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3 Simple Romantic Text Messages That Rivet Her Mind

Do YOU send these 3 Simple Romantic Text Messages that engage your lover’s mind?

Have you heard of “inception?”

(yes, like the movie)

Every time you send the object of your affection a text, you have an opportunity to plant a tiny idea in their mind that can grow and expand…

  • You can remind them of a time you felt most in love with them — or the first time you met — to wash your baby in good feelings…
  • You can plant the idea that they will have a TON of FUN with you if they text back…
  • Or you can send the message that you’re just another boring DUD (snore!) if you don’t know the best texts!

Discover three simple messages instantly engage her mind and have her wanting more of you…

(pay attention to how “inception” can work for you – instead of against you)

See this is the exactly opposite of what the “average guy” does. (Ladies, same goes for you.)

The average guy texts her something like:

“How was your day?”

“What’s up?”

“Hope you had fun tonight?”


These texts add zero value and could actually annoy her.

(and it probably won’t be long before she begins ignoring your texts)

Every time you text her, you’re fighting for her attention from the million other things she has going on…

So you need to have maximum impact with minimum number of messages.

When he pulls out his phone and glances at your message if it doesn’t grip his attention and arouse his emotion… You’re TOAST.

This video explains not only how to hold a lover’s attention…

…it explains what you can easily do to have them excited to be with you.

How To Turn Your Platonic “Friend Zone” Situation Into A Hot, Sexy Connection

The number one reason you end up in the “Friend Zone” isn’t because of how you look physically…

It isn’t because of what you do…

It isn’t even how available you are…

It’s because of the feelings you create in them…

Plain and simple, if you want to stop acting like siblings or friends and stoke their fires to a blaze for you (or keep from getting punished and sent to the “Friend Zone” in the first place) you need to create a feeling of INTRIGUE and even EXCITEMENT…


If you want someone to desire you, using texts to inject a little “safe danger” can really get them excited about you.

With “done for you” texts, in the proper sequence, they won’t be able to figure you out exactly and that will be exciting.

Isn’t it time you show up differently than you have been? Or different than all the other people they text with?

Texting can make you EXCITING!

One of the BEST ways to do that is by using “Bait Questions” that sink into their brain and draw them to you like a powerful electro-magnet …

Bait Questions are short questions you send (even if they’ve “decided” they’re not attracted to you) that keeps them off balance and thinking you’re


And they do it WITHOUT you looking like a fool, coming on too strong or seeming like you’re “trying to manipulate the situation” . . .

“Bait Questions” are FUN for both of you.

Here’s one of my favorite “Bait Questions” I got from the Text The Romance Back program . . .

“If I were a genie and could grant you three wishes, what would they be?”

I LOVE this “Bait Question,” from Mike Fiore, because it opens up a huge amount of conversational options . . . (that you can take WHEREVER you want) . . .

And it puts you in CONTROL of your relationship . . .

AND it’s a question that’s pretty much IMPOSSIBLE to ignore. It’s a heck of a lot more effective than the “what’s up” most folks send over text . . .

Another texting “Bait Question” I recommend is, “If you could have 4 hours of my undivided attention, what would you like to do together?”

Of course that’s just a tiny taste of what you can do with a few simple texts . . .

There’s a WORLD of opportunity sitting in your pocket right this second.

You can learn more about why Texting is like CRACK for the heart and libido by watching this very informative video . . .

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