flowing gushing straight onto my face, into my mouth. She was squirming in delight and I was coughing up warm ejaculate. What an amazing phenomenon but be careful not to drown.

  46. Without going into any details, I met a fantastic girl who was able to squirt – and I mean high volume – over 20 times. (I lost count after that, but I know there were more.) Not to be too graphic, this literally flooded me including filling up my nasal passages and ears. I don’t want to sound gross but it was fantastic and unbelievable. At one point I felt like I was being waterboarded. (I am a 72 year old male.)

  47. I can make any women squirt by proper pussy eating and using 5 shallow and 5 deep strok while my women legs are on my shoulders

  48. Been dating my man for 3years now but started squirting about 6months ago,at first I thought it was pee my man told me it wasn’t,I did not believe him until the day he licked it up n kissed me……it taste so gud. Now I squirt up to 5times every time we make love. Believe me ,it gets better by the day.d feelin I get when It gushes forth lik warm spring is amazing.

    1. Glad you are increasing your pleasure from ejaculating. Wonderful to hear of your progress. That’s the beautiful thing about sexuality… it just keeps getting better.

  49. Here is a suggestion for you ladys, It worked for me get on your knees and rub a vibrator on your g spot, as if in a praying position. Its harder for your body to hold back relase in this position one time in this positon is all it took, unless I put a plastic liner on my bed I soak the mattress and my boyfriend for hours.

  50. I am in my 40s and just recently starting squirting. The first time I didn’t even know what it was – my partner had to tell me – at my age! I was on top and soaked him and his bed 3 times.
    I was with another, very skilled, partner this week and found that I can squirt through vaginal penetration, finger stimulation, and also external stimulation. He made me squirt so much that I soaked the bed and doubled up towels – soaked!! Think we stopped counting around 12 times.
    I have no idea why I just started squirting when I never had before but it’s awesome. I always thought it was fake!

  51. did you see the squirt of veronica avluv and can a woman squirt like her and with her speed she could squirt in just 3 seconds and the times od it is alot from 20 to 40 times

  52. I so agree with the comfortable part. I was in a crappy marriage then started messing around with this guy. We were together for 8 months and I never fully felt comfortable with him. He’d try to make me squirt but I never could. After him I got involved with a police officer who served me lol. Anyway I felt comfortable with him and the first time (and every time) we’ve done it I’ve squirted multiple times.

  53. At th age of 18 in 2008 when i firstly made a gal squirt i was scared and i thot she was dying, she was weak, her whole body was shaking involuntary and she took too long to get back to normal, i was scared. This month i made 3 gals squirt that believed they cant squirt. Every gal has an ability to squirt, believe me.

    1. Hi Joel,
      Different women ejaculate with different stimulation. Some women ejaculate from having their clitoris stroked, some from their G-Area palpated and others from a blend of the two. As well, some women can ejaculate simply through the penetration of intercourse or even just from fantasy. You’ll have to experiment with your woman, but I can tell you that the stroke patterns inside Female Liquid Orgasm make it a sure thing that you’ll know all the possible moves to make any woman experience the joy of female ejaculation.

  54. I didn’t squirt the first time for real until I was 44 with a hot new younger but experienced lover. I think I might have leaked some before with my exH but was embarrassed and stopped it, and I had always had trouble reaching orgasm at all.
    With the new lover I was feeling free and super turned on. Our first time together after a LOT of build up I squirted. I was on my back with him on his knees between my legs that were pulled up in his lap. He took his penis in his hand and rubbed me all over with it…hard and rough with the head. It was amazing!!! Now I can squirt with any rough penetration or external stimulation like that. Fisting is crazy for making me squirt, too. Love it!!

    1. Be slow and deliberate. Start with kissing and work her entire body with soft caresses and lightly dragging your fingers across every part of her. Work her clit first slow soft circular motion. Slowly insert your finger and manipulate it. Not thrusting. Move it up and down searching for that spot inside that she likes. Watch her face for a response. Also have her tell you what feels good. After she’s good and wet you can thrust with your fingers.
      I could cum all night if my husband had enough energy. I cum better with him fingering me but will with penetration also after good foreplay.

  55. I have been squirting for about a month and it is amazing. I squirt daily and the stream has become so strong I go through several towels. The sensation is what makes me want to do it more and more.

  56. I have found over time I squirt easier and also more volume, sometimes its a squirt, sometimes more a flow as one poster described, its harder for me to squirt on top as I find when he’s inside me I can’t release right, but if I pull out then the dams open up. As for number of times… well I’ve lost track some nights LOL.

    For all the squirters out there what has saved my mattress and sheets time and time again is a blanket I bought at a kink show called “no more wet spot” it has a crazy amount of fluid retention and we can have a long multiple session and not a drop ends up soaking through.

    1. Allison – that’s awesome! We started with a crib sheet and have worked our way up to larger king sized mattress sized version 🙂

  57. Hi guys. Interesting to read all your stories from the UK. Do love a squirter. Anyone up for some fun? To find them is white rare I find

  58. I’ve been a VERY FORTUNATE hedonist! I’ve had nine committed relationships, in my 64 years of life; with SIX squirters among them! And, THREE of them; were multi-orgasmic, as well!!!

  59. My wife started 10 yrs ago while preg. It feels so good to be squirted on. She has asked her girlfriends and none of them have them.So I couldn’t be happier and her too.At 60 yrs old and a few previous partners and it is a first and it sure makes her feel special. Thanks.

  60. I can squirt like a looooot, but most of the times when I feel it coming it can’t go out if the dick is inside, but if I pull it out it sprays immediately.. It feels better if when I pull it out he rubs it around my clit

  61. I am 15 and I love squirting to be honest. I can squirt up to 18 times and I soaked through towels even my mattress got soaked. It kind of sucks cause when I clean it up my parents would ask why was my arms wet and my mattress so I lied and said I peed which is embarrassing I have to hide this cause its my addiction I squirt everyday even if im tired I fight through it to get that last orgasm. My boyfriend loves it, even when I tell him to slow down because im going to explode he keeps going. Even on my period he wanted to see me squirt. Theres no shame in squirting it feels good, but make sure your comfortable with it. Because thats what your good at. Not only are you getting pleasure but your partner gets turned on just by watching you squirting it out and your body shaking they love it.

    1. Wow fot real u really squirt alot and like crazy so how have u ever squirt more the 18 time this is my very firts time seeing a very young girl at the age u are to be squirting Massive Like that

      1. I’m 19 and I just found out I was able to squirt 12 times in one session. I’m pretty sure i could have gone all night. I’ve been able squirt since I was 14 though. I think it’s common for girls my age to squirt once or twice but think they’re peeling. Then never want to do it again.

    1. Ask someone in the page to send you some to analyze. Usually squirters are very generous people that love to share that with other human beings. So if you ask they will send you bottle of “juice” that you can check out.

  62. I’ve been trying to squirt for a while now, and I just can’t get there. My bf is inexperienced and I just can’t seem to get there by myself… I tried to “push” it out when I get to climax, but nothing happens. I’ve watched the videos and am completely relaxed with him. nada… any tips?

  63. I actually didn’t know what it was. I’m an older woman that had an encounter with a gentleman younger than me.We planned to have sex together. I went to his place after we got to know each other.He said I was a Goddess an African Queen( I’m black he’s white)I was so relaxed. I was so sexually aroused I had multiple orgasms He was hitting the G spot and we were like freakin zoned out to just passion…When we were done i was so wet underneath me..T thought i had peed but he told me i was squirting.Does the man know it while having sex……I can’t wait till our next episode !

  64. I have a problem where i cum whenever my man sucks on my earlobe.the problem is we recently mastered squirting. So now im squirting in public whenever he comes near my earlobe. Its so embarrassing and everyonr thinks i pee myself without !!

  65. Hi,

    I have just recently heard about this squirting orgasm. I’ve never had a woman squirt im my sex life. Can anyone tell me how I can get my partner have some squirting orgasm, because I’d love to see her squirt.

  66. My husband and i have been married for 13yrs. He is a well-endowed man but a selfish lover. When he does have sex with me(which is not very often)he wants me to cum just with sex….no foreplay! I have made myself cum using a dildo so i know i can cum without touching my clitoris. He has failed the few times hes tried & he says hes done trying. His ex could achieve not only a vaginal orgasm but also she was able to gush! I asked him about it & he told me he loved it…the bed was soaked and he licked up her juices. Him giving up on me on me in the bedroom which doesn’t help our marriage. I love sex(I’m kinda a nympho)but it doesn’t matter to him if we have sex or not. I have a lot of sex dreams but nobody to please me in real life! I want to be able to have vaginal orgasms and gush so we both are fulfilled in sex! I don’t no what to do our where to begin! HELP!

    1. You married an asshole. He shouldn’t give up on you about that – if he loved you, he’d want to make you feel good. He’d get off on it. If he is SO lazy and selfish that he has completely given up on giving you orgasms, he’s a seriously bad lover and honestly, either talk to him about it on a really serious level or consider a divorce. A selfish lover usually entails a selfish husband.

    2. He is selfish. I have more pleasure when my girl has more. So he should be trying to do whatever he can to please you. I wouldn’t mind helping if I could, give up “Never”

    3. Leah I am sorry your husband is selfish. I have been there. I can tell you what I did for twenty years to give him what he wanted as well as the release I needed.First I became very familiar with my body using fingers or toys. I also read short sex stories to add sexual fantasies in my head and when my husband was having sex with me I used these tools to help me get off. Obviously I did not have the greatest sex life except for in my mind. This is just an idea if your not ready to walk away from marriage. I can tell you that I am divorced now and with a wonderful man who has showed what it means to have intense emotional mind blowing sex, whether through intercourse or foreplay, so that I will never need to fantasize about anyone but him. So now in my forties, I have learned so much. Having a partner that I trust enough to ask questions or try what ever fantasy pops in my head with has released a whole new person I never new existed. I can’t ever seem to get enough! Hope this helps!

    4. Leah I hope you read this.. I’d love to be of some service download skype and find me, please.. Dean, isolation322

  67. I am only 18 and I mastered squirting 2 years ago. However, I feel that most men need some help when it comes to them getting girls to squirt. No one I’ve been with can do it!!

    1. How were you able to do that?? Maybe if i can master it by myself i could then do it with my man. Idk if it will work though…being 39yrs old and having had a hysterectomy. I also heard that when your younger you are more wet and more sensitive in your vagina.

    1. there are many women who several times pretend to be squirting where as not, with the information presented here I hope they have a lot to learn . Thank u.

  68. I have recently started ejaculating and am curious and keep looking for more information.

    I am older and a virgin; was recently propositioned and while considering what I was going to do, I started playing more with sex toys. I used to have just (dry) clitoral orgasms – usually with a basic little massager between my clitoris and on the mons. I got a vibrator which worked on the g-spot and elsewhere. and I felt a little dribble of fluid after a few times and like most uninformed I worried and started researching.

    I learned to let go. But since that time I found that I can also ejaculated now with stimulation around the clit and the labia. I urinate before I start but now it seems pretty quick before I am building up the fluid. The main concerns now include (beside the fact that now it is messy and not Quicky) include that I rarely can have the same kind of pulsating waves type of orgasm that I used to have (and it was more of a Release.

    Secondly, I do not squirt, it feels like it just keeps flowing out of me. And I seem to be able to go on and on – like I am cuming over and over and over in little waves. Yes it is very pleasurable – but rarely do I feel like I am done (like no final release of the built up sexual pressure.)

    I know this is an older post but I keep looking for other’s post to see whether anyone else is having any similar experiences.

    1. I am so glad to read your post. I have been also researching this new phenom for myself. I am close to 60, and started squirted a year or so ago.. I feel exactly the same way..Although this type of orgasm is pleasurable, I cannot seem to experience the old way I used to orgasm.. Waves of pleasure that build to a peak, and then release. I am not sure why this is, but was glad to read that I am not the only one. I would say I experience all that you have written..pretty much in the same way.

      1. Me too! exactly the same feeling – less slow building peaks – lots of waves – but they do build until I cannot stand anymore! Glad to see you women are the same 😀

  69. Ha…. I think this is funny. Sucks if she pushes or tries to squirt and she actually just pisses everywhere. Sucks for that couple and whatever they’re doing it on.

  70. Hi I’m a married man who has often made my wife squirt but the last gusher she had she almost blacked out! So now she is very apprehensive and scared when we have sex! Any ideas?

  71. I have the easiest time squiring repeatedly with the use of lube, the reverse cowgirl position on my man, and then stimulating my own clit simultaneously while riding my man. I notice the orgasms and squirting increase when the thrusts of his penis keeps a constant fairly quick rythm, but here’s the weird thing… The shallower the penetration the better, it’s easier to differentiate all the different feelings that way allowing me to get intuned with my next orgasm. As I’m about to ejaculate I pull off of my mans penis and proceed to give him a bath. The amount of fluids I can squirt are almost sometimes ludicrous…
    I will say the first thing that helped me be able to discover and enjoy this new talent was finding a partner who you are truely comfortable with and that you are able to trust sexually, for example slowing down if you ask, stopping if you are starting to hurt. Also communication is key….don’t be afraid to give direction to each other. Give your partner something to work with like “Keep that pace steady” or “Your fingers feel awesome, I think it would push me over the edge if you tried moving them down/up just a little bit”
    Hope you can ruin your own mattress sooner then later. Good luck

  72. Hi there I’ve arouse and stimulated my female friend in having a squirting orgasm from doggie style position, and as she is squirting she had to sit down and squirt the rest out, because her body was trembling from this intense orgasm. And use the thumb and stimulated the lady’s g-spot while she is on all four by pulling toward the entrance off her womanhood as you index and middle finger caress her outer labia which it’s also stimulating her clitorus legs. Have fun 🙂

  73. I, too, love when my wife squirts. It is such a pleasure seeing and feeling her reach that level of pleasure.
    As for all that fluid, we use the Liberator throw underneath us when we make love. It’s waterproof and keeps the sheets nice and dry. Since she can release up to a half cup or more of fluid, we also put a thick bath towel under us to soak up all our love juices.
    Good luck and happy pleasures to everyone. Keep trying if you haven’t experienced squirting. Be patient, stay relaxed and let the loving continue. It’ll be worth it when it finally cums!

  74. Hi, in answers to MH’s question. My women has learn to squirt and enjoy her orgasms very much. She enjoys it every session and can squirt an average of 12-15 times. Yes that is true and she is 62 years old. The last time she squirted 7 times in 5 minutes while I was down there. I know she enjoyed it as she held the back of my head pushing very hard into her. It was amazing. And the feel of her squirting when I am penetrating her is awesome. She soaks many towels during our love making. Watching her squirt when I pull out is fantastic and the look on her face tells it all. So let your women enjoy it every session as many times as she wants to. This is an amazing program. Have fun.

    1. Shit my girl squirts twenty times in one session and now she thinks its a problem, she said she thinks she has to go to the hospital

  75. I am 44 years old and never thought i could squirt let alone have an organism. My new man in my life turned me into a faucet and it’s better than anything u could ever experience i cannot get enough of him. Our bed is soaked on a daily basis and I cannot wait for him to get home at night. It seems I’m a teenager all over again. And he loves watching me squirt, quite a turn on.

  76. Hello, I am a relatively new squirter with many questions. Your article has answered many, thank you!
    I do have a question that even Google can not seem to answer. Is there a link between after enjoying a squirting orgasms to not being able to control other bodily functions, in my case I am referring to twitching and crying.
    I can understand why I can not stop twitching, some organs can be very intense. However after climax I can not control myself from crying. I’m not sad. My boyfriend and I joke about me being so “full of fluids” I’m “leaking” everywhere. Do you have any answers for me?
    Thank you.

    1. Hi Knox,
      Thanks for asking about the twitching and crying. This does happen to many women. The crying comes from the emotional release that your ejaculatory orgasms create. For many women, the first year or two that they begin to ejaculate (or even for women who are having clitoral, G-Spot, cervical or vaginal orgasms without ejaculation) there is a discharging of upset and stored emotional energy that triggers tears.
      The twitching is also common and can be very powerful for some people. Google the word, “KRIYA” to learn more. Kriya is a Sanskrit word that means action. Often associated with “Kundalini rising”, kriyas are involuntary body movements that are related to an increase in “life force” or prana/Chi/Qi.
      You are moving energy in your body. This sexual energy is “life force” which is also “desire.” The orgasms “reboot” your system and interact with the enteric nervous system. Don’t be afraid of these releases. They are natural, and won’t last as long as you are not “stuffing” your emotions. Let the ejaculation refresh you. Embrace your body’s way of discharging your emotions.
      I hope this helps, Knox. Thanks for asking such a valuable question.

      1. For all you men, easiest way to make your girl squirt is to use your fingers as your penis. In a fast pace motion go in and out. Takes 2-4 mins tops and your gonna have a soaked bed. Susan would agree

  77. It is the best pleasure in sex for a guy who loves when his woman squirts.but generally a real man loves when his woman gives him great pleasure n when she can squirsts over n over it jusT gives great joy n overwhelming feelings to enjoy sex to a maximum climate.we men loves it,n its also a womans secret of keeping him coming after u.

  78. Its more that a great pleasure for a guy who knows how get his woman to squirt and also if she does it on her own for him.a real man knows the joy n overwhelming feeling when his woman can squirt over n over again.he can’t resist it,n its also a womans secrite to keep her man coming after her.only a real man knows it all.n as for me I can’t enjoy sex if my woman doesn’t do it I can’ ladies don’t hold it in we men loves it a lot n trust me on this!!!

  79. I read how everyone wants to squirt…. But how do you squirt less? I don’t mind squirting, at certain times it is great but I squirt so much all the time it causes such a mess that I stop before I orgasm just so I won’t squirt and make a mess in the bed. I’m starting to feel squirting is becoming a curse 🙁

    1. Please darling,dont feel that wayl Men love it. I wish i could take a shower all the time in a women’s squirting fluid. Wow. Wow..embrace it. don’t curse it. I wish you could sqiurt on me NOW.

    2. No sweetheart!truly a real guy loves it a lot when u can squirt over n over it gives him great joy so don’t b afraid us men loves it a lot!!!

    3. Just use underpads for your bed. I get the XL 30″X36″ It will soak up all the good juices.
      Have fun from now on.

    4. I understand what your going through! At the same time I enjoy being out of control and squirting, just not the laundry. So that I am able to have the best of both worlds, I purchased some water proof pads. This helps keep bed dry and the pads can be washed with anything so I just toss in laundry and have them ready for the next evening. Hope this helps.

    5. Omg! Me too, I like it cause my hubby likes it but I’m stuck with a big mess plus we have carpet and rugs in the bedroom.

  80. I was only able to do it with 2/7 of my partners and I think it’s because I didn’t really feel comfortable with the other 5. I just grab their hips or buttocks very tight and keep swinging her body, you could feel something spongy on the tip of your penis when you’re touching the spot and just keep rubbing it until they squirt. Idk if size matters because mine is not huge, it is about 8 inches. You also have to make sure she’s very very aroused too though that’s my experience. Being so concentrated on making it happen never let me come, but their reaction was by far more satisfying.

    1. omg, i think you’re confused between g-spot and uterus. with a 8 inches dick, btw, not short (?) if you can only feel something spongy on the TIP of your penis, then this is definitely the end of the vagina (which is generally 6-8 inches deep), not the g-spot! the g-spot is just inside, in the entrance of the vagina

      your thoughs on this susan?

  81. I have been married for 25 years. I have been with probably 10 women in my lifetime deeply intimately. I have made all of them squirt. 8 of them never had before. I focus a great deal in multiple stimulations at once. Clitoral, g-spot, rimming, scratching gently on legs, back and buttocks. With each one you can tell which one is their primary trigger, and which are secondary. I alternate till I know my partner’s spots and I have made women squirt with clitoral stimulation only. With g spot stimulation only. Or a combination of sensations. The key here is knowing this session will be 75% about her needs and let her lay back and enjoy the next couple hours. I may not get my reward then…due to being very tired…but it comes back around eventually. When your man takes the time to fully find your triggers and make you feel complete you will have 20-30 orgasms and 2-3 squirts. Work on Keegal exercises it will allow you to push at the right time. Try keegal beads or Benwah balls to strengthen the muscle group. Your man will love you for that!!

  82. I really think that not all women have the capacity to squirt.
    The worst hit are African women or black women.

    Without meaning to be disrespectful…a good number of black women have inability to stay wet…no matter their level of arousal or how much they arr comfortable with their partners they just cant squirt except for a tiny few.

    Many of them do have orgasms…but its all deep inside…their vaginas reflect no unusual wetness let alone squirt.

    White women, latinas and Asians are more juicy and wetter than our women and they squirt more.

    My observation, no offense intended please.

    1. ….maybe the African American women you where with just wasn’t in to you…because I’m African American and I stay wet plus a super squirter…so maybe it’s you….

    2. Im puertorican and not for show off but my patner had told me the same thing that my pussy is very juicy and he love when I squirt….

  83. I have only made 6 women squirt in my life. But for me it is such an awesome thing to watch a women experience such an intense orgasm when their bodies start shaking violently and they can’t stop….

  84. I love it when the woman squirt when we’re having sex!! Some dribble others literally gush and squirt and sometimes their orgasm leaves them unable to move for a minute or so, but in a pleasurable way and during this time they’ve all asked me to continue to fuck them hard as the next orgasm and squirt is even more intense!!!
    It truly is an amazing experience! I love pleasing these ladies 🙂

  85. I have no problem with reaching a climax, in fact I typically have multiple orgasms. Yet, I have never actually squirted. I do ejaculate, but it is thicker than what I have seen from squirting videos (not as thick as males). I am 36, married and very open sexually…. tips on how to reach that point of squirting?

    1. Firstly your entire article is biased.Clearly you are a “squirter”. You list all the reasons why, in your uneducated view, some women do not “squirt” and then you go on with the disclaimer “Just remember that there is nothing inadequate about you if you don’t or can’t ejaculate. You are not less than if you don’t ejaculate. ” This is a ridiculous post.

    2. I make my wife squirt two, three, four times every sesh. It works best if the girl is riding and she sits up straight while the guy just drills her and holds her hips. Another great squirting position is girl lays on her back guy is on his knees and lifts girls legs. Straight up and goes in deep fast and hard

    3. The best way I can say Bc I’ve made all my gfs squirt is to start with four play lots of four play and oral sex then fore play then once they cut over and over from head I insert myself slowly an partially at first let her squeeze my head and feel it pulse then I rub her clitoris with my thumb and after picking up a lot pace pull out and slap clit and re insert repeat and I like to try to fit all of myself if I can when I’m finally ready and after I nut I make her hold her legs back while I keep going for another three or four nuts I love to cum and I love making women cum gotta eat it right and beat it right 🙂

  86. Yikes! Cant squirt?! OMG… Call out the Army. I guess that I am juzt lucky, having squirted upon at an early age!!

    1. Yes. Any woman can ejaculate and the uterus and fallopian tubes (the pieces removed from a hysterectomy) do not affect a woman’s ability to ejaculate.

  87. I myself experience squirting orgasms. The amount depends on the day, and how much stimulation I get, so it can go from a trickle to a huge gush, there are times when standing that there is a huge puddle under me. Your tip #3 is right on, my man also does this to me when I am laying and he is knelt between my legs and I have my legs either up around his shoulders or pulled up as if I were squatting. He teases me rubbing my clit with the head and then enters me which in that position hits my g spot perfectly. After doing that back and forth he then takes the head and rubs my clit and right below, I squirt and gush like crazy. I do have one question. There are times when my cum is tinted yellow, not as dark as pee but a light yellow color. Most of the time it is clear, could this just be a little left over urine in the urethra?

    1. Hot love play! Thanks for sharing. Though ejaculate and urine are both dispelled through the urethra it is highly unlikely their is urine in your ejaculate. Ejaculate can take many colors and changes based on your hormones, what you eat and other variables. Ejaculate can taste, smell and look different throughout the month on any woman. Bottom line, I’m confident it’s not pee.

  88. I met a young woman recently, she is beautiful in her own way, she is much younger than I am, i’m so hooked on pleasing her, I think if she wasnt married to someone else who cheats on her, wed never get out of bed.

  89. Not everyone can squirt, that’s the first thing every woman must know, its a rear phenomenon, its either you do or you dont, you cannot learn it…atall..its just like not all women are bursty and not all women have hips, and no all women are tall..etc..
    if you cannot squirt, the best thing is to relax, enjoy the sex, try to understand your body and what makes you climax and how your body reacts to a climax…forget the squirting…
    you are very normal if you don’t squirt…and yes, u have an extra charm if you squirt, but squirting does not determine fabulous sex….i love the fact that i squirt…i squirt to a fault…changing sheets and towels…ma boy enjoys it and he keeps coming back for more..buh, it does not mean if you don’t, ur not having a nice time…so not every woman can squirt…

    1. Hi, Holly,
      Though I appreciate your kind comments, they are not quite accurate.

      Every woman is fundamentally able to squirt.
      Every woman is physically able to ejaculate.
      Women’s bodies ejaculate.

      You are normal whether you squirt or not.

      Squirting can be learned by any woman.


  90. I wd do anything 2 atleast squirt once in life,if there was anyway,tired of hearing about this in rumours,someone help me out

    1. This is coming from a guy …

      I have made woman , orgasm many times but only squirt once … The difference in experiences was this …

      1. She was already aware and confident that she could
      2. I was confident enough to know that I could get her to that point
      3. We communicated well so we both knew where we were , and how we were both feeling during the experiece.

      So I say those things to say that you may actually need to accept that fact that although it hasnt happened yet , It can. Also find a party who is somewhat already sexually experienced his or herself. A Newbie won’t be able to help you much. Lastly, communication is key. The more familiar you are with your body, the more you can direct your partner on exactly how to get you where your trying to go.

      Hope I helped

      Best of Luck


    2. I figured out how to squirt today, when you are about the have an orgasm, push down and out,instead of closing your legs and stopping. then it will all come gushing. worked for me twice tonight…Normally whenever i would have clitoral stimulation and orgasm i would tense my whole body, close my legs and stop touching it since i could barely take it anymore, it would feel crazy, and make me shake, But this time instead of stopping him, i left my legs open and he kept going, i pushed out a little and sure enough i squirted for the first time. it was amazing, and my body was shaky for almost an hour afterward. I have been with my partner for 7 years, always had orgasms but never squirted. until today!!!

      1. I am happy for U ..I have a new girlfriend that never really ever did in her whole life either. After 3 months of going out and her comfort level was good I told her to open her legs and after building her up I used my 2 fingers and used the up and down motion with just 2 inches inside her hitting her G spot. Within 1 min she gushed so much she was shaking all over , made a huge mess LOL ..I was able to repeat this 5 more times with her. Now a week later I tell her when to push and it comes out like a hose its so wild NEVER have I seen such a wild mess ..All I did was watch a video on this and thats how I learned so I am thinking MAYBE all woman or most can do this. Good Luck either way!!

    3. Just relax and let go! I was always afraid I was gonna pee but one day I just didn’t fight it and have been having amazing organisms since 🙂

    1. Hi there I’m a guy n I would like to say that its good for u n I’m sure that ur husband would b greatly Desirable when u do it in sex’so get urself comfortable n use to it I’m sure he will like it.and generally speaking all guys like when his woman do that it just gives more pleasure to him in sex,as for me I like it when my wife squirts it gives me grate pleasure and the more she do it the more overwhelm I keep it up!

      1. Try the two middle fingers doing a cum here motion, you will feel a spongy bit of the Vagina about 2 inches in. Stroke it towards the the top of the pelvis. Feel it swell with fluid listen to her breathing and quickly extract your fingers and rub her clit. This works for me most often, however not all women squirt , they just get very wet, either way if you give them a g spot orgasm, you set yourself apart from most men and they will become addicted to you and your skills
        Gold Coast Australia

        1. So true I have a woman who squirts I love it wouldn’t have it any other way just make sure u r both on her side of the bed lol

  91. Hello I’m a 30 year old female. Been happily married for 10 yrs. I’m very comfortable with my body and with my husband. I have been having orgasms for years. Started when I was a teen! When I have the orgasm it just basically feels like I become wetter on the inside. I don’t actually squirt. Am I unable to squirt?

    1. im 19yr and same here! i have a boyfriend that i love and he is the one. he does everything that i like so i have pleasure and i have orgasms every day, but i never squirted and i dont know why.

  92. I can squirt all night long soak beds for hours , will I get hurt doing it like that , If I drink water I can even go more, I just do not want to hurt my body by doing it so much if it is not good for me thanks

    1. Hi Janell,

      Good for you! You can squirt as much as you want. It will not hurt you. Definitely drink a lot of water to make sure you stay hydrated. You are a true goddess!

      1. How does it tastes? sweet of salty? Of course the liquid should taste good at the height of experiencing ejaculation.

        1. It’s just like semen. Whatever your lady eats affects the taste of the ejactulate. Most the time, my wife’s has a sweet taste. No salty taste.

        2. liquid orgasm is sweet but creamy orgasm is salty.. I have tasted both really nice.. I like to taste..

    2. I hope you like doing the washing and drying the sheets. Jesus, it would be like having sex with someone who needs a nappy!
      I say go outside in the rain and mix it all up. then you wouldn’t worry bout the sheets and your lover wouldn’t need an umbrella!

    1. Hi Mela,
      YES! And congratulations on feeling the first signs of wetness. Keep putting your attention on pushing out and letting go and you will see it go from a little moistness to a few drops and continue to escalate until you can actually shoot it out like a firehose. . . As long as you are anatomically built to squirt like a hose. Most women are. And every woman is capable of having ejaculatory orgasms.

      1. I like the way you explain things to experience the feeling of Squirts.Does it connected with the gentle scratching of the ‘G’ spot?

      2. Susan, you seem to know what you’re talking about.
        Here is my experience with squirting. Up until this last year (I’m 20 and have been sexually active since 16) I had no idea I could squirt. At first that was something pornstars did that I completely did not understand. I did for my first time when I was with my ex who was very confident and experienced. He made it a point to try and get me to squirt and knew exactly how to do it. Since then, I have done it here and there but it seems to get more and more frequent and “more” every time. I have no idea why. My partner won’t even be trying. And I’ve surprised some men before who have never ever experienced making a female squirt and I can’t help but feel kind of embarrassed every time I do it. I guess I just get in to it but I’m wondering if it might have something to do with how I flex the inside of my vagina over and over during sex? Please help. Is there a way to get it to stop when I want to? I don’t know how to feel about this!

      3. Susan I’m a 51 year old male and have never seen a female squirt before. Some of the videos I watch it looks like they are squirting a cup full or more !! I sure wish I could squirt like that ! It seems that they cum a lot more than men do …. I’m wondering if it’s me not knowing what to do. 🙁

  93. i’m a girl of 21yr and i have been datin for a year nw bt i have never squirt before.i seriously wont to have that experience.pls help me out

  94. i’m a girl of 21yr and i have been datin for a year nw bt i have never sqiut before.i seriously wont to have that experience.pls help me out

      1. Hi I would like to k is how to make my gf squrit and if all girls canncuz I have been trying everything and its not working

          1. Please send me your email or mail me.Let’s disscuss.I want to know how to make a woman squirt

      2. Am 32 yrs old and I have never squirt b4 would love to experience it,plz tell me if there is anything I can do or learn in order to experience this.

      3. hello my name is Rene

        I am 46 and my biggest fantasy and wish is to Squirt help me please what can I do?


        1. Rene,

          Hello. The video link above is the best one I have seen in terms of helping you understand how to squirt. It is educational and I really hope it helps. Let me know if this is good or not….



      4. my pussy is flappy and I never squit even when I reach the end only white staff is flowing from my vaginal

    1. okay dear it is not a difficult matter try to make your hand or your’s bf hand in your G.Spot wit the passage of time you would soon squirt try to do this practice 3 to 5 times in a given occasion

    2. hi chenelle . i wish to you find a way to squirt until now. so if you didnot find a way please see below.
      1- take of your clothes
      2- push your finger to your pussy
      3- move your finger in your pussy up and down
      4- when you get orgasm must be relax and pee.
      that is it.

      1. Ammo,
        I appreciate you trying to give advice about female ejaculation. But please know that everyone is very unique and there is not “one right way” for a woman to ejaculate. That is why we have our program, Female Liquid Orgasm. This shows MANY ways to achieve ejaculation.

        1. The issue of every woman being different is SOOOOO Real! I could make my last gf squirt so much that she ruined our $7K mattress! My two new GFs have never even had Gspot orgasms so I gave my one gf one the other night and she orgasmed for about 12 minutes. My other one I can only get to clitorial using the same method. So I’m learning that each one needs different amounts of pressure to get them there. So I’m finding that the technique is the same, but the amount of pressure is different, also the frequency of stroke is different. I’m hoping to get the clitorial one to Gspot by the end of this month. Also, hoping to get the other one to squirt by the end of this month, but with our busy schedules, I can only see each one once a week. To be clear, I shouldn’t call them gf’s because we are all divorced and right now we’re just having ‘play dates’.

        2. Susan…I loved this article…. ssd that there are creepy guys leaving their emails. I don’t often read your articles… this was six stars! Many thanks.

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