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Sexual Learning For Married Couples

Here’s an email from Rabbi Lippman asking, “Any audio u recommend that CAN be listened together with wife?”

Dear Rabbi Lippman,

I have something even better for you.. (scroll down)


Would your wife be willing to watch lovemaking techniques videos with you in the privacy of your own home?

There is nothing more helpful for couples than this library of techniques for having a great sex life that keeps getting better.

Much of the distance of intimacy comes from simply not having enough experience to make it “worthwhile” for the woman to want to make love frequently.

As you and she get better together it will snowball into a very satisfying relationship.


Steamy is full of heart-connected couples demonstrating sensual couples technique.

A beautiful, professional somatic sexologist explains what is going on as you watch them. (there is also a music track without narration)

There are over 200 techniques demonstrated by a variety of authentic couples.

Watching sweet men and women, unashamed of their bodies, enjoying pleasuring each other is a very uplifting experience.


I originally created the Steamy Sex Ed DVD Collection for husbands to bring home to their wives and it met with tremendous success.

Then wives started buying it to surprise their husbands.

Then singles started buying it to learn how to be really sensual when they got a boyfriend or girlfriend.

And now Steamy Sex Ed is one of our most popular products!

It’s very sweet and also super sexy.


But we can never print enough and we usually run out FAST, even though I keep placing bigger orders every year.

So if you want to check out the offer (it’s 60% off for the sale) get on our Early Access list and I’ll send you a link to see the sizzle reel and information all about each of the 8 DVD’s (digital download is also optional) one day before the crowds.

Steamy Sex Ed Early Access List <== Jump To The Head of the Line

You are already on the list, Sweetie! You will get a link to the sale a day before everyone else.

Do you think you can make this fly?


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