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NEW! 7 Trendy Wellness Technologies

“Overcome Sexual Performance Anxiety” Technique Inside

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Whole Body Vibration, Infrared Saunas, Cryotherapy, LENS Neuro feedback, Forest Bathing and meditation pods like the Somadome and Theta Chamber are trendy approaches to wellness.

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Close your eyes and take a deep breath. Take another deep breath and release any tension in your jaw. Take another deep breath and empty your face of all expression. Take one more deep breath and let go completely. You can do this lying down or you can do this as you are Forest Bathing. You can also do this in the heat of the moment during sex if you start to feel anxious.



We are going to wake up all five of your senses, allowing in everything that is happening in your environment and allowing your senses to give you pleasure.

Start by hearing everything you’re hearing. Take your time and allow all the sounds in your environment to come to you. You might hear birds, a breeze moving through in the trees, sounds of traffic, or the low hum of your refrigerator. Just let each sound come to your sense of hearing. Become interested and curious. Allow your sense of hearing to be the source of pleasure it is.

Now start to feel what you’re feeling: your feet on the ground, your bum on the chair, the brush of your clothes against your skin, the tension in your shoulders, the temperature of the air. Let each sensation register on your sense of touch. Become interested and curious. Allow your sense of touch to be the source of pleasure it is.

Now open your eyes and see what you’re seeing. Let whatever is in your environment enter your eyes. The beauty of your lover’s face or an interesting plant in the forest. Become curious and interested. Allow your sense of sight to be the source of pleasure it is.

Now taste what you’re tasting and smell what you’re smelling, going through the same steps and allowing your senses of taste and smell to be the source of pleasure they are.

Once you’ve enjoyed each sense individually, start to combine them and enjoy all five of your senses at the same time. Start by combining hearing and feeling, then layering in the other three one at a time. Don’t worry about getting it right, the simple shift in focus will bring you more fully into your body.

It’s through the five senses that we experience pleasure. The more grounded we are in our senses the more pleasure we can have.

In the free book we have for you, we show you how to wire your five senses into your sexual pleasure circuits so that any time you’re feeling anxious, you can let it go and bring yourself back to the pleasure of your senses.

There are many ways to play with your senses, from vibration to color therapy, from neurofeedback to infrared light. You will be drawn to some of these above others because physiologically we are all different across a spectrum. What works for you might not work for your partner. There is no wrong. Just follow your heart, experiment, and make new trysts with life.

Go watch this video about the Theta Chamber.

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