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What Takes Him Too Long To Ejaculate

“Delayed ejaculation” VIDEO answer.

Dear Susan,

My boyfriend is awesome. He is the only man that make me cum multiple times. It’s what turns him on.

The problem is that he can go for an hour, literally… but then so can I.

But there are times I’m ready for him and it’s taking too long. I know when he’s ready, I tell him I am, but he keeps waiting for me to cum again.

When I try to give him a BJ, it takes forever, and I’m good at it. I have pleased many a man, many compliments.

I’m much more experienced then him, but it’s he who satisfies me like no other. But with him, it’s exhausting. When I get tired I mount him and eventually he cums. He says he’s conditioned himself to please me first and it’s what turns him on.

When I’m ready, I want to feel that explosion with him. Eventually I do. I have a very high sex drive, which also turns him on.

But yet he’s the only one that has taken me there over and over. He’s my match but I want him to learn to enjoy it for himself more and with me more.

We talk openly about it. He said he enjoys seeing me pleasured. I don’t know what to do.

Thanks for your help.


Susan Answers Dana’s Question On This Video Watch Me ▶︎ 8:55 VIDEO


There are many reasons for delayed ejaculation. Jim Benson’s program, Multi-Orgasmic Lover for Men teaches you how to have “ejaculatory choice” so that you can come when you want to.

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10 Responses

  1. I wish this video was by a man who actually has/had Delayed Ejaculation (DE). I have DE and many of the assumptions she made are WAY off base for me.

    I don’t like porn AT ALL so the assumption the guy must watch a lot of porn is way off in MY case. However, she may be implying the guy thinks he needs to hold out for a while to get his partner off. And this I can agree with. Being a guy coming up in a time when women would comment on their frustrations with “minute men” I made it my mission to get my partner off before I get off.

    I BELIEVE my issue stems from several factors.

    1) I have A LOT of sex (multiple times a day) so I assume I may be getting numb to it. Or maybe it’s just become mundane.
    2) In trying to get my partner off I may delay MY ejaculation after which I become numb.
    3) While having sex with my partner and I’m getting ready to cum my partner changes up the motion and I lose my ejaculation (sometimes never to get it back).
    4) My partner’s level of arousal (wetness) is such that it doesn’t feel as good after we’ve been at it for a while.
    5) I’ve had sex with her many times and she hasn’t done anything to help me get off so I become disinterested.
    6) My mind is on too many things.
    7) I feel like I’m going to cum VERY fast so I hold it back to help my partner get off and I never get the sensation back. (I like THIS scenario most because I can edge myself until she cums and then I can let go.)

    Another point I think is way off is having the woman tell her partner to cum for her. This ALWAYS makes me go limp. It’s not as though I’m not already trying to cum. But it makes me feel like she wants me to get it over with. So, in this regard, I’m pretty much DONE. I’m no longer interested because I don’t think she’s enjoying it any longer.

    Just thought I would add the perspective of someone who suffers from this issue. I’d be interested to hear what other men suffering from DE have to say.

  2. hello Doc i have a problem that i realy need your help on. when am having sex with my gal i ejaculate faster then loose my erection any help on this

  3. I have this exact problem and I have had it for 30 years. It is hard on relationships because the females think they can’t please me. I use the excuse that I am making sure they are satisfied as an excuse to avoid admitting my issue. Every now and they i will work normally but that is on rare occasions. If you have an answer I’d love to hear it. I have searched the internet without a lot of answers.
    Kindest regards

  4. My thoughts – from Shakespeare- the lady doth protest too much – many men can’t last that longs do/or help his lover cum multiple times – it seems sex with your boyfriend is mutually satisfying. – why add conditions or requirements into what appears a great intimate relationship when it’s working as that tends to hurt the relationship, not help it . Good luck !

    1. Paul,
      She doesn’t want it to go on and on. She enjoys sex with her man, but she gets tired. There are many men who go overboard and delay ejaculation too long. Everyone is unique.

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