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Slippery Seduction Tip #1 Insider Tips For Seducing A Woman

seduction tips

“Here is one of my very best seduction tips for seducing your wife, girlfriend, or a woman you just met. And by “seducing” I don’t mean tricks or manipulation in any way…”

I mean, “moving your woman toward more pleasure.”

First, check out this email from one of our readers and my response below.

“Hi, Sloane,

My name is Craig, I’m 46 and have been married for 15 years. This is my second marriage, my first wife left me for the best man at my wedding. I have been looking for ways to spice up my marriage as a whole, and a lot of your advice has been amazing. My question is I am looking for advice on how to help my wife open up more. I feel like most of the time when we have sex we are doing what I want. I would like to know what she is thinking and want to do them as well. She is a very quiet person and doesn’t tell her fantasies very often. I’m hoping you can help me with this so she is more comfortable.

Thank you very much,

Craig (not his real name)”

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Easy answer.

Our seduction system is exactly what you need.

It will show you not only what to do to have her pick what she wants to do, but it will also show you how to open up her sexual potential.

It’s just three little books and audiobooks of the ebooks. You can read, listen, or both.

This is EXACTLY what this is meant to do for you.

I learned this technique called, “Small Offers” from my mentor, Dr. Patti Taylor.

Think of it as “Slippery Seduction.” The concept is simple.

Run your lady a menu of small offers instead of just making her one big offer for sex.

If you ask her for sex, she is likely to say “no.”

She’s not even turned on yet and that offer is too big. You’re choking her with a big, fat, juicy steak before she’s had her appetite aroused.

But if you run her a menu of smaller options, she’s likely to say “yes” to one of them.

Your goal is to make the offers small enough and enticing enough that there is a “yes” in that list somewhere.

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This works. Here’s an example:

  • Would you like to cuddle and get some hugs?
  • Would you rather go in the hot tub with a glass of wine?
  • Or would you like a foot rub on the couch while we watch TV together?

These are examples of great menus to start with — personalize it for your lady’s preferences.

Then you can escalate from there by running sexier menus.

I have so many simple techniques like this that will increase your intimacy.

This “Small Offers” is just one of them.

More Powerful Seduction Tips Here ⇐ The Raindrop Seduction Method 

4 Responses

  1. This is a good thing for (mixed) couples to learn, but it would be nice if you included advice for same-sex couples. Much of it we understand instinctively, but have different issues than heterosexual couples.

    1. We are beginning to figure out how to support GLBT, genderqueer, et al. But most of our customers are heterosexual. You are smart to know that human bodies work alike, so our content is applicable. Thanks for understanding.

  2. Yes,thats gd and practicable to go a long way being in a relation.start your relation with small offer.

  3. Susan, I’m a Pastor that specializes in marriage and family for over 30 years. I’ve tried to get hard headed men to be more compassionate and do the same thing you are suggesting. No wonder men are referred to as “JERKS” at home. Good stuff thanks, I’m glad I’m not the only one trying to change things

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