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How To Get A Girl To Have A Pussy Crush On You

She wants sex.

“I have to have sex with him!”

“I have no control over my pussy. She just WANTS him.”

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When a woman has a “pussy crush” on you, she just wants to have sex with you for no rational reason.

It’s chemistry.

When her body gets close to yours, she gets turned on.

Sometimes it’s pheromones…

Other times, it’s purely the way you look that she is attracted to. (Lucky bastard)

The best is when her pussy crush is because you DO her better than any other guy.

All I know is that if you end up being the lucky recipient of a pussy crush, DO A GOOD JOB! (scroll down to find out how YOU can become someone’s pussy crush)


Top 10 Ways to DO Her Best

  1. Give her plenty of opportunities to have sex with you.
  2. Give her lots of positive feedback so she doesn’t feel slutty in the wrong way.
  3. Keep yourself well-groomed (clean teeth, pubes trimmed, fingernails clean, freshly showered).
  4. Make the place where you’re having sex nice (clean, suitable temperature, excellent lighting, fresh towels, good lube, nice music).
  5. Slow down and take time to enjoy each other.
  6. Don’t try to DO her, BE with her.
  7. Use the ME Breath technique to trigger her most intense orgasms.
  8. Hold her before and after.
  9. Thank her for loving you.
  10. Ask her how you can make it better next time.

Now, you may not currently have a woman in your life with a pussy crush on you. Here’s how to get one.


  1. Give off a confident sexual vibe.
  2. Make eye contact and flirt with women.
  3. Be well-groomed.
  4. Talk to as many women all week long as you can.
  5. Give your number to women. Offer it. Just put yourself out there.
  6. When you’re on a date, tell her how beautiful and sexy she is to you and give her specifics.
  7. Learn as many lovemaking techniques as possible to be well informed—study sex.
  8. Once you have sex with her, follow the top 10 list above of ways she can do her best.
  9. Throw out everything you’ve learned and do “The ME Breath.”

This Will Turn You Into A Phenomenal Lover ⇐ Get The ME Breath — 87% OFF SALE (Gives You More Stamina, Triggers A Woman’s Vaginal Orgasms, And Lets You Have Male Multiple Orgasms)

Fierce Susan
Susan Bratton

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6 Responses

  1. I understand your right to run your business as you see fit but many males have commented to me that promising answers & then failing to deliver anything except expensive videos or webinars is extremely frustrating. Several patients of mine have felt mounting anger as the promises you make, accompanied by breathless pseudo-excitement, escalate and state that what you are promising is as easy to obtain as watching the videos and a bit of practice! The physiological facts are that whilst breathing techniques can assist in delaying ejaculation and the ability to utilise a much strengthened PC muscle is a requirement, ejaculatory control is in fact normally distributed, with strong genetic underpinnings. That’s why the average duration of intercourse for men is under 3mins……it is because of the danger of being balls deep in a female and being an easy target for attack. Competition for women is still so intense in the 21st century that on a global scale, only 40% of men produce offspring. 60% of men may never get the needed access to fertile, baby ready females. It was far worse 1000yrs ago, let alone 200,000yrs ago. The natural biological default is brief intercourse, even if foreplay has been lengthened.

    Men who last a long time, have usually not had to do anything to achieve that ability. Taking a history from these men indicates that from very early on in their sexual activities with women, they have been able to prevent ejaculation until desired, without exercises, breathing, sex-cheats or anything other than what their brain desires. These men have an ejaculatory reflex that requires greater than average stimulation to trigger ejaculation. They are less sensitive to stimulation than the average man and always will be. Medical researchers are actively searching for substances that delay ejaculation without a dramatic reduction in penile sensitivity or a decrease in the power of ejaculation.

    No properly constructed clinical trial of standard duration has proven the benefits of any specific physical techniques for delaying ejaculation reliably. I am excluding the highly disciplined few that perform thousand of Kegels a day to end up with Mr Universe PC muscles! Business is business and your promises will make you rich……..but at the expense of many disappointed and disillusioned men.

    1. Dear Jerry,
      Though I respectfully give you the right to your opinion, it seems hopelessly fatalistic to me.
      Thousands of men have successfully used The ME Breath to last longer, stay present and trigger their women’s vaginal orgasms as well as becoming multi-orgasmic.
      This technique does not require thousands of Kegels a day and can, in fact, be learned during your masturbation sessions.
      Yes, men have been programmed in many ways to come quickly, but the ME Breath an reverse this experience for men who are open to learning this easy technique.
      PS I WISH there were clinical trials. But there are not. All there are are thousands of men who are getting results. And that is all I need to encourage other men to try the ME Breath as well.

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