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How To Give Him Sexual Feedback Without Hurting His Feelings

Give Him Feedback

How do I get her to tell me what she likes?

These 2 simple communication tricks save egos and make sex incredible!

Sometimes it’s hard to give or receive feedback in the bedroom:

“How can I give my boyfriend incredible sex without him thinking I’m slutty?”

“My wife is shy and we don’t talk about sex. I have no idea what she likes.”

“What if I have more sexual experience than my man?”

“I don’t know WHAT I want…”

“I don’t like the way my boyfriend touches me and he isn’t open to feedback. Help!”

“I am afraid to hurt my husband’s feelings by telling him what to do in the bedroom…”

Sexual Communication Tricks <=== Simple Feedback Loopholes


Watch where I explain two sexual communication techniques that are fundamental for getting better in bed together.

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– How can I give him incredible sex without him thinking I’m slutty?
– How do I get my wife or husband to initiate sex?
– How can I get him to take the lead in the bedroom?
– How can I get more blow jobs?
– Our Sex life is BORING.
– Getting more stamina and male multiple orgasm.
– Best sex positions for making her come.
– How do I make my girl go crazy in the bedroom and fall madly in love with me?

steamy timeline


– Bob Doyle, Lynn Rose and Cody the Wonderdog

– Jennifer Romas, Star of The Sexxy Show

– Susie and Otto Collins, Sexy over 50

– Heather Ann Havenwood, Dating Triggers

– Brittany Andrews, Playboy TV Sexpert

– Gabrielle and Raj Sundra, Relationship Fun and Games

– James Davis and Ryan Stuart, Chippendales Dancers

– Adam Gilad, Boldness and Passion

– Deborah Kagan, Feminine Mojo Mastery

“Reporting In From My Animal”<=== How To Give Feedback To A Man In Bed

“Two Option Leading” <=== How To Make It Easy For Her To Tell You What She Wants

Knowing even a few simple techniques can mean the difference between blah and boring and blown away.

Get Blown Away,


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