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The 5 Causes of ED & 8 Solutions For ED

The 5 Causes of ED & 8 Solutions For ED

Suz with “dick doc” Amy B. Killen MD for you.

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I just returned from Utah where Dr. Amy B. Killen and I recorded a series of videos on reversing erectile dysfunction for you.

Bottom line? The most common cause of impotence is from what is called, “vasculogenic” issues. (Your blood vessels.)

That means your penis isn’t staying hard because the blood leaks out.

The leaking of blood back into your body comes from a lack of elasticity in the cells in your corpus cavernosum.

The 5 Causes of ED ⇐ Watch Now
The 8 Solutions To ED ⇐ Watch Now

These are called smooth muscle cells or SMC’s.

When these muscle cells contract, they lock the blood into your penis.


Over time, with aging, bad diet, lack of exercise, eating processed instead of natural foods, and other issues (watch the video), your SMC’s can’t contract as well. That’s when you get “bendy.”

Over the next four weeks, Dr. Amy (the cutest “dick doc” in the world) and I will explain not only the 5 Causes of ED, but also the 8 Solutions to ED WHICH ARE THIS WEEK’S VIDEOS as well as what’s coming up for you:

  • 4 Types of Men with ED
  • Why YOU Have ED
  • Testosterone Replacement
  • Nitric Oxide for ED
  • Artery Plaque and ED
  • Prostate and ED
  • Rejenerating Erectile Function (Gainswave)
  • Priapus Shot + Stem Cells for ED

I learned a TON about how ED is reversible. You just need to know what your issues are and how to reverse or work around them.

The 5 Causes of ED ⇐ Watch Now
The 8 Solutions To ED ⇐ Watch Now

Please do comment below the video with any questions.

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And if you’re trying to use natural supplements to repair and support your erectile function, these are the ones I recommend:

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Everyone is different, so see what you think will work for you.

Until next week, I remain your staunchest supporter in great sex!

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