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Sexual Energy Advanced Practices

Sexual Energy Advanced Practices

Open yourself to more pleasure by:

1) circulating the feeling of arousal throughout your body,
2) looking into your lover’s eyes and
3) connecting at the soul level.

It’s me again, Susan Bratton… trusted hot sex advisor to millions  and this is a new video in The Future of Sex video series about an advanced Sexual Energy practice called, Expanded Orgasm.

Hopefully, you’ve watched my previous 6 videos on sexual energy —they are only about 2-3 minutes each —and you’ve gotten the basics of sexual energy and started to experiment and feel it for yourself.

Now, before we get into these advanced practices, I am obliged to tell you that these techniques will accelerate your growth on many fronts.

You are going to become, not just a better lover, but a person with a very high sexual IQ who has the ability to continually expand your orgasmic capacity and take your lover right along with you.

“Sexual Energy” Advanced Practices <== Watch The Video


This is for real.

You will be surprised at how quickly you can open yourself to more pleasure by circulating the feeling of arousal throughout your body, looking into your lover’s eyes and connecting at the soul level.

Once the sexual energy starts to reveal itself, you are ready to go to the next level and experiment with more advanced practices.

One of my mentors, Dr. Patti Taylor, taught my husband Tim and I how to build sexual energy and deepen our connection with a simple set of clitoral stroking techniques that eventually lead to expanded orgasms.

Expanded Orgasms are stacked, multiple orgasms that get longer and more intense as your arousal peaks.

Expanded Orgasms are BEYOND extended orgasms. They are not last longer, they feel more exquisite.

These are stroking techniques that are done on her clitoris or his penis without over-stimulating these ultra-sensitive areas so the receiver can come and come and come. It’s true, even men can have multiple, non-ejaculatory, energy orgasms!

The couple’s practice I describe in this Sexual Energy Advanced Practices video requires the two of you to focus on one person’s orgasm at a time.

If she’s the receiver, you’re stroking her clitoris, and both of you become ONE with her orgasm.

If you’re the one doing the stroking (The DOer) —she remains focused on the sensation you’re delivering —rather than wondering how you’re doing.

Meanwhile, your focus is right there, in the moment, tracking her arousal so your next stroke will be so tuned in to her sensation, it will feel even better.

With the Expanded Orgasm practice, you use a series of clitoral strokes to link orgasms together and stack them into increasing peaks of pleasure.

One of the most basic of these stroke techniques is called an intentional down-stroke. In the video I describe how to stretch out the moment of climax like you’re pulling taffy.


“Sexual Energy” Advanced Practices <== Watch The Video

Just as in physics, what goes up must come down. If you drive a woman up too fast with sexual energy, she can tire out. Watch the video to learn more about how to ensure each orgasm feels better than the next.

Experienced “strokers” (those who are experienced at Expanded Orgasm stroking techniques are called DOers) look like they’re doing the same simple stroke over and over but they are actually using energy.

Women who have an Expanded Orgasm practice become very tuned in to the sexual energy they can circulate with a partner while they are doing this stroking technique.

In our popular Expand Her Orgasm Tonight” program <= Dr. Patti shares 21 Erotic Play dates that teach couples how to spiral their subtle energy up through the body in a double-helix.

With practice, you can extend her climax and string multiple orgasms together so she come for an hour or more. It’s a truly amazing experience for both of you that will light up your relationship with a sense of connection that is breathtaking.

In the next video in this series, we’ll take this one step further and talk about orgasmic meditation.

“Sexual Energy” Advanced Practices <== Watch The Video

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  1. What if a person man or woman is not in any relationships and knowing how insightful and more advanced than any other sexuality Dr guru or sexologist I’ve been reading about orgasmic manifesting enlightenment through self pleasure and orgasmic yoga scary but honestly intriguing to not get TMI but thanks for all of your many many techniques teachings and overall great body of work

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