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20 Hand Strokes That Will Endear Him To You FOREVER

Puts a tingle in his jingle the easy way!

He deserves to be royally pleasured.

The hand job. A classic!

I love to give my man an inspired genital massage because:

  1. He LOVES it.
  2. It makes his penis healthier, stronger, firmer, longer and happier.
  3. Sometimes I am not in the mood to orally pleasure him.
  4. I like him to receive my undivided sensual attention without having to DO anything, just lie there and enjoy.
  5. Giving him a hand job before we make love lets him last longer… slowly getting him firm sets in a stamina base.
  6. He deserves to be royally pleasured for all the wonderful things he does to and for me.

When you have a repertoire of “moves” you can make it really off-the-hook fun for both of you.

Until I learned these genital massage techniques my hand jobs were a little rote, a little boring… uninspired.

As I followed along with the Expanding His Pleasure episode of Steamy Sex Ed, I would do each of the moves demonstrated.


Tim was my “cock model.” (He loves that role!)

You put on the Steamy video and are taken on a seamless male genital massage routine where Rachel, Jaiya and and Eden show you how to do each of these techniques on their lovers:

  • Tool Shiatsu
  • Foreskin Massage
  • Penis Power Stretch [puts a tingle in your jingle]
  • The Juicer
  • Tight Squeeze
  • Twist And Shout
  • Getting It From Both Ends (my man LOVES this one best)

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  • V For Victory
  • The Sidewinder
  • Sidewinder II
  • Scratching Post – tickle scratches feel so good
  • Paddycake
  • Head Spinning
  • Shaman’s Cumming
  • The Root
  • To His Liking
  • Great Balls Of Fire ==> This one turns ME on!
  • Whoa Nelly
  • Good Vibes
  • Transmuting Sexual Sensations


While your man lies in front of you…

you can watch with the audio turned on…

just the music track on the DVD…

or sound off, listening to your own playlist…

or just whispering in his ear…

how much you worship his cock…

how sexy he is to you…

and what an amazing guy he is.

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