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Top 3 Sexual Desires (Survey Results)

(Pic!) Fascinating similarities between guys and gals.

He remarked, “I didn’t realize that’s where you wanted my finger. I now know I had it too far inside.”

“He came me over and over until I was spent and lying in a puddle of ejaculate on my ‘squirty pad.’”

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These initial survey results are fascinating!

  • Based on 3,400 completes
  • 80% Male 20% Female
  • 70% Range in Age from 35-65

The summary shows that the Top 1 Biggest Desire for both Male and Female is GIVING/RECEIVING FEMALE EJACULATION.

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Yes, both men and women’s #1 desire is to give/receive G-Spot, female ejaculatory squirting orgasms.

However, the second and third desire of men versus women is different.


For Females the second desire is related to the first, which is STRUGGLE TO ACHIEVE ORGASM (2nd) and BORED WITH SEX LIFE and PARTNER WANTS MORE SEX (tied at 3rd).



I think its safe to say that Females on the survey generally want more satisfaction during sex/ better orgasm (quality) while Males want more sex (quantity).

The answers of Males are also more consistent, almost the same for every Age Category. While Female responses vary with each Age Category.


#1 Desire for all women up through 54:

“I would like to learn to give/receive female ejaculation “squirting” orgasms.”

#2 Desire for most women up through 69:

“I struggle to achieve a satisfying orgasm.”

#3 Desire for most women up to 89:

“I’m bored with my sex life.” and “My partner wants more/less sex than I do.”


#1 Desire for men of all ages:

“I would like to learn to give/receive female ejaculation “squirting” orgasms.”

#2 Desire for men up through age 69:

“I want more blow jobs or oral sex than I get.”

There was one exception to the above where men ages 35-44 want more blow jobs first and to give squirting orgasms second.

#3 Desire for men of all ages:

“I want to have casual sex more often than I do.”


CLICK HERE <=== Go To The Article To See Full Size Image of Table

Desire_Survey_Data_April_30_-_Google_SheetsTHE DESIRE SURVEY

We are still in need of 300 more women to take the Desire Survey. <=== Take It


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He remarked, “I didn’t realize that’s where you wanted my finger. I now know I had it too far inside.”


Oh yeah!!!!!

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