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Scantily Clad Lingerie Sexy Girl Pics?

Just this week I got these two emails from readers and I want to explain WHY we feature scantily clad women in our emails:

1) Susan, I appreciate the insight and help that you are offering. I am wondering however why you need to include such provocative photos of women in your emails. I don’t know if doing this is to entice men that if they order your programs & master your help that they can get involved with these “ideal women.” And as you know men are really stimulated by visual images, so I don’t know if this is helpful. Men should desire to improve their interactions with women to make them feel better and loved, and so that men’s “urges” can be satisfied.

As a 60-year old single man I really don’t need these types of images to make me feel bad as to where I am. And there are probably many men that will “stumble” about their sexual needs.

Just a thought. — B

2) Okay so I love the content of your emails. But as a 61 year old woman that is in good shape, I am constantly offended by the pics you always show of some sex bomb. I don’t need to be constantly reminded that I am not perfect. I appreciate your work and it should stand on its own merit. I am considering unsubscribing. — R

Here’s why we put pictures of sexy women in our emails…


First off, our perspective is that these images celebrate the beauty of female sexuality.

We like you to feel a surge of excitement when you see an email from Personal Life Media in your inbox, not just because of the amazing content. Frankly, I haven’t found any other organization with the depth, scope and consistency of female-positive, heart-connected, downright sexy sex education advice that is better than what Sloane, Dr. Patti, Tallulah, Jim and I provide.

The pictures are an extra gift in our emails… we take time and pride in selecting really beautiful women of all races in gorgeous settings for everyone’s pleasure.

We choose images of women who look like they are truly enjoying being sexy.  And nobody wants to look at unattractive people.

Generally, men and women both like looking at beautiful women.

But men do not like looking at other men. Which is why we more frequently put images of women alone than couples together in our emails.

This article called Arouse Her Faster also explains why men like to look at women’s individual body parts, like breasts and behinds, more than women do.

Within the article are links to learn more about what kind of porn men consume and why, men’s primal sexual preferences, and how to turn a woman on according to my mentor, Dr. Helen Fisher, a sexual anthropologist with Rutgers University.

Nested in those series of excellent articles are all the reasons why we choose to feature beautiful, sexy adorable women most often in our emails.

These images are not put in to make you feel bad. If you feel unsexy, work on your sexiness! Men and women can be sexy at EVERY age. Sexiness is a state of mind.

These images are not put in to make you feel that you are not perfect. You are taking that on yourself. Your feelings of inadequacy are self-generated. The women in these pictures have a rare moment of beauty. They will be in their 60’s someday too. And I hope to God they still feel sexy about themselves… that the bloom of youth does not fade, but continues to radiate their natural sexiness.

Sexiness is desirability. The men and women in these images are capturing their desirability in this precious moment of their lives. Join them in celebrating their beauty. Instead of feeling less than them. Life is what you make it.

You choose to feel badly or to enjoy beauty. Being jealous or triggered is a waste of life. Consider a new perspective… that these lovely creatures are generating beauty for us all to savor for the fleeting moment of reading an email.

These images are not put in to make you think that if you educate yourself sexually with our programs or others that you will be able to have sex with these women. Water seeks its own level. You will have sex with partners who are your match on the scale of 1-10. That’s been proven by researchers. Even though you might see some marketing that tempts you to “learn this and nail a 10,” or “no matter how fat, bald and broke you are she will want only you.” Sure, you can increase the quality of the person you attract by having more skills, sexual and seductive, than other men, but it won’t last long if you can’t deliver consistent positive value to a potential partner’s life.

Work on your self-esteem. Begin to appreciate beauty. Project love to others. Stop and smell the roses. You’re on our list to be lifted up to a higher level of conscious loving, of deeper connection, of joy.

The large majority of the men and women who receive our emails derive joy from them.

Can you join us?

Sexy at sixty. There are MANY people who read Personal Life Media emails that are sexy at seventy, sexy at eighty, sexy at ninety. . .

You can be sexy your whole life long. And if you are, like will attract like. I hope you decide to stay with us and take a reframe on the beauty that is in our emails.

And what is the #1 feature women like most in men? A flat stomach. So staying in shape, having a knowledge of sexual techniques and learning good communication skills for the bedroom are what will make you MOST desirable as a man. Reading our articles and learning that women want to be adored and found sexually irresistible in equal measure will put you further ahead than everyone else out there.

2 Responses

  1. Beautifully said. There is an epidemic in this country of people showing off their low self esteem, like it’s a badge of courage to admit it. Well, get over it. We ALL have some low self esteem or insecurity. But in the process, we are all robbing ourselves of the absolute beauty of giving and getting both physical and emotional sexual pleasure. And that is just plain WRONG on your part.

  2. To that man that has pic problems go find a box
    and put your self in it. and if you are a woman
    and you do not like that you can be an old haga
    Im 70 yr old and I can not get enough..
    so Im looking to more going down and for my
    dick or as my bride say pete is not get hard
    as I would like it. if you like it blow a way
    or dry up my is not feel good so I miss 69

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