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Don’t Waste Time! Learn How To Increase Your Sexual Stamina

One of my biggest take aways in doing the stamina workshop with Jim Benson last week was how much women lose when their men have to focus on NOT coming during sex. (Ladies, if you’re with a guy who has any stamina issues, please read this.)

Men use coping mechanisms to keep from ejaculating that backfire on them and actually make them have worse sex.

Now it’s not their fault if they are thinking about grannie’s under panties, paying taxes or pulling out for a minute so they don’t pop too fast… That’s the only thing they knew how to do… until now:

Now any man can learn about the ME Breath technique that let’s him last as long as she wants him to.

Watch The ME Breath Demonstration  Last As Long As You Want Workshop Replay


Some guys have been using breathing techniques to last longer.

Some guys have been slowing waaaaaay down to keep from coming too fast.

And on the ME Breath Stamina workshop there was talk of a weasel and a necktie routine…

And another guy who chanted Sanskrit and stuck a crystal up his butt…

But NONE of these coping mechanisms bring you closer to her in the moment —which is what she wants from you.

Squeezing your feet, pulling out, slowing down, ANYTHING like this that you’re doing to keep from coming while you’re inside her takes you away from her and reduces her turn on.

The ME Breath technique, which you can learn all about by watching Jim’s demonstration on this Workshop Replay is the only method I’ve ever found that is all-natural, goes around your “squirting system” and prevents you from ejaculating until you WANT TO.

Watch The ME Breath Demonstration  Last As Long As You Want Workshop Replay

You learn the “squeeze-breathe-thrust” technique by watching 4 short videos. Then the 5th video puts it all together. You teach your body to do it automatically, like learning to drive a car or swing a golf club or baseball bat.

Then in the heat of the passion, when you’d normally start worrying —instead of interacting sexily with your woman —you just start that pelvic rocking (the thrust) as you breath and squeeze your PC muscles and it lets you “absorb” your arousal so you can maintain your erection and keep giving her the thrusting she wants.

Imagine never worrying about about coming too fast!

Watch the demo. Consider learning this so you can last as long as you want.

Rid yourself of the need for pills or thinking about grannie panties.

Put your full attention on the passion you co-create with your woman.

Watch The ME Breath Demonstration  Last As Long As You Want Workshop Replay

This technique triggers her vaginal orgasms. It’s amazing. It works. And thousands of men are using it to maintain their stamina during lovemaking.

If you’d like to watch any of the three workshops, you can see replays here:

(NEW! Each Workshop Replay Includes Fast Forward Controller So You Can Repeat Sections or Skip Ahead.)

Trigger Her Vaginal Orgasms  Watch Now or Bookmark (3 hours)
Last As Long As She Wants  Watch Now or Bookmark (3 hours)
How To Be A Multi-Orgasmic Man  Watch Now or Bookmark (3 hours)

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