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Fixing Orgasmic Dysfunction

Fixing Orgasmic Dysfunction

Try a Hitachi Wand on the outside and see below for what goes inside her vaginal canal while you (scroll down to see the rest)…

Health problems get in the way of good sex. Cancer, diabetes or even depression can make it hard to achieve climax.

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That’s why I’m always promoting the simple idea of a daily 30-minute walk.

Your body needs to be healthy and agile to be able to perform during hours of lovemaking in bed… and everywhere else.

Exercise also helps promote circulation, which is key for men to get stronger and longer-lasting hard-ons.

And for women, it’s always nice to be fit and sexy so our guys can drool when we tease ‘em with some skin, and their jaws drop the second we get naked in front of them.

However, with pre-existing medical conditions there are still lots of ways to getting around them so you can enjoy great lovemaking.

For example, a reader emailed me some time ago that his wife was diabetic and that she no longer “has the feelings down there like she used to” back when they got together decades ago.

Yes, diabetes takes its toll on nerve sensation.

Here’s what I suggest.

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Try a Hitachi Wand vibrator on her clitoris and a dildo inside her vaginal canal while you kiss and play with her nipples.

Of course, you must warm her up first by telling her how sexy she is, that you are not attached to an outcome of orgasm and this time is all for her pleasure.

And remind her that you get immense pleasure just giving her pleasure.

Reassure her.

Start first with a sensual full body massage and make sure the temperature and brightness in the room is to her liking.

Speaking of sensual massages, the Steamy Sex Ed® Video Collection has over 100 sensual massage techniques you can try and add to your pleasure-giving portfolio.

You can plug in a Steamy DVD or spark up your laptop and run the Steamy Erotic Massage video module and follow along stroke-by-stroke with the volume turned off to give her the best sensual massage of her life.

Once you’ve started mastering the sensual and erotic massage techniques, you can escalate to the modules that include many male and female oral lovemaking techniques and intercourse positions, as well as a whole DVD dedicated to female self-pleasuring that’s not just about “fingering to climax.”

In total, there are over 200 advanced, heart-connected sex techniques inside our Steamy Sex Ed® Video Collection made for men and women to watch together or singles to watch to prepare for “the one.”

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There’s always a way to keep the hot, passionate sex alive in your relationship. And with over 200 unique sex techniques that are all more inspired and sensual than what you see in porn, there’s gonna be no stopping you and your lover from having the most exciting sex life you can ever imagine.

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