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The Cheat Sheet To Your Lover’s Happiness

The Cheat Sheet To Your Lover’s Happiness

The most obvious answer to just about any relationship problem is right in front of you.

Your lover. Your wife. Your husband. Your partner. Your best friend. Your special someone.

Everything you need to know about how to please your partner in terms of your relationship and sex life is already inside your partner.

And everything THEY need to know about how to be the best partner for you is right inside you.

The question is how to unearth these “secrets” so both of you are in-sync with each other.

That’s where the cheat sheet to your lover’s happiness comes in.

Just like it did with one of my readers who emailed me recently.

Relationship Magic ⇐ The Cheat Sheet To Your Lover’s Happiness



“Dear Susan,

Thank you so much for sharing the ‘Relationship Magic’ book …

I started reading and applying it and it was a beautiful evening of a long hug with soft music in the background … it made both of us cry.

And it sparked a different, more respectful, loving, and passionate kind of relationship between the two of us.

Sincere regards,

Elena (not real name)”


As an added treat for you today, I dug up a few of my favorite articles on conscious relationships and love.

To expand on the idea of the key importance of determining your and your partner’s Relationship Values, here’s an expanded article I wrote about the subject.

For those times when you need a quick-fix for arguments, unexpected conflict, and even external stress bearing down on your relationship, check out this article about the Five-Minute Relationship Repair.

For a framework of a conscious marriage, this article gives you 10 Characteristics Of A Conscious Marriage you can easily apply starting today.

If you’re looking for some steamy, sizzling, and thoughtful ideas to spice up your relationship, and smoothly ease each other into a more intimate state, here is an article about giving your partner a Menu Of Offers.

And if you’re a guy wondering how to bring out the “sleeping” passion and intimacy in your relationship, here’s an article I wrote about What To Do When She’s Withholding Intimacy.

These should be a great start for you to bring back the hot love you’re missing so much.

And of course, you can’t go wrong with having the cheat sheet to your partner’s happiness. That’s why I suggest you also get Relationship Magic right here. Your partner truly just wants to please you. And vice versa. You both just have to let each other know how.

Relationship Magic ⇐ The Cheat Sheet To Your Lover’s Happiness In Relationships

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