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G-Spot Sexual Healing

The Restorative Touch of G-Spot Blended Orgasms

“I realized how healing this G-Spot stroking process was and I wanted other women to feel this restorative touch too.

“Female ejaculation is an ancient sexual experience for women, and over time knowledge of it has been obscured…”

“Now is a time of expressing our sexuality fully and learning about another dimension of our sexuality which is powerful, exciting and a deep experience.”

There are women living an entirely different experience of life…

What would it feel like if you could predictably experience powerful, multiple orgasms where you release your feminine waters as often and as much as you’d like? Where you consistently enjoyed an ever-expanding sensuality few women ever have?


What if your partner knew exactly the right stroking techniques to sensitize your G-Spot until you fully surrender to the point of gushing, orgasmic release?

What could your sex life be like if you knew you could ejaculate every time you wanted, over and over, with confidence and the complete freedom to fully experience your deepest turn on?

And I’d like you to imagine how it would feel to no longer worry that your partner might be thinking, “God, I hope I can make her come like last time…” He would know EXACTLY what to do.

Does your guy twist himself inside out with excitement at your least little wetness, dying for you to arc a fountain of Amrita (another word for female ejaculate), high in the sky? You know how crazy he can get. And you like it.

For how long have you been yearning to have a deeper experience of your sexuality, to revel in your womanly power and yet secretly believing there might not be a partner who could get you off the way you really want or worrying that you might be just a little too inhibited to do it yourself?

How different would your life be if you walked around feeling the empowerment that comes from being white hot sexy in the bedroom… one of those juicy goddesses who takes her orgasm to the peak of her body’s abilities?

Now… I’d like you to imagine how it would feel if you suspected you might be the sexiest, hottest woman you know? You wouldn’t trade that feeling for anything, would you?

And I’d also like you to imagine feeling totally besotted with your man, like you can’t get enough of him, and the sex is better than your wildest dreams. Dang, girl!

I know all about women’s desire to surrender to their orgasmic ecstasy, …and the frustration that comes with not feeling confident about giving it to ourselves or our man not having the skills.

The truth is, if you’re feeling unfulfilled desire… odds are that trying to figure it out on your own simply won’t work. There are a set of skills and insights that make a huge world of difference in your ability to have the pleasure and release you seek.

In fact, trying to fumble your way out of this is NOT the answer.

The Restorative Touch of G-Spot Blended Orgasms

I was like you.

The second I became aware of the concept of ejaculation I wanted that experience for myself.

The first few times I had my G Spot stroked, I cried a little – and it was a good release.

Quickly, that healing transformed into laughter. Belly laughs, guffaws and some weird cackling erupted from me, but as it did, I began to feel more and more sensation in my Yoni (vulva). I realized how healing this stroking process was and I wanted other women to feel this restorative touch too.

Female ejaculation is an ancient sexual experience for women, and over time knowledge of it has been obscured…

Now is a time of expressing our sexuality fully and learning about another dimension of our sexuality which is powerful, exciting and a deep experience. So I decided to make a documentary about female ejaculation.

One day, as I was doing research for my documentary, my total fascination with the sacred part of female ejaculation took root.

I started to read everything I could get my hands on about how the feminine body and mind work together. For most women, it’s a process of healing, then feeling expanded sensation, then learning to do what I call “birthing your orgasm,” which is a specific, delicate way of pushing out, rather than tightening up as you do for clitoral orgasms.

I began to teach women all about female ejaculation and how to realize their potential and share in the revolution of womens’ sexuality as a movement for the greater good of all women.

I was finally able to answer the question women so often ask me—“How did you learn to ejaculate?”—with a solid, scientific explanation and series of easy-to-learn steps.

That began a rapid learning curve as I started sharing how all the components need to be lined up to create confidence and success, first with my girlfriends and then with clients.

I got busy adapting the basic structure that had worked so well for me to this new framework and developed a step-by-step plan that any woman could use to easily learn how to ejaculate, then consistently continue the opening process for increased sensation.

Female Liquid Orgasm is the result of all techniques I perfected, once I knew how to take into account the true, brain/body connection. This knowledge and these practices can change your body (and your moods & relationships) for good.

Here we go…

What I found is that there are three essential steps that allow your body to do what it naturally wants to do when it ejaculates:

#1 Take the guess work out of how to make yourself squirt.

#2 Believe you deserve this delicious sensation without relying on anyone or anything but your self.

#3 Learn to expand the sensation over time until you are having multiple, body-quaking, intensifying ejaculatory releases.


If you want to learn how to give yourself ejaculatory orgasms as a woman, I created a program called, Female Liquid Orgasm and a companion program called, Squirt Your Heart Out.

This program shows you how to give and receive female ejaculatory orgasms (squirting G-Spot orgasms) in a way that is completely removed from what you see in porn.

This is a program for singles and couples to watch and learn how to give/receive these incredible orgasms in a heart-connected and very sweet and sexy way.


The most valuable aspect of this squirting training program are the video tutorials.

For the person who simply doesn’t want to watch anything that looks like porn, involved porn stars, or uses moves that work on porn stars but not on real wives and girlfriends there are nine exclusive, explicit yet tasteful video demonstrations of real women having squirting orgasms – both by themselves and with their men helping them ejaculate. And to really get the exact moves to bring a woman to her gushing glory you also get ten step-by-step stroking videos — both suitable for watching together or learning solo.


Also included are audio coaching sessions where I guide you through the stroking techniques.

Plus there are interviews with other experts to help round out your understanding.

Everything is accessed and downloadable from your browser, eReader, iPad and smartphone.


I want you to get Female Liquid Orgasm. Go watch the videos. Learn how to coax the ejaculate out from your vulva (Yoni). See how to use your hands and toys to give yourself gushing ‘gasms.

Don’t let anything stop you from knowing how to confidently and reliably make yourself or any woman have the incredible pleasure of these ultimate orgasms!

If you desire receiving ejaculatory orgasms, there is simply NO BETTER program in the world than Female Liquid Orgasm.

I’ve reviewed all the other programs out there. And they are full of porn stars.

Porn stars are not typical women.

Don’t learn from porn. Watch them for fun, yes. But to learn how to be a truly gifted lover that can receive this level of amazing orgasmic pleasure, please rely on Female Liquid Orgasm.

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