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Why Women Crave Female Ejaculation

Here is a letter I got from “Finger Freak Frank” (love the name!) with a lot of applied wisdom to help you make any woman squirt:

“I have three girlfriends right now. They all know each other. I have been giving them Expanded Orgasm dates following Dr. Patti’s 5 Strokes and it’s definitely expanding their pleasure maps. All of them are coming harder, longer and more often than ever before.

A big part of why they are all ejaculating is because I’m doing the strokes you taught me in the Female Liquid Orgasm videos <== Warning: Explicit Pictures of Stroke Videos


What I’ve found is that they all like different strokes. So having what you call a “stroke portfolio” has really given me the confidence to make them squirt.

It normally takes me 20 minutes or so before I even try to stroke their G-area. I slowly work my way up to it.

I do the outer lips, inner lips, and the Expanded Orgasm lube strokes.
Then I do the Expanded Orgasm “3 opening strokes” and the “bread and butter clit stroke” with my thumb in their vagina exactly how Dr. Patti shows it on her videos.

The combination of EHOT and FLO has given me so much combined talent.

First I’m stroking with one finger.
After 10-15 minutes in I add the second finger and do the blended stroke like you show in FLO.
Then I’ll start on the G-Spot one or two knuckles in.
Still very gentle.
Not very aggressive.
Until they are starting to squirt.

Then I wait for they G-Spot to swell up with different FLO strokes you show on your videos:

  • Inside. Outside. Up. Down.
  • Butterfly.
  • Long slidey stroke.
  • Windshield wiper.
  • Expanded Orgasm stroke.
  • Come hither.
  • Fwap. Fwap.

Then when I feel those contractions like their pussy is grabbing me and asking me for more I’ll add pressure and speed.

I hardly ever do the strokes you see on porn. They are too vigorous for anybody but a porn star who has sex all day. I do NOT do those to my girlfriends. But once I fingered a friend who is a part-time escort and she wanted it really hard.

Anyway, I will do some pretty good pressure and speed inside and on the clit that generally leads to squirting but only after 20 minutes and when I can tell she is really wanting it. I gauge their appetite as I’m warming them up.

You are right, due to their hormones, they want different speed and pressure every time I rub them.

Each one of my girlfriends is very different, but the strokes all work great.

My main squeeze relaxes the most into the stroking and comes the best of all. She has really long orgasms and a lot of them. She and I have been doing the Expanded Orgasm practice for a while now and she’s coming really, really well for me.

My second girlfriend clenches her upper body more but she also has the biggest puffy engorged G-spot. It swells more than the other women.

My newest girlfriend likes to grip my leg with her hands and I have to remind her to breathe.

So one of the things I’m working on is relaxation.

When I heard Susan Bratton and Jim Benson talk about how pelvic relaxation was the key to stamina — and then you also said opening to the orgasms (instead of clenching) let’s them bubble out effortlessly — I knew I had to encourage my two newest girlfriends to relax more and trust that I could stroke them well enough that the would successfully squirt.

clickQuiz2 doYouKnowThetruth v1

I realize women have performance anxiety too.

So I touch their bellies and tell them to breathe deeply. That is always good for letting more ejaculate out.

I just wanted to thank you for making these excellent programs. I had no idea when I got started that if you followed a specific group of strokes you could get any woman to have ejaculatory orgasms. But now with three happy girlfriends, I know it’s true. I keep adding to my “stroke portfolio” as you call it.

Tallulah, you rock. Thank you and the team at Personal Life Media for all you do to help us men service our goddesses.

I truly feel like the luckiest man alive.

I’m having an awesome sex life from all you’ve taught me.

Your Fan,
Finger Freak Frank


FLO Combo 2CD


You are a model lover. Every woman who reads what you do is going to want to be your lover. It is fantastic how you’ve applied so much of what you’ve learned to give so many women exquisite pleasure.

I appreciate you taking the time to write to inspire other partners to step it up and learn specific strokes that allow women to finally get the stimulation they need to experience female ejaculation for themselves.

I’m A Finger Freak Frank Fan! 

Tallulah Sulis







3 Responses

  1. how come women like it doggy style so much better than any other way it really turns me on to begin with you get deeper penetration for one

  2. I have made my lover squirt before but to get her to come is next to impossible, I do know she has before because she has two sons!! I’m starting to get really frustrated and do not know what I’m doing wrong, I have never faced this type of problem before so I do not know how to attempt to fix it!!!

    Please help!!!!!!!

    1. Hi Kurtis,
      First of all, take a deep breath. I’m sure she can feel your pressure and it’s causing her to contract, rather than open up. Secondly, there is ZERO correlation between having children and orgasming. You can get pregnant without orgasming. So she may never have had an orgasm before.
      Take your time, slow down, and perhaps take our Making Her Multi-Orgasmic free webinar.
      You’ll get there. Just remember to enjoy the journey.

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