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How to Walk Up To A Beautiful Stranger

Thank you Susan for the wonderful video highlighting specifically what many of us don’t realize and in fact don’t bother to look at. It’s that when we lose confidence we lose the ability to have a good partner in life with a good relationship. Splendid video and I do love what you said. Cheers. ‒ Derrin

I recorded a quick video for you where I tell you the strategy for confidently walking up and talking to a beautiful stranger.

Talk To A Beautiful Stranger >> Watch The Video

The basic points I outline in this video to make a powerful impression include: (scroll down)


  • Don’t Focus On GETTING Her
  • Work The Numbers Game
  • Notice The Context
  • Set The Frame
  • Prize Yourself – What Do You Value Most?
  • Look For Ways To Add Value Every Day
  • Have Personal Cards (She will come to YOU!)
  • When You Approach Go To Context
  • Notice With Presence
  • Elicit Her Relationship Values
  • Go watch it now. Hit reply if you have any questions.

Now you can walk right up and confidently talk to her. . . instead of walking right on by and kicking yourself later.

If you didn’t yet grab your copy of Relationship Magic, here’s that link to the special discount page.


Dating Advice For Single Men => Watch Now

Seth and Nike, two Relationship Magic customers both had more questions about this video so here is an answer to their questions:

I live in NY and I see pretty women on the street all the time.
But they are walking the opposite direction and they have earbuds in.
How can I approach them?

I am sick of going on dates with women who look at their phones the whole time.
And I don’t like incessant texting back and forth during the day either.
Do you think it’s advisable to omit my phone number from my business cards?

Watch the video to discover my advice!

And if you have a question, just send me an email or post on the comments below.

Make sure you grab your copy of Relationship Magic at the discount price.

It’s vital to know what you want most in a relationship while you’re hunting for that perfect girl.

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37 Responses

    1. Love Susan,

      Hi, it’s fabulous and energetic platform for shy and dull guys!My childhood story I says here I am schooling to still, It is very challenging task to talk to girls in class or a stranger young lady or teen girls those who r very adult and mature these journey make me low confidence yet in my daily work life. Those time could might be very energetic as per my body’s hormonal balance I were confident to talk freely and share my feelings to She’s!

  1. How can you search for your soulmate?
    How can you let a stubborn heart of a lady fall in love with you?

  2. I thought that your personal card idea was a good idea, so I got some cards. After 2 very good conversations with a girl, before we left the 2nd conversation – I said that the conversation was fun, handed her my card and said call me sometime if you want to talk. She took it but things seemed to change after that. Things got awkward after that. It seemed to kill the relationship. Afterwards, I told her that I would research an idea that I had brought up and that we were talking about and let her know – could I get her phone number so I could let her know what I found out. I could tell from the way she said, “no, I will look into it myself instead” that something had really changed for the worst. Any ideas of thoughts Susan?

    1. Dan,
      I don’t think it was the cards that had her go cold on you. I think it was you escalating the conversation to one where you wanted her to call or you would call her. Don’t focus on the cards as the issue. It could have gone just the opposite if she was interesting in going further with you…

      For what ever reason, she wasn’t interested.

      At least you were prepared.

      And you did a GREAT job connecting with her and giving it a try to see if she’d call you or you could call her.

      That is excellent progress.

      Dating really is a number’s game. You’ve given away one card. Now you know you can do it and you can handle the uncomfortable nature of rejection and you are still awesome and have a loving heart to offer the “right” woman.

      I want you to get back out there and approach more women. Make it your goal to give away 20 cards to 20 women this month.


      You’ll get better and you’ll get a better woman by making this effort.

      Let me know how you do!


    1. Yes, Brody —
      You CAN do the Relationship Magic exercise with your ex. It’s an EXCELLENT idea IF they will cooperate. If you’d known each other’s top four values already you may not have broken up.

  3. Hi, Susan. The phone issue is real nowadays. Weeks ago my friends and I had a party. At the middel of it, somehow it was arranged that I had to go for extra stuff for the party with a girl that I like (nobody knows). She’s nice but she was having a call all the way towards the store. We chatted on the way back, but what she did took away my intentions to get closer to her; however, if I get a chance with a new girl I definitely will use your advice regarding the phone. Thank you.

  4. Miss Bratton I have taken advantage of your counseling videos and down loads to a small degree and I fully appreciate your straight forward attitude and genuine care in what you try to inform and educate men about women and to succeed in love making to enhance our lives, I see you as my friend and counselor . thank you so much!

  5. Hi Susan, do you go to burning man? If you do, this would be my 14th year. We run an absinthe bar called abstinenthe. Come by this next year. 7:30 plaza at 7:30 and G Street. We have about 60 home made flavors. I would love to meet you. I have purchased several of your courses and you have changed my life. Thank you for all you do for men and women. John (Fusion is playa name, what is your playa name, haha)

    1. Hi John,
      Thanks for the kind Playa invitation. I’ve been to Burning Man six times and hope to return in future years! Perhaps our dusty paths will cross. And thank you for reaching out.

  6. The business cards are a really good idea. However, the use of business cards would be pretty strange in my age range, 18-22. What’s your take on that.

    1. Hi Dan,
      The cards I recommend are “Moo” mini cards. They are a personal, small format card. They are PERFECT for your age range. Lots of Burning Man folks use them on the Playa. They are “cool” because you can make each one a different image. They are remarkably shaped. And those reasons give the girl something to comment on, which engages her in conversation. Trust me, Dan, I know what I’m doing. 🙂

  7. Fantastic knowledge.I don’t always look at females but I found your knowledge to very intriguing and very informative.Thank you.

  8. Enjoyed your video and look forward to reading and seeing more help from you
    Thank you

      1. Thank you! Let me know anytime you have questions about using the Relationship Magic values when talking to girls.

        1. First, I would like to tell you what a beautiful woman you are. Inside as well as out.
          I have purchased relationship magic but, I like to have a printed out version and wouldn’t you know it my printer ran out of ink.
          So, while I wait on that. I was wondering if you have any advice on how to dress. Might sound funny I know but, I feel out of touch and don’t want to dress in away that is misleading or just plain not me at all.
          I am 49 years old.

          1. Hi Yvon,
            Watch this webinar I recorded with my favorite men’s online dating expert, Mr. Scot McKay. Win At Online Dating <== Grab a Beer And Watch Through To The End Scot says until you have your profile dialed in, you're going to spin your wheels online getting women to reply. BUT when your profile is positioned correctly AND you know what to say to her the way Scot explains it on the webinar then the women will start replying. Not only that but if you keep at it, you will get ahead of all the other guys in your market! Watch the webinar and let me know how you do.


        1. Hi Yvon,
          The Relationship Magic workbook helps you understand what you want most out of a relationship. Your top four relationship values can be worked into your online dating profile to more easily get not just any woman, but women who are a great match for you. (saves a lot of effort and potential frustration and heartbreak if you know in advance what your values are)
          When you have a date, or even when you’re chatting online with a prospective date, you can ask her what her relationship values are. Women LOVE to talk about this.
          And it will give you good insight into her relationship priorities.
          Hope that helps.

    1. Just a Q from your picture:

      What does it say on the license plates “TNACTY” behind you, SB? I can see a city in the last 3 letters, but the first 3 letters?

      Benedikt from DK

      1. Hi Benedikt,
        You have a sharp eye! It means, TENACITY.
        Determination, perseverance, doggedness…
        When I was 20 and interviewing for my first sales job, the hiring manager said, “You’re hired. I like your tenaciousness.”
        I thanked him and went home and looked the word up in the dictionary. (I’d never heard it before.)
        And yes, that was back when we looked words up! Haha.
        Anyway, I loved the word and over the years it’s been my vanity license plate. In Arizona, where I lived when I first got the plates, we only had 6 letters, so I abbreviated it to TNACTY. Someone joked that it stood for “Tits and Ass City.” Hehe.
        Anyway, it’s been my anthem to my life — being tenacious has always paid off for me.
        Thanks for asking!

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