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My 3 Favorite Bedroom Games

Bring out your inner animals!

Acting childlike in your willingness to be silly together by pretending to be animals will have you laughing and feeling the eroticism of your animal nature.

Here are three of my favorite bedroom games that add to the sensual interaction between you and your partner:

  1. Lions Play
  2. Dolphin Ripples
  3. Bed Wrestling

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Sign up if it appeals. And now… read on to learn the three bedroom games that bring out your animal nature.

*Lion’s Play

Tim and I took a Tantric Sex workshop where we learned about Lion’s Play.

Here’s how you do it.

Get on the bed facing each other on all fours.

Growl like lions. Nuzzle each other.

Put your hands up and bat at each other with your “paws.”

Pretend you are two lions fighting. Roll around and tussle.

At the end, pin her and pretend to lick her and paw her.

Grab her neck in your mouth and “pretend bite” the sides and back of her neck.

Have a much fun with this as you can. Really ham it up.

See how much lion and lioness energy you can evoke.

You’ll not only be giggling, it will bring you closer.

Go ahead and start kissing her and take it from there.

*Dolphin Ripples

You’ll love this, Flipper!

Lie down naked on the bed on a large towel.

Have your naked lady straddle you and wipe organic massage oil all over her breasts, belly and thighs and oil your chest, stomach and quads up too.

Then have her rub herself against you, oiled body pressed to oiled body.

Ask her to get in touch with her “Inner Mermaid” and ripple herself up and down in undulating motions with your bodies pressed together.

Have her make little squeaky dolphin sounds and move with a smooth wavelike motion up and down your body.

Laugh. Giggle. Kiss.

Take it from there with your masculine sexual leadership.

*Bed Wrestling

Some couples get off on physically active sex.

Bed wrestling can be a real turn on.

Don’t confuse my recommendation with the kind of wrestling that you’d find on an adult site. I am NOT recommending you do anything demeaning or harsh to your lover. . .

Think of this more like a roll in the hay.

Roll around, pin each other, throw a tickle in here and there.

Just have fun!

Even if you only play wrestle for a minute or two, it will get your blood pumping and light up your entire sensual grid.

Once you think about yourselves as animals and not just as human. . .

Once you take in the whole of your physical potential. . .

You will bring more joy and connection to your lovemaking.

Don’t over think it.

Just have some fun!

If you do any of these, please let me know how it was.

And as a reminder, here is that link to the sexy workshop Jim and I did together:

How To Give Her Vaginal Orgasms Through Penetration <=== This is the free on-demand sex workshop registration link.

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