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How To Create Sexual Chemistry

The lover you seek is trying to find you, Darling.

“There is love, yes—

the kind that comes with true recognition of one another, complete with peccadilloes, inadequacies.

He challenges my mind—

and that in itself is erotic—

but this is really about two bodies colliding.”Via Keeley Milne, Please F*ck Me To That Peaceful Place, Elephant

There is no denying chemistry…


“I couldn’t let him within a foot of me or I would succumb to my body’s attraction for him.”

“The minute I laid eyes on her I wanted her.”

Have you been lucky enough to find someone to whom you were wildly attracted and been able to have enough time making love that you two became one in rapture?

Did your world ever fall away with a lover in pure, animalistic interplay?

You might think it’s chance that the planets would align where you would find each other, both be available and there wasn’t too much crazy in any sector.

But you can seek this chemistry out.

You can co-create this chemistry with your partner.

Chemistry is really just a chutes and ladders shortcut to Steamy Sex Street whose address is available for anyone who cares to read the map.

The map is owning your desire, learning sexual skills and ways to communicate as lovers, turning on your sexual vitality and going for it.

Your desire… your sexual vitality… your hunger for passionate experiences are what create them.

It’s the Law of Attraction.

Like the bumpersticker on my boyfriend’s car…

“The solution you seek is trying to find you.”

The lover you seek is trying to find you.

The solution you seek is trying to find you

We all want this connection to each other… to blow each other’s minds with turn on… to ravish and be ravished.

To be felt.

To feel.

Put yourself out there.

You have love to give. Appreciation. Orgasms. Hugs.

You are wanted.

You are desirable.

Let the world know you are a lover.

Show up as a lover.

Let it in.

Turn on can take root with the most meager attention.

And arousal grows; desire has a built in appetite.

Allow your hunger.

Show your desire.

Your mate will see you in the mirror of their hope.

Then let it grow by giving yourselves fuel.

Make dates.

Be romantic.

Laugh and touch.

Get back to what’s real.

Two lovers, connected as one.




Whether you start from love and grow to lust, or the other way around, chemistry can be cultivated.

Pollinate Your Stamens and Pistils.

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