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3 Transformational Stories From Jim Benson (Sex, Love And Intimacy Coach)

Susan Bratton Interviews Jim Benson, Sex, Love & Intimacy Coach For Personal Life Media.

Hear three transformational stories the first a single woman, 42 who felt there were no good men, had issues of feeling she didn’t deserve a good man and needed help with limiting beliefs and self esteem.

The second story is of a divorced man who was gutted by anxiety from his ex wife’s mean parting shots. With Jim’s support he overcame erectile issues and went on to learn how to give a woman incredible pleasure, started dating again and found love and sexual satisfaction.

The third story is of a couple whose sex life was flatlined at 13 years of marriage who went through a complete sexual reawakening of passion and sexual confidence. Jim describes what led him to become a Tantra teacher and relationship coach.

Three riveting stories with happy endings. 🙂


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