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DIY Sexual Healing Video

This week we’re going to explore genital massage, or what is called “Sacred Spot Massage.” It’s also known as “Goddess Massage” for women or, for men, “P-Spot Massage.” The P is for prostate.


The female equivalent of the prostate is the G-spot — shortened from the original name, the Gräfenberg spot. The G-spot is actually not a spot at all, so I refer to it as the G-area. The same is true of the P-Spot: it is actually the entire area of the prostate. Both are the seat of sexual healing.

Massaging a woman’s vulva and, in particular, her G-Area can result in considerable release and heal both physical and emotional trauma. The same is true of a man’s penis and his P-area, but let’s focus on the woman for a moment. In order for you to really understand what’s going on, I want to give you a quick lesson in female sexual anatomy.

A woman’s clitoris is not just the nub you see on the outside. Like the penis, it has a shaft, only her shaft is inside her body. Her clitoris actually has two legs that you can stroke from up inside her vaginal canal. The clitoris also has has two vestibular bulbs. The entire clitoral structure is made of erectile tissue, as is her G-area, her urethral sponge at the top of the vaginal canal, and her perineal sponge between her rectum and her vaginal canal.


Sexual Healing and Sacred Spot Release Video <== Watch Now

Many women have never experienced full orgasmic release because their erectile tissue has never received the stimulation required to get fully engorged.

Women have as much erectile tissue inside as men do in their penises. For both genders, good sex and satisfying orgasm depends on getting blood flow into that tissue so it becomes fully engorged. The best way to do this is with genital massage. Just stroking and smoothing the tissue causes blood to flow into the area, cultivating engorgement.

Circling back to our previous discussion about trauma… When you experience physical or emotional trauma, it leaves an impression on your nervous system that remains until it is released. In the presence of a loving, attentive partner you can actually resolve old traumas and establish a new level of balance to the nervous system.

It’s a beautiful gift for anyone who has experienced sexual abuse, trauma or repression, or even those with sexual shame or repression.

Anyone can learn to give another this profoundly healing experience that almost always awakens sexual energy. It is natural for the receiver to shed tears as repressed feelings rise to the surface after having been stored in the tissue in around the genitals for so long.

As the repressed emotions release, painful sexual memories may resurface. With slow, tender ministrations, healing can occur, trauma can resolve and the individual’s sexual energy can begin to move freely again.

Even those who haven’t experienced trauma will benefit greatly from goddess massage and the P-spot massage. After a stressful day, genital massage can move stress out of your body and free your sexual energy to allow orgasms to come in waves.

The big takeaway is this: your tissue holds emotion, and the more this sensitive genital tissue is stimulated, the more it gets engorged, and the more emotions can flow and, if need be, heal traumas of the past. Genital massage is absolutely wonderful for sexual healing.

I know. I’ve been through the ringer sexually. But I’ve overcome my traumas to go on to have a delicious, rewarding sex life.

Click here to watch me share my personal story of healing sexual abuse and trauma.

Sexual Healing and Sacred Spot Release Video <== Watch Now

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