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2 Sexual Game Plans

Free audio and video. Step-by-step domination lovemaking blueprint.

Listen to Sloane walk you through how to make love to a sophisticated woman on this audio:

Catch A Cougar Part II

Watch me talk you through how to take control and run the bedroom game so your lover can surrender to your pleasure:

How To Ravish Her

The best way to describe to your lover the parts you find the most hot and exciting are to tell them a story while you’re pleasuring them that includes your favorite moments. They will get the hint that this is what you’d like them to do with you.


There’s a dance between being present to what will feel amazing together in the moment and the “meta mind” you use to take a lover on a sexual journey.

There’s a dance between the two of you in the moment.

To be an amazing “sex dancer,” you must first learn the steps in your body, and then you can freestyle.

Listen and watch these audio and video game plans to get the big picture of how to lead a lover through a sexual session… and then feel your way in the moment as it unfolds.

Let me know your questions by posting comments below the audio or video. Sloane and I will respond to your questions you post.
Tim and Susan

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