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The Female Erection Explained (Engorgement 1 of 4)

Men badly need to be proficient with a woman’s engorgement. And for the ladies? It just makes sex feel so much better. Read on to learn about the female erection.

This is one of the most important concepts you’ll ever know.

You’ve heard that it takes 20 minutes of foreplay to get a woman turned on and ready for sex?

The 20 minutes of foreplay is for rubbing her genitals to get them to swell up and fill with blood so she’s aroused and wet.

This is called, “engorgement.”

Just like a man’s penis feels the most pleasure when he has a hard-on, a woman’s vulva does too.

Women have as much “erectile tissue” as guys.

When you stroke, knead and lick it well she feels more pleasure.

Here are 4 awesome articles to explain engorgement to you in more detail:

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Feel free to post your comments below the article. Keep learning about the female erection.

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