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Expressing Your Sexuality

(Guys, I’m writing this one to teach women how to enjoy being more sexually confident in the bedroom. You can read it and do these things for her to support her sexual coming out.)

Ladies, it is life affirming to let your sexy out full blast and be as erotic and desirous as you want in the privacy of your own bedroom.  But you can’t let it rip if you are afraid your partner is going to shame you in any way.

Here are the two things you can teach your man to do for you exactly how you want him to so it allows you to keep opening and expressing your animalistic sexuality.

I’ve found that most guys truly appreciate when you to explain what they can do to support your full-out sexiness.

#1. Approval
#2. Aftercare


Throughout the lead up to sex, during foreplay and while making love show your man how to give you plenty of positive feedback, affirmation that he loves your sexiness and approval for what you are doing. Many women like verbal feedback the most. Whether he’s moaning in appreciation or telling you how sexy you are and what he finds irresistible about your behavior both of these efforts go a long way toward bringing you out even more. Tell him what makes you feel appreciated and praised.

Do you like to be filmed or have pictures taken of you when you’re naked?
Do you like your guy to “place his order” for his favorite lingerie for you to wear?
Does it help you get in the mood when he texts you dirty thoughts about what he will do to you later?
Maybe you like to share “frames” during a good romp?
Perhaps presents delight you?

Don’t be afraid to ask for what you want to feel loved and respected during lovemaking.  Almost every time I make love I ask my man to tell me what he loves about me. I find it both reassuring and heart-opening to hear him telling me what he loves about me and how much he loves me while he’s making love to me. They just go hand in hand!

I’ve also noticed that people generally crave MORE conversation and pillow talk in their lovemaking than they are getting. You can up your verbal appreciation considerably without getting rejected.


If you’ve been a total slut, acting like a dirty porn star with an insatiable sexual appetite, you’re going to need some hugs afterward, girl. Our genitals are directly connected to our emotional hearts. It’s great to be abandoned to your passion, but guys need to understand that we also need hugs, kisses and appreciation afterward. Take the time for yourself to rest in his arms and let him tenderly hold and kiss you. Teach him my trademark “Best Hug In The World.” He will love it as much as you do.

Other things your man can do include patting you with a towel after lovemaking. Getting you a glass of water. And sharing more “frames” about what he loved most during your date.

The bottom line? Listen deep inside yourself to your desires and needs and communicate them to your guy. He can’t guess. And he needs to know. Explain to him that every day you’re a little different. Men understand women’s cycles. He just wants to make you happy he’s your lover, know he gave you incredible pleasure and that you are looking forward to your next date with him.And finally, instead of directing him, consider offering him invitations to please you. This will keep you in your feminine and him in his masculine. And if he balks at a request you make, or says, “OK, but I’m going to do it on my own time,” (as in, “you’re not the boss of me”) you simply need to understand that training him to be your best lover ever is a process. Keep at it. Don’t give up. Sooner or later it will dawn on him that, “there’s no such thing as failure, only feedback,” and he’ll be hungry to please you and asking for your requests.

Soon after that you can train him to run you menus of small offers. This is one of the four keys to seduction that Dr. Patti teaches in The Seduction Trilogy. You can learn the 4 Keys and begin to run menus for him to model the behavior. Knowing about these small offers will ignite your sex life because all of a sudden he’s offering you up tons of ideas that turn you on.

It doesn’t matter who goes first in putting attention on sexual skills. You can both learn a TON from us here at Personal Life Media. The combination of communication skills and sexual techniques is a powder keg of explosive sexual satisfaction that is right here waiting for you when you are ready.

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4 Responses

  1. Thank you very much Sir, for your valuable guidance and information.
    For sure, I want to learn more on sex and passion. Pls advise me

    With salutations,


    1. Mir,
      I believe that the first thing about good sex is open-mindedness about making and sharing something together with the lady. Both will have to contribute liberally without shame or reservation, in a game played by two. Exchange verbally whether she is liking what you’re doing, how she would rather want a modification in your foreplay techniques, where she’d like to be touched, and guide to in the navigation of her body. You’d rather be receptive and submissive to her guiding.

  2. Hey Susan your post is spot on as always. I quite often wonder why women think men should automatically know how to please them like he was suppose to be born with the knowledge ingrained in his DNA.. It’s a pity women think this way because they are doing themselves a complete injustice not to mention how much more pleasure they would receive if they were more open with their guy instead of just assuming he is suppose to know what he is doing, if they really put some thought into it thinking about a typical guys upbringing they would realise the only lesson in proper lovemaking, if he had any at all, may have been received from his father who more than likely never had a clue about it himself. Most guys go through their life with no idea how to make love the way it’s suppose to be made. Most of their lovemaking knowledge ends up being a case of trial and error all the way. Most guys will agree that sex is great, unfortunately that’s exactly what they think it is, Sex, you and I know there is a vast difference between sex and making love, If he was intelligent enough to understand this he would know that learning how to make love is no different to learning how to do anything in life, if he jumped into a car without knowing how to drive it he would end up injured or worse because he failed to learn how to to drive it. Most relationships that end over sexual issues, ie: The woman does not feel fulfilled or sexually satisfied, is because she can’t be open enough with her guy saying something like “listen here you if we are going to have sex then we are going to learn together to do it the right way from the start or we won’t be doing it at all got it!” If the guy can let go of his ego long enough to be open to her message being willing to learn it and enjoying the whole experience together then I doubt we would have as many unfulfilled women and failed relationships that we now have. Personally if my woman told me something like that I’d be saying “what are we waiting for let’s start learning so we can make it great.” Our social conditioning has a lot to blame for this, we are taught from birth that sex is dirty and we should not talk about it etc etc, it has been handed down from generation to generation as the rule to live by which is total BS, sex is as important to life as breathing is, we wouldn’t even be here if it was as bad as some people make it out to be. If sex was viewed in its’ proper light as being one of the greatest gifts that God gave us to enjoy our experience on earth then there would be a lot more happier people in the world.

  3. Thank you for your work, playful & passionate and for the valuable information. There is always something to learn & I love the subject! Perhaps most of all is the validation I find 🙂

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