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The #2 Desire Most Men Crave

SHOCKING Sex Survey Results!

Wow, first of all I have been reading all the comments from the women who’ve taken the Desire Survey (thank you!) and I can’t wait to tell you what kinds of things are happening over in sexy lady land…

But first, I promised to tell you what the second and third most common desires are of men in their 40’s-60’s in relationship.

If you remember from last week men’s number one desire is to give their woman a female ejaculatory orgasm.

So what is #2? (Scroll down to find out.)


Blow Jobs <=== The Pleasure Men Desire Most

ATTENTION: Men who want more blow jobs. . .


“How To Get Her To WANT Oral Sex”

My secret “3 easy steps” that gets her OFFERING YOU ORAL SEX  because she actually enjoys it herself.

If you already have one of those rare women in your life who salivates at the mere thought of your manhood in her mouth; who goes down on you until her knees buckle under; or who sucks your dick just to get herself off, then stop reading this now.

But. . .

If you want the 3 easy steps I teach guys that  “inspire her” to shyly reach down and hold your penis in her hand and then bend over and kiss the tip with her sweet little lips and give it a couple of little licks. . . and think that whole thing was HER idea, then read on.

Read on even if her lips haven’t traveled below your belt since the kids were born.

Read on even if she does jerk you off now and again but you want MORE.

Read on even if she’s a slut for you and loves to get down on her knees in stripper shoes and lingerie and sucks you off so well you practically pass out when you explode.

Because I know what comes next. . .

And I can show you how to receive even more pleasure during oral sex than you’ve fantasized about.

You can’t give directions unless you know the way.

I know the way. . .

You can LEAD her to a place where she enjoys oral sex so much she literally has orgasms just from sucking your dick.  Add some pussy eating, a vibrator, your fingers on her clit with some nice slippery moves, even some sensual breast and nipple play on top and she will think she’s gone to heaven right there as she’s slurping your stiffie.

“She will give you oral
anytime you want
and even offer to blow you
without you having to ask.”

Read on and I’ll show you how you can make any woman passionate about giving — not just receiving — awesome oral sex. . .

Where she loves lapping your balls, dragging the wide, flat of her tongue up the shaft of your penis from base to head, swirling her tongue around your glans, and sliding your whole dick deep down her throat. . .

I can tell you how to LEAD her to her oral potential in 3 easy steps.

Women want to know it’s OK to wrap their lips around your manhood and go to town, they need to know what to do and you have to overcome any negative experiences from her past.

When you become her sexual leader  –with her best interest in mind –my secret steps work AMAZINGLY on your next girlfriend, your current girlfriend, even your wife of 50 years.

YUP. 50 years into your marriage and I can show you how to get wifey to start digging your dongle.

MY system will turn her into an oral addict.

“On Demand Blow Jobs.”

Get Instant Access
Digital Exclusive – You’ll Get Instant Access, Even If It’s 3AM!

Maybe your lady is not yet enlightened about the joys of giving head? These women often mistakenly believe that only porn stars or sluts like oral sex. From where they are sitting, cock sucking is just what some women do out of duty or to GET something they want.

Quite the contrary! A HOT SEXY MAMA who thoroughly enjoys going down on a guy does not do it out of duty, but because it’s one of her favorite “jobs!”


Because a properly trained woman truly enjoys the pleasure of a man’s penis. She gets turned on. She can “lose herself” in the eroticism of giving head. Your dick is the tool she uses to make herself cum. And she gets off on making her lover moan and giving him one of the most primal experiences two humans can create together.

If you like to eat a woman out, you know what I mean.

Are you ready for the 3 steps that make your lady worship your manhood?

Get A Blow Job <=== The Pleasure Men Desire Most

Don’t let this be you (anymore):

“I never get a blow job, even when I give my partner oral.”
“I have never received good, satisfying oral sex from my partners.”
“I have never demanded or even insisted on getting a blow job.. and usually they have not even offered.”
“I don’t yet even know what a great (or even good) blow job feels like.”
“Enthusiastic blow jobs.”
“Blow job where I can come in her mouth.”
“Deep throating.”
“Slow teasing blow jobs.”
“More playing with my whole genital area during oral — my balls not just my penis…”

4 Responses

  1. I have only had one woman that ever got me to orgasm by giving me a blow job so I don’t mind if I don’t get one. For me if she can’t take me down her throat, like it’s her vagina, and let me really fuck her face it just isn’t worth it to me. I’d just rather get her pussy! Any thoughts on getting more women to deepthroat?

    1. Deep throating is just a learned skill that comes with practice. Try Sloane Fox’s “Blow Job Secret,” which comes with three bonuses including, Deep Throating and Overcoming The Gag Reflex, Blow Job Sex Positions and Fellatio vs. Irrumatio. Irrumatio is the Japanese word for “face fucking.”

      1. Search on the right top of our website by entering “text” and “texting” and you will find articles with recommendations.

  2. I read the total contents, it is really useful advise for the men who wants to initiate their girls to do oral sex*blow job.

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