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Giving Her Clitoral Erection

♀ Clitoral Hood = ♂ Foreskin

“My clitoris is trapped inside the hood. It’s been that way all my life. So when you tell me to have a “clitoral erection,” how would that work?” — Robin

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Every clitoral hood is different. The hood is called the, “prepuce of clitoris.” It’s homologous to a man’s foreskin.

In some women the hood hangs down like labia. In others you can’t even see the hood. And for Robin, her hood covers her clitoris.

So here’s my advice for having a clitoral erection, even if your hood covers your clitoris. (scroll down)


You just have to rub on the hood to stimulate the clitoris underneath.

See if you can squeeze the shaft between your fingers through the clitoral hood.

And go at the clitoral structure from the outside by pressing down in the gutter between your labia majora and minora.

Then get to the crus or legs from inside —up on the roof of your vaginal canal where your G-Area is. Feel on each side of the vaginal roof in the “gutters” at the top. Those are part of your clit legs (crura).

And engorge your vestibular bulbs —the punching bags of your clit —which are on each side of the opening of the vagina under the pubic hair. Those puff up when rubbed and kneaded.

Best to start with a really good genital massage. Get everything engorged, puffed up, starting on the outside and working your way in. Take selfies so you can see how much the tissue fluffs up. No matter whether your hood covers your clitoris or there’s barely any hood at all doesn’t matter. The tissue still puffs up just the same.


Here is a playlist of videos on G-Spot Orgasms. The first video talks about how to give any woman a clitoral erection. We women can take more time on our bulbs, legs, and shaft instead of just going straight for the glans. This gives us time to get our entire clitoral system warmed up.

And while you’re engorging all that erectile tissue, don’t forget about the perineal and urethral sponges on the floor and roof of the vaginal canal. The more you engorge all that tissue, the more pleasure you have.

Just like a penis, a woman’s clitoris loves to be “hard.”

How To Give A Clitoral Erection ⇐ Watch Now (subscribe here)


Enjoy this G-Spot Orgasm Playlist.

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How To Give A Clitoral Erection ⇐ Watch Now (subscribe here)


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