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7 Sexual Games

Fill in the blanks for fun. Six more sex games below.

Did you ever play Mad Libs when you were a kid?

mad libs

You fill in blanks of a story with nouns, verbs, adjectives, superlatives et cetera.

I was wondering what you’d fill in about your sex life if you were doing Mad Libs.

My typical sex routine is pretty _______________. The most common things we do are _______________ and _______________.

The perfect sex date starts with some _______________. Usually I go first when we _______________ and then my partner does _______________.

After that we _______________ for a while with the light _______________. If anyone is wearing anything it is usually _______________ wearing_______________. I _______________ it off _______________ with my _______________.

Then I do one of my best techniques, which I call my _______________ move. That usually makes my partner’s _______________ go _______________!

My favorite place to be touched is _______________. I find my lovers usually like me to do _______________ to them.

We do that for a while until one of us usually asks for _______________. Sometimes we do _______________ instead.

At the end of our date we usually culminate with the grand finale of _______________. And then we _______________.

If I had a magic wand, I’d add in two things I’ve been wanting to do which are _______________ and _______________.

The word I’d use to describe my sex life is _______________ but someday I hope I can say it’s _______________.

And finally, the one word I’d use to sum up my attitude about sex is _______________.

Send me your finished Mad Libs. If there are some really good ones, I’ll share them with everyone!

Usually my lover and I give each other sensual massages, then we hug, then we kiss, then they go down on me, then I go down on them, then sometimes we do 69, then we make love, then we snuggle. I’m not too original, hehe, but we sure do cover the bases!!!!

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