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Ways to Increase Your Sex Drive: Rekindling Intimacy with Your Wife

“Susan, my sex life is pretty much non-existent. My wife uses it as a punishment tool. So if I do anything she doesn’t much approve of, she keeps me cut off.” Learn how to revive the female sex drive.

Celebrate “Cake and Cunnilingus Day” with fiery sex drives and bouncy beds! 

Sex, believe it or not, is a requirement for a successful, happy, and passionate relationship. Yet life’s stressors can break down the passion that was once so intense. Bring back the warmth, love, and energy with Revive Her Drive

I received an email from a reader whose wife is using “no-sex” as a punishment tool.

And because of it, he’s pretty much given up on having sex with his wife.

If you ever find yourself in a similar situation, here’s what you need to do.



“Susan, my sex life is pretty much nonexistent. My wife uses it as a punishment tool. So if I do anything she doesn’t much approve of, she keeps me cut off. So there is no need to learn anything about sex. Since she went from liking it… to hating it, I pretty much take care of my own sexual needs by myself.”

Brett (not his real name)

He’s right. 

In his case, he doesn’t need to learn any sex stuff yet. He might want to keep some handy, though, for when the time comes that he might need to spring into action.

What he should focus on for now (and what YOU should concentrate on if you’re in a similar situation) is to press “pause” on life, slow down, sit down with your partner, and have the “talk.”

If his wife uses “no sex” as a punishment, she does not know (or refuses to acknowledge) that sex is a requirement for a successful, happy, and passionate relationship.

It’s time to go all out, bare all that you’ve got buried inside and let your lover know that you’re no longer satisfied with how your married sex life is turning out, and you want to make it better with her cooperation, love and understanding each step of the way.

We don’t have the passion we want to experience because we spend so much time hiding those we don’t like to share.

Our sex life isn’t great with our partners because instead of telling them that we’re not satisfied and want to be happy with THEM (and not someone else).

We hide it, pretend that everything’s “fine and dandy,” and go our way.


Well, it’s not. However, the good news is that we can fix it.

With a little bit of effort, patience, and love (the love that was there, still IS there, and will ALWAYS be there unless left to rot) from everyone involved, things will work out. 

It was that way with my husband, Tim. 

Sex was non-existent. He wanted some. I was too busy with life getting in the way. 

Our marriage would have failed if it weren’t for our daughter (and Tim and I being honest and working our butts off to fix everything).

I shared this story and how you can fix a sexless marriage in my new book, Sexual Soulmates.

Being honest with each other and establishing healthy communication is what you should focus on for now. 

Once you’ve got both of these down and start to open up about getting intimate (and sexual) again, you can crank up the energy by reviving her sex drive.

It’s STILL there, trust me. 

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how to revive the female sex drive

Susan “Sexual Soulmate” Bratton

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  1. I had the same thing happen to me….My view is she does not love you .Go find someone else… Happened to me too..Just my 2 CTS

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