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Japanese Martial Arts + Orgasms?

What is YOUR level of orgasmic mastery?

Have you ever noticed how the Japanese and the Germans are adept at combining meaningful words into grand concepts?

For example, schadenfreude means “harm-joy” in German.

When you laugh at someone else’s pain — like home videos of idiots getting kicked in the groin or muscle men pinned to the ground under their massive home gyms – that’s schadenfreude.

Shu Ha Ri is a Japanese martial arts concept defining different mastery levels.

I read about Shu Ha Ri in a cutting-edge book called “Scrum: The Art of Doing Twice the Work in Half the Time” by Jeff Sutherland.

“In the Shu state, you know all the rules and forms. You repeat them, like the steps in a dance, so your body absorbs them. You don’t deviate at all.

Once you’ve mastered the forms, you can make innovations in the Ha state. Put an extra swing in your step down the dance floor.

In the Ri state, you’re able to discard the forms, you’ve truly mastered the practice, and you’re able to be creative in an uncontrolled way because the knowledge of the meaning of aikido or the tango is so deeply embedded in you, your every step expresses its essence.” – Jeff Sutherland.

Shu Ha Ri is easily applied to mastering the Expanded Orgasm technique.

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First, you learn the three opening strokes, the basic strokes, and continuity.

You also learn grounding strokes and how to bring your woman back down gracefully from her orgasmic experience.

It’s essential to follow the series of Expanded Orgasm steps until you master them. That’s the Shu phase.

The structure creates the result.

The stroke techniques allow you both to learn to feel each other and begin to stretch the moment of climax out or expand her orgasmic mastery.


In the Ha state, you understand her favorite strokes that day and what pressure and speed feel best to her: linear, circular, horseshoe, elliptical, etc.

That’s when you begin to get some mastery. You are working within the set of strokes defined by the practice of Expanded Orgasm.

After a few months or years, depending on how often you two have Expanded Orgasm dates, you enter the Ri state. Expanded Orgasm strokes fall away, and you are essentially so tuned into each other that you can take over her nervous system, feel what she’s responding to, and lead her through your strokes to unparalleled levels of orgasmic bliss and abundance.


In this Ri state —when you are unhindered creatively because the strokes are embedded in you — where you achieve a level of oneness, of conjoined limbic trance-state intimacy that is rapturous.

In this state of rapture, your erotic interplay spirals together like a DNA strand.

DNA strand


With practice, you enter together into the single-minded stillness where God, Gaia, Source… whatever you choose to call it… feels palpable.

You touch souls. Not just each other’s souls but all of the living forces of nature, of Spirit.

We are born alone. We die alone. But during this lifetime, if you have a path to connect to the Other, through your lover… through orgasmic bliss… It is a salve for the soul like no other.

The interconnectedness achieved through mastering the art of orgasmic touch through Expanded Orgasm is soul-nurturing.

Expanded Orgasm connects lovers in a repeatable experience.


If you understand how meditation can reboot your nervous system and connect you with the Infinite, know that Expanded Orgasm is another parallel path to the Infinite shared with your partner.

You can sit in silent meditation by yourself or in a group.

Or you can learn orgasmic meditation with your lover and travel the path entwined together.

For my money, Expanded Orgasm is the preferred path.

If you have any questions about how learning this simple female genital stroking technique can bring you closer together and closer to God, Spirit, Source, Gaia… again, whatever you prefer to call it, email me by hitting “reply” to this email or commenting on the website at this link.

Click Here To Expand Your Orgasmic Experiences ⇐ The Expanded Orgasm Couples’ Practice

Enter The Rapture Together.

Expand Her Orgasm Tonight (EHOT) is my online home study course that teaches you and your partner how to have an Expanded Orgasm practice together.

EHOT includes ebooks, workbooks, audio, and video — including a stroke-by-stroke demonstration of a couple in an Expanded Orgasm date.

It’s suitable for couples to view it together.

I’ve broken down the required skill sets into 21 Sandbox Dates, where you learn to give, receive, and enter the rapture of Expanded Orgasm together.

Click Here To Expand Your Orgasmic Experiences ⇐ The Expanded Orgasm Couples’ Practice

If you want a clitoral stroking technique that holds a woman in escalating levels of orgasmic pleasure to achieve erotic bliss, Expanded Orgasm is the path.

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  1. very interesting study…a very good tool for understanding your orgasm as a vital tool for love making.

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