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Bring Romance Back Into Your Relationship

“She put on a white corset and stockings that made her look like my sexy bride the night when I did exactly what you told me to do first.”

Here’s a letter from John who is on the road a lot and wants to thaw the freeze in his sex life…

Scroll down to see the triage advice I gave John to get started even before he dives into Revive Her Drive to turn his wife back on.

Dear Susan,
I ended up being out till 3am this morning icing roads for logging trucks. So I missed the window for the 97.00 sale of RHD. “Revive Her Drive Insider’s Club Sale Ends TONIGHT” Is there any way I could still qualify for that price? Thanks again for your consideration.


Hi John,

Glad you made it safe for our truckers. Thank you for the work you do. Of course we can honor the $97.

>>> Thaw The Freeze In Your Wife’s Panties <<<

And I’m hoping you’ll be able to listen to the audios while you’re driving your icing truck.

Listening over and over will help you put together your plan for getting your wife turned back on again.

In the meantime, let’s get you started!

The first step to rekindling the passion in your marriage is romance.

You have to meet her where she is to get her where you both want to go.

So today, bring her a bouquet of flowers, hand it to her and look her in the eyes.

Grab her and pull her close to you. Put at least one arm around her and put one hand on the small of her back, just below her waist and tell her a couple of very specific reasons why she is so special and sexy to you.

Let her know:

  1. What you adore about her
  2. What you find sexually irresistible about her

Be as specific as possible. A single sentence for each is enough. More is also fine.

Then if she seems open to it, give her a passionate but fleeting kiss and release her.

The catch and release — with the verbal appreciation and the flowers — will send her reeling!

Read the “Start Here” guide inside the Revive Her Drive program to know what to do next.

You are on the road to passion and intimacy again just by starting here.

Enjoy the ride.

Slippery When Wet!

The links in this email go to a video that explains how to rekindle the passion in your marriage relationship.
There are four steps to getting the best sex you’ve ever had with your wife.

The Four Elements of Revival <=== Watch Now It’s Easy and Fun!

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