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Watch The Thrust Technique Replay Before It Expires

Highlights of the ‘ME Breath’ Pelvic Thrust Technique


This THRUST TECHNIQUE Induces Her Vaginal Orgasms Through Penetration

NOTICE: We’re taking these Workshop Videos down at midnight November 2nd.

Watch the live demonstration of this amazing thrust technique at 9:26 minutes in. ==>The Trigger Her Vaginal Orgasms Workshop

The workshop ran 3 hours. But if you’re busy and want to watch the educational content areas quickly….

Fast forward to the content highlights — click here now before they are gone:

@ 8:26 — A few warnings before you watch the Thrust Demo. (wildly arousing to women!!!!)

@ 9:26 — The Thrust Technique live demo.

@ 11:50 — How the Thrust Technique works inside her vagina to give her orgasms.

@ 16:30 — What is going to happen when you do this Thrust Technique.

@ 29:45 — Why a woman wants a man to know how to be multi-orgasmic.

@ 33:25 — The 7 Kinds of Orgasms Any Man Can Have.

@ 43:00 — What is a “non-ejaculatory orgasm” and how does it work?

@43:09 — Cartoon depicting the non-ejaculatory orgasm explained.

@49:58 — The “ME Breath” squeeze-breathe-thrust and how it works.

@1:41:44 — The “Tuning Fork” Technique that triggers her orgasms.

@1:03:49 — The Multi-Orgasmic Lover Workshop Attendees Special Offer that is going away at midnight Eastern November 2nd.

“I didn’t know ANY of this information. And I thought I was sexually advanced.”

“I’m showing my boyfriend this video so he will learn the ME Breath.”

“Amazing content. I can’t believe you gave this away for free!”

Watch the Trigger Her Vaginal Orgasms Workshop Now <=== Fast Forward to the Best Parts Quickly

“Susan and Jim are great together. It’s a joy to watch them edutain us.”

Learn the “ME Breath” technique by watching 4 short video lessons and 1 integration video and then you can become a multi-orgasmic man who lasts as long as she wants. Plus, the pelvic rocking part of the “squeeze-breath-thrust” technique triggers her vaginal orgasms… even if she’s never had one in her life!

Over $100,000 dollars in orders have been sold in the last month of Multi-Orgasmic Lover. Get your copy before this offer expires November 2nd at midnight.

Watch the Trigger Her Vaginal Orgasms Workshop Now <=== Fast Forward to the Best Parts Quickly

3 Responses

  1. I Read with interest the 7 kinds of male ejaculation, especially the non-ejaculatory one.
    I have retrograde ejaculation. That is, I apparently ejaculate into my bladder instead of the usual external way. Two questions: Firstly, can this condition be cured or fixed and secondly, if not cured can I use it to my advantage. I would like to cum in the normal way as it gives more pleasure.

    1. Chris, Please consult a urologist. Your question is impossible for us to answer without a full examination and that’s what a urologist will do.

      If your prostate pumps semen but you don’t ejaculate, then it’s likely going into your bladder. If your prostate doesn’t produce any semen, then that’s how it is and it won’t change.

      Someone with retrograde ejaculations can absolutely start having full-body, multi-, and energy orgasms just like an ejaculatory guy.

      Learning and mastering the Multi-Orgasmic Lover program techniques will really separate you from other men. Then your partners won’t notice the difference if you’re not ejaculating. They’ll be too busy thrashing around in the sheets to care!

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