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Strategy For Getting Her To Orgasm Quickly

Make her come FAST.

“He was a lost cause.”

“I’m not going to get involved with that.”

“The kind of slow, erotic, “transcendent sex” women are craving.”

I was talking to my incredibly gorgeous, unattached friend Melinda about what it’s like to have sex with single men these days.

She’s six feet tall and has legs for days. She has a beautiful face and an athlete’s body. She has the brains, heart and looks to attract her choice of men.

We were sitting out on my deck enjoying the Spring sunshine talking about the results of my Desire Survey. <==

Take It

I asked her what her desire was… What did she want sexually that she wasn’t getting?

Ladies, you’re going to totally relate to this. Men, you THINK you know how to do this and there’s a 99% chance you could seriously improve in this area. (scroll down)


Melinda said what she most desires is for men to SLOW WAY DOWN.

She says they try to rush to the finish.

She wants long, slow kisses…

She wants to feel his hands all over her body…

She wants him just to suck her nipples for a while and give her a nipplegasm…

And most of all she wants the guy to just slow way the heck down.


It’s understandable that men are eager to try to bring their woman UP into her orgasmic sensation.

They don’t want her energy to drop.

And men are naturally results-driven and goal oriented.

Plus with porn showing only the main act and finale, men get little to NO instruction on how to have extended foreplay.


One of the most critical concepts Dr. Patti teaches in her Expand Her Orgasm Tonight program is called, Touching for Rapture.

A man really can’t get his woman into a 30-minute expanded orgasmic state if he can’t feel her.

When you Touch for Rapture the basic idea is to feel what your touching… (get the Touch for Rapture special report here)
To take pleasure in how touching your partner feels to you…

You touch your lover to bring yourself pleasure…

If the guy is “strategizing” about how to get her turned on, he’s not surrendered to the interplay.


If you are willing to admit that you are a “strategizer,” rushing your lady to try to get her to orgasm FAST….

There’s a new video I just recorded with Jim Benson called, “The Tuning Fork Technique” that is the answer to what you need to get invited back into the bedroom.

(Getting invited back is a lot less work than finding another woman to have sex with, dude!)

This is a new way of making love. ===> Watch The Tuning Fork Technique (Female-Friendly Video)


I’d definitely watch this video. I think it’s maybe the best video we’ve done yet.

Jim and I keep getting better together and in this Tuning Fork video we walk you step-by-step how to have the kind of slow, erotic, “transcendent sex” women are craving.

It’s a delicate balance… escalating a woman’s arousal without pushing her too fast.

Think about arousal like a stair step.

You take yourselves up just a little bit at a time and savor it… before pushing for more.

This gives your sympathetic and parasympathetic nervous system time to toggle back and forth, which is one of the aspects of sex being both invigorating and relaxing.

If you just push, push, push….

You feel less.

She feels less.

And you don’t get invited back into the honey pot.

If you slow way down and drop into the sensation you’re co-creating… that’s when the magic happens.

So go watch this Tuning Fork Technique Video <=== Share It With A Lover

Give up trying to MAKE her come! This is what is back-firing on you now. Start using the “tuning fork technique” to trigger her most intense orgasms. This kind of transcendent sex is what inspires her to be devoted to you.

The man who knows how have slow, erotic sex with a woman is the one she’ll return to again and again.

So go watch this Tuning Fork Technique Video <=== Erotic Sex Technique

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