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How To Get The Spark Back In Your Marriage

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‘Erotic Playdate’ NEW technique.

Thank you!  You were one of 29,886 people who downloaded Sexual Soulmates in one week during my Valentine’s Day giveaway.

On page 53, I talk about the idea of having Erotic Playdates to keep your intimacy fun and spicy and “begin as beginners” together… To get back that marvelous “teenage romance” feeling…

An Erotic Playdate is for the purpose of developing your sexual skills as a couple.


You might have an Erotic Playdate that’s all about giving each other a sensual massage, or improving your pleasuring skills.

Many couples have watched our erotic massage video and followed along stroke-by-stroke as their partner laid there and enjoyed the sensational ride.

steamy sex ed gift

I designed each of these videos to show heart-connected couples demonstrating over 200 advanced lovemaking techniques.

When Tim and I were repairing our sex lives, we found that the confidence that comes from watching sexual techniques videos ignited our passion. Many couples have turned on the erotic massage video and just followed along stroke-by-stroke as their partner laid there and enjoyed the sensational ride. On an Erotic Playdate, you are encouraged to practice giving each other feedback.

Typically, lovers are either afraid to ask for what they want, or they have no idea what they want. They only know that what they are experiencing isn’t it. But they don’t have the freedom or permission to give their lover feedback.

An Erotic Playdate is all about the feedback loop because the context is: we’re here to learn, to try new things, and to experiment and discover.

You learn to escalate your passion by playing together.

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I created the Steamy Sex Ed® Video Collection for couples to watch together and for singles to get prepared for “the one.”

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I’ll send you tips you can use to have exciting, passionate relationship we all deserve.

OK! Thanks for helping me help you.

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The Steamy Sex Ed® Video Collection <== Watch The Trailers Here

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Sexual Soulmates Susan Bratton

Susan S. Bratton
CEO, Personal Life Media
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