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A Special Thank You To Our Customers

A quick and heartfelt appreciation.

This morning I dedicated my yoga practice to you. As I twisted and did my downward dog I held you in my hert.

You are special to me. Yes YOU.


Because you are one of the truly rare people on this planet who is what I call, “a sexual seeker.” The kind of person who knows that with good information and heartfelt support, you can significantly increase the level and quality of intimacy and connection you share with your lovers.

I appreciate that you email Dr. Patti, Sloane, Tallulah, Jim and I your most private questions….

That you entrust us to help you with your deeply personal details…

It’s an incredible honor to answer your questions, give you ideas and angles to blow up the box you feel caught in…

And to witness massive shifts in your ability to live and love more deeply.

You teach us so much about the human sexual condition. You feed our souls by allowing us to heal you, offer advice and especially to give you permission to ask for MORE.

Your kind notes of appreciation touch our hearts. Your success stories — from baby steps to giant leaps — make the years of effort we’ve put into building our company completely worth every ounce of energy.

We feel so fortunate to be in the business of removing roadblocks and increasing the passionate connection among our customers and followers.

As we move in to the holidays, I just wanted to say thanks…. Big thanks from everyone here at Personal Life Media to you. Our programmers, system administrators, our chief technologist, our project manager, our designers, artists, writers, our experts, our partners and distributors, our amazingly compassionate customer care team members and especially my right hand man and the love of my life, Mr. Tim Bratton.

If it weren’t for Tim and my marital struggles, we wouldn’t be here serving you now. Through crisis comes learning, blossoming and unfolding.

Over this holiday, I plan to work less and make more love with my darling man. It’s been an incredible year of growth for our business. And we simply could not have doubled our success without your trust and patronage.

We have big plans for new products to take your sexy to the next level in 2016.

Are you ready, baby?

I say, are you ready!?!

We Are Ready For You,
Susan, Tim, Maica, Paddy, Eric, Mercer, Lorie, Jodi, Brooks, Ali, Marisse, Des, Paul, April, Malony, Socki, and Mary… who just had a lovely little girl.

16 Responses

  1. His Susan Bratton , Matthew here. I think men or women are sexual seekers depending on how you look at your own situation in life. Eg if you want to have sex with another lady or vice versa for lady if a lady is seeking sex with a man, we are all sex reliable. I thinnk it also depends how bad you want sex too.

    Sorry if does or doesn’t make much sense but the bottom line I am saying is that we both men and women can be very sexual to each other if we choose to.

    Like you pic, have anything more personal
    Matthew Scott

  2. I’ve recently recived your mail.As I’m always interested in pleasing my lover,I welcome your advise.But have little opportunity to use your advise as a recovered heroin addict it’s hard to get back into society but after 7years of sobriety it’s getting easier.Just know I’m thankful for your consul & advise

  3. Thanks for the knowledge you are impacting on me, am looking for the one whom am gonna share this wonderful knowledge. Amazing

  4. you are great, I wish i spend sometime with you, but I am far away from your vicinity, may allah bless you.

  5. Thank you for all the wisdom, kindness and caring for others you put into my and others lives Susan.
    If ever you want to come to Israel my house is yours.
    I am sure that many of us here would only benefit from your lectures and advice.
    we live in a melting pot of cultures and under a pressure cooker of stress. Many couples here suffer and it would be a give back for me if you would consider us here:)
    Love and admire you very much

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