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Gluten-Free Fad?

Gluten-free bacon!

Gluten-free lettuce?

If it seems to you that the gluten-free craze has gotten out of hand, listen to this.

According to “Why Isn’t My Brain Working?” by Datis Kharrazian, the gluten sensitivity so many people are unmasking is from the manner in which our bread and pasta is manufactured. Wheat has been hybridized and “deamidated” and that makes us allergic to it. The gluten, gliadin and transglutenaminase that trigger immune reactions come from the food processing industry – not from the wheat itself. That’s why you can go to Europe and eat bread and not have the same reactions that you do to American wheat.

“Deamidation, which is used extensively in the food processing industry, has also made gluten more immune reactive.

Deamidation uses acids or enzymes to make gluten water-soluble (it is normally only soluble in alcohol) so it mixes more easily with other foods. Although deamidation makes wheat easier to use, it has also been shown to create a severe immune response in people.”*

Here’s what happens. You eat bagels, pizza, cereal, pasta, donuts, sandwiches, rolls, cakes, and cookies and over time, your body reacts to this deamidated wheat. You have immune reactions and allergies, but you get so used to it, you can’t tell you’re sick.

You think it’s normal to clear your throat every time you speak.  Then you can’t think as clearly as you used to. You believe it’s a sign of aging. You’re just not as sharp as you used to be. You have trouble pooping. You take some “fiber” to try to keep things moving.

The inflammation in your system you’ve gotten from stuffing wheat into your gullet day after day, year after year, robs you of your vitality. The inflammation is occurring in your BRAIN. Then your immune system starts mistaking your nervous system tissue and your brain tissue for gluten. It mistakes one protein for the other. So your immune system starts producing antibodies to nervous tissue whenever you eat gluten. Your gluten sensitivity creates an auto-immune attack against your own brain and nervous system.

Meanwhile, your belly grows bigger. As a man you have more belly fat and store more estrogen. This lowers your testosterone ratio and you get man boobs. You lose your edge. You don’t feel like “yourself.” Your risk of dropping dead of a heart attack spikes. You slow down. You stop exercising. You get OLD.

Add to this sensitivity any blood sugar imbalances that occur from eating all those empty bread carbohydrates. And remember, you’re not pooing like you used to, so your gut is all bolloxed up. Here’s another question. Are you popping Pepcid or Prilosec thinking your stomach acid is messed up? It’s very likely (in addition to too much acid from the sugar in the bread and not enough whole, fresh, green vegetables) that your brain has stopped running your alimentary system as well as it did because your immune system is destroying your brain and the nervous system signals that run your gut and keep your stomach digesting and your colon emptying well.

Then add on the sleep disorders that come with stress. And are you taking any anti-depressants that manipulate your Serotonin? Because Seratonin is a neurotransmitter. When your brain isn’t working correctly, it affects your neurotransmitters too. What if you could get off anxiety meds and feel happy just by giving up bagels?

Am I vilifying bread? No. I am vilifying the food manufacturing processes in the American food system.

You can see that this nasty ball of wax is bringing you down to your knees.

The good news is that if you go off of these five food items for two weeks, you’ll likely see that you feel your health beginning to return. For two weeks, don’t eat wheat, dairy, soy, eggs and peanuts. These are the most common allergies that flare your immune system. Add them back in one at a time and you’ll immediately notice what you can and cannot tolerate.

It’s easy to eat without wheat. There are many gluten-free options for bread and crackers, even pizza. But your focus should be on letting go of any kind of flour-based items for just two weeks. You can eat rice, corn, potatoes (though they make you fat).

Focus on eating lean protein, lots of salads and vegetables and fresh fruit.

Just eat that.

For two weeks.

If you have an allergy to deamidated wheat, you’ll be able to reverse your brain/gut/nervous system tissue/inflammation/auto-immune troubles.

How does this tie into sex?

If you don’t feel well, how can you cultivate desire?

Pain covers desire.

Let your desire thrive by taking care to eat your veggies.

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*A doubled-blinded, placebo-controlled study found subjects did not react to native wheat flour, but reacted severely to deamidated wheat. The researchers concluded deamidation of wheat generates new substances that activate the immune system.

2 Responses

  1. Kicking wheat and all gluten products out of my diet was the single smartest thing I have done in the last two years.

    I don’t really understand the science behind it, but these have been the results for me:

    – No more medication (Nexium) needed for the constant burning indigestion.

    – More energy, more sex drive, more clarity, more life!

    1. Same for me. It’s so simple. Our wheat is destroyed by agribusiness. Glad you got on the wheat-free wagon with me.

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