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I Got A Shot In My Clitoris (And You Can Watch!)

Vaginal Rejuvenation #9-12 (VIDEO)

Vaginal Rejuvenation Series  ⟸ Watch Now

Yes, I got a needle in my clitoris vagina and G-Spot. And you get to WATCH!!! OMG!!!

This story is for women and the men who love their vaginas.

Here are the first eight videos if you haven’t yet seen them.

The first video is about why Kegels don’t always work for vaginal laxity.

The next is how I got SMART and prepared beforehand for the second procedure. Watch this before your first one!

?  The third is getting my O Shot™ or Orgasm Shot. Yes, I got a needle in my clitoris vagina and G-Spot. And you get to WATCH!!! OMG!!!

And the fourth you get my early experience with my updated clitoris and you get to see my mimosa tree in bloom.


These vaginal rejuvenation procedures help with incontinence, labial laxity, vaginal pain and increased overall vulva tightening and heightened sexual pleasure.

I’m going to Nuvell Clinics in Scottsdale, Arizona to family nurse practitioner Cheryl Schaaf for:

• Femilift Vaginal Canal CO2 Lasering for vaginal mucosal tissue restoration
• Revive by Viora multi-RF labial skin tightening technology for reducing laxity
• The O Shot™ PRP injection for regenerating the clitoral structure tissue

If you or your partner have been struggling with any vaginal atrophy, scar tissue, pain, diminished lubrication, flaccid tissue or lack of clitoral sensation, watch this saga of my rejuvenation procedures.

Vaginal Rejuvenation Series  ⟸ Watch Now

If you have questions, do not reply to these emails. Please post your questions ON YouTube ©. Thanks!

Susan Bratton

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  1. Please, always teach your experiences by way of writing. As much as possible avoid video for most of your videos don’t roll out smoothly for one to follow your stories.

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