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Understanding ED: 5 Causes and 8 Effective Solutions for Lasting ED Cures

I had an enlightening chat with Dr. Amy B. Killen—what a wealth of knowledge she is! 

We discussed everything—prostate health to erectile dysfunction (E.D.). It was a deep dive into men’s sexual vitality and health, something every guy needs to know about but often avoids discussing. 

This isn’t just about getting the spring back in our step. It’s about overall health, confidence, and living our best lives. It’s about understanding our bodies, the signs of low testosterone or chronic inflammation, and how these could tie up with E.D. 

And it’s not just about identifying problems but providing actual solutions. She spoke about nitric oxide, GAINSWave demo for E.D., and even natural cures for erectile dysfunction caused by venous leaks and arterial plaque. 

I’ve queued up this conversation in a neat playlist for you. 

I can’t stress enough how much this empowered me, and I’m sure you’ll feel the same. So, grab a cup of coffee, put your feet up, and let’s learn together. Talk soon!

Click Here To Watch These Videos ⇐ ED Cures Video Series With Dr. Amy B. Killen

In addition to Testosterone replacement options, we also talk about everything from penis pumps to Priapus shots to new healing technologies that restore your body’s ability to fill your penis with blood and get that blood to stay there!


  1. Ask An Erectile Dysfunction Specialist – What Are The 5 Causes of ED?
  1. What Causes Erectile Dysfunction? (4 Types of Men With ED)
  1. Erectile Dysfunction Causes and Diagnosis – Why Do You Have ED?
  1. Erectile Dysfunction Treatment Options – Pills, Penis Pumps, Testosterone (8 Solutions To ED)
  1. Low Testosterone – Signs, Symptoms, and Hormone Treatments
  1. Nitric Oxide and Erectile Dysfunction
  1. How To Naturally Cure Erectile Dysfunction Caused By Venous Leak and Arterial Plaque
  1. Prostate Health and Erectile Dysfunction (Enlarged Prostate, Prostatitis and Prostate Cancer)
  1. GAINSWave Demo For Erectile Dysfunction Treatment and Male Sexual Enhancement
  1. Priapus Shot (P-Shot with PRP) and Stem Cells For Stronger Erections

Click Here To Watch These Videos ⇐ ED Cures Video Series With Dr. Amy B. Killen 

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