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Men’s #1 Desire Is NOT What You Think

1,593 initial “Desire Survey” results in.

What do you think are the two “most important sex-life issues” for 40-60 year-old men in relationship?

According to our Desire Survey (take it now) you might guess the first one, but I bet you won’t guess the second one.

(And the THIRD most important sex-life desire this group of men have is something their partners find OVERWHELMING. Wait ’till I tell you what the women are saying.)

You won’t guess right because you will likely underestimate how important it is to a man to give his woman incredible pleasure.

As you searched your mind for the answer to, “What are guys’ #1 and #2 Desires/Issues,” you likely took into consideration that most men seem to want more sex than they are getting if they’re in a relationship.

Why? Because you know how hard it is to keep the “new relationship energy” from dissipating for any couple these days. With all the visual options clawing for all of our attention and the go-go of life, sex can go by the wayside too easily.

But “more sex” not even #1 or #2 in men’s desire. (scroll down to learn what both actually are)


First thing that comes up for these married and in-relationship guys is the desire to give their women female ejaculatory orgasmic experiences.


Make her squirt.

That’s what the most number of men this age want more than anything.

OMG. That just floored me.

To put it in perspective, the only men who took this survey are subscribers to our email newsletter, part of our “Insider’s Club.”

And we have been teaching men since 2008 how to give women ejaculatory orgasms through our program, Female Liquid Orgasm.

So there are a disproportionate number of squirter supporters taking this survey.

But I never thought “giving her squirting orgasms” would be the #1 Desire of such a large number of respondents.

I think men and women who are sexual seekers and have gravitated toward our advice are just on the leading edge of an awareness that is happening all over the planet.

There is an accelerating awareness of female (and male!) orgasmic potential, with squirting leading the pack.

Women want clitoral, G-Spot, and even anal-gasms once they understand this pleasure is available to all human females.

Sexual education and awareness creates more opportunity for pleasure. Anonymously sharing what we want in our sex-life through surveys like this Desire Survey surfaces where we all are in our collective sexual psyche.

It’s so cool to see how fast the female ejaculatory orgasm is gaining in interest in the last decade.

It usually takes 15-20 years for something like this to hit critical mass.

Streaming music just eclipsed purchased and downloaded music in March of 2016. Tim Bratton invented unlimited broadband streaming Internet music when he founded Rhapsody in 1998. Gosh, that’s close to twenty years ago.

That’s what it takes for a damned good idea to become repeatable by enough people, and talked about by enough people that everyone knows it’s something available to them if they want it.

What you might find even more interesting about this #1 Desire of men — giving women squirting orgasms — is that men get the MOST satisfaction out of knowing that they are giving women a super-premium sexual experience.

Even above having their own pleasure, men just freaking LOVE to come their women really well.

(Yay, men! Love you guys!)

Giving women incredible sexual pleasure is wired into men. So much so that one of the things we actually teach guys to do is understand how to be present with women —to get out of the DOing her mode and slip into the BEing with her mode.

Which takes practice.

First you gotta learn the orgasmic techniques and sexual communications skills before graduating to being so knowledgeable you are unconsciously competent enough to BE and not DO.

We call this concept, “The Tuning Fork Technique.” I am working on a video with Jim Benson, creator of Multi-Orgasmic Lover for Men all about this for you.

So a guy’s #1 desire is to give his woman the most incredible orgasmic experience he’s ever heard of. That today is a squirting orgasm.

The best part is that learning how to have an ejaculatory orgasm is such a freeing, emancipating, liberating, goddess-creating experience for us women. That I honor you men who have this desire… and all of the desires you shared, from #2 to #3 and on down the line.

What IS #2, you ask?

And #3, the one I said is something their partners find overwhelming. What are women worried about?

I’ll tell you.

In my next email.

GahhhH !!!!!!!!

Is the suspense killing you?

Heh. Heh. I’m such a tease.

Well, you’ll have to wait for Desire Survey #2 to appear in your inbox.

And if you want to guess now and post your comment. See if you guess right!

I think the #2 desire men in relationship have is _______________. Post Your Guess In the Comments section.

And while you’re waiting, here is a little downloadable .pdf called, The Truth and Myths About Female Ejaculation that is my gift to you. Spread the love.

If you want to take the Desire Survey, we especially need 1,000 more single and married WOMEN to give us your opinions. We need more young, single men to take the Desire Survey too. So forward this to a friend or lover willing to anonymously answer 6 questions about their sexual desires.

We are all in this together. Let’s grow together through sharing our thoughts.

If you’d like to learn more about the Tuning Fork Technique, Jim and I have a live workshop you can watch here:

How To Trigger Her Vaginal Orgasms Through Penetration <=== Tuning Fork Technique Explained


It is NOT lost on me that #1, #2 and #3 desires of men are all techniques seen constantly in porn. Porn is informing sex too a potentially negative effect these days… it’s rampant and disconnected. We gotta get back to center, folks. We have to learn how connect with each other in rapture and manage the amount of “copycat performance sex” proliferating in bedrooms across the world because the only sex education most people get is from watching porn.

I’m glad you are here because you know there is more. More depth. More love. More connection. More pleasure.

I’ll be back with Desire #2.

And I can’t wait until we get to the women’s desires!

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  1. The #2 Desire is that a man wants his partner to find him not only sexually competent and adequate, but more than enough!

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