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True Story: How To End Sexual Drought

“Persistence and consistency pay off!”

And asking for a little bit of help never hurts.

I received a pretty long and emotional email from a man in his fifties who has practically been living a sexless marriage for over a decade. 

He wrote about his experience applying the Four Keys to Revival in my Revive Her Drive program. After some persistence and consistency, he was finally seeing MAJOR progress.

Bob (real name withheld) and his wife were no longer touching each other. They were no longer showing any affection. Scroll down to read the story.

If you’re having difficulty keeping your relationship as intimate as it used to be, you’ll want to check out the program. It’s helped a lot of marriages over the years. 

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What made things worse was while he wasn’t allowed to touch his wife (because she believed it would initiate sex), she was getting more “friendly” touches from other male friends.

However, after A LOT of persistence and consistency, he was able to peel off the layers that were keeping him and his wife apart in their relationship.

They both discovered that all they wanted was a REAL, loving relationship with each other.

Bob didn’t enjoy mercy sex and told his wife it wasn’t what he wanted from her. His wife LOVED hearing about this. 

Now she often offers him uninhibited sex sessions out of the blue. And the progress just keeps rolling in.

Bob man-scaped for the first time, which the wife liked. He also received his first BJ in forever. His wife is even allowing him to engorge her genitals now. Great job, Bob and Missus!

They now have sex once every two weeks, a substantial step-up compared to a decade of near-zero lovemaking.

Bob wrote to me for advice on continuing the positive progress.

Here’s exactly what I wrote back:


Dear Bob,

Thank you so much for sharing these details.

First of all, congratulations on taking so much action and learning so many things.

Secondly, you have made incredible progress! I mean, stop and smell those roses, man. 


I am so proud of you for getting up to sex every two weeks.

My favorite part is making her slow down. My second favorite part of your progress report is that you finally stopped walking on eggshells and discussed your desires. My third part is that I am proud of you for refusing mercy sex.

Way to take control. It’s working. Yes!

Here’s what I’d do next…

The kiss on the cheek response is a telltale sign that she likes the affection.

Make a “deal” with her that you won’t push for sex more than every two weeks right now but are instigating a cuddling plan with her.

Read these Best Hug In The World articles and see if you can hold her until she relaxes:

Why Is He Hugging Her Wrong? (Partner Exercise)

Best Hug In The World – How To

Establish a cuddling plan where you hold her at night or in the morning, maybe during TV watching… anytime… a couple of times a week. She’s going to be ADDICTED to this, and it’s going to start getting her oxytocin flowing.

As she starts to be disarmed by the hugs, you can begin a “stealth” touching program. I’ve attached The Passion Patch to thank you for being an AWESOME customer. In this book are stealth touch techniques that subtly awaken her sensuality.

Touch Her Tonight ⇐ Stealth Touch Technique Her Body Is Unable To Resist

Once you’ve started the cuddling, you should be able to touch her more frequently in non-sexual ways without recoiling.

This could take eight weeks or longer, so don’t rush, as that will backfire.

Think of what you’re doing, like training a puppy to like being petted. You start slowly and build up over time.

As well, try “catch and release” touching. (Explained in detail in The Passion Patch) When you can get her to the point where she isn’t alarmed or triggered by your touches, you can approach her, hug her, release her, and walk away. A hug and peck on the cheek, or kiss on the forehead, and BAM!, you’re gone… That will leave her WANTING MORE. This works!

Start adding in the Passion Patch techniques little by little… seeing what she begins to respond to.

Once she starts liking your touch and affection, you can tell her the kinds of love you’d like from her.

Think about what you’d like. Explain in simple detail what makes you happy. And then, if she does anything affectionate, make a big fuss over her and give her verbal approval. (More puppy training.)

Within the next 90 days, you will see a vast improvement.

If you also blend in some romance… so she remembers why she fell in love with you… that will accelerate ALL of the above activities. 

Bring on the fun romance. Flowers, chocolate, perfume, love notes, walks in the park… these classics are PROVEN strategies—no need to overthink what is romantic.

Let me know how you do. I am super happy to get this update.

Report back!

Revive Her Drive ASAP ⇐ You Don’t Want To Wait Until It’s Too Late 

The Passion Patch ⇐ Stealth Touch Technique Her Body Is Unable To Resist

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  1. Thank you so much. I’m single and 70 years old. I wonder if I’ll ever have sex again!!!!

    1. You can definitely have sex… great sex again! There are a zillion horny men in their 70s who would LOVE to have a girlfriend to pleasure. Just put it out there, girlfriend.

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