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Clitoral Sensitivity Preventing Multiple Orgasm

Is She Too Sensitive To Go For Orgasm #2?

Here is a 3 dimensional rendering of a clitoral structure.

Many men ask me how they can get their woman to become multi-orgasmic. Many women are able to achieve a single orgasm but find their clitoris too “over stimulated” and sensitive to want additional touch to “go again” and have another or multiple orgasms.

“Thank you for your advice! Your articles and newsletter is life-changing. WOW. Your methods have taken our love life from “ready to pack the bags and run” to “I can’t wait to get home and see what’s in store for me tonight!” My wife is orgasming better than she did 20 years ago. She says her orgasms are so good she can’t believe it’s possible.

— Increasingly Happy Husband

Why can some women come for hours and others shy away from a second orgasm, even if the first felt amazing?

Here’s one of the most common reasons why and what to do about it.

“Clitoral Fatigue”

Essentially, if you are stimulating her clitoris to the point where she orgasms and then is too sensitive for additional stimulation, she’s experiencing clitoral fatigue.

For women who are actively enjoying their sex life with you BUT they get too sensitive to want another orgasm, here’s what’s likely happening.

Whatever you two are doing to stimulate her to orgasm is putting too much focus and attention on the stimulation of her clitoral glan. The glan, or head, is just the tip of the iceberg. The glan is covered by the hood and that is all that is visible of the clitoral structure. The structure includes a shaft as well as two wings or “crura” and two bulbs. The shaft, wings and bulbs are buried inside her and need time and stimulation to become engorged and carry her onto a plateau of arousal where she wants to get off multiple times.

By spending more time spreading her arousal throughout her body, by kissing her, playing with her breasts and nipples, by giving her a sensual massage before touching her clitoris, you will engorge much more erectile tissue throughout her body. Then as you touch her vulva, you start from the outside and work your way in, just teasing her clitoris as you are engorging her vestibular bulbs and labia.

The single best recommendation I can make to you is to follow the 21 “dates” outlined by Dr. Patti in our Expand Her Orgasm Tonight program.

This program teaches the “giver” you and the “receiver” her to deliver strokes that naturally expand her sensation and orgasmic ability. By doing this as a learning program where you both begin as beginners and make it FUN, you both increase your abilities to generate pleasure for yourselves and each other.

Expanded Orgasm is a kind of sensual massage you use to get your lady ramped up to multiple orgasms. The stroking technique prevents clitoral fatigue AND increases the quality of each of her orgasms. Expanded Orgasm is also called, “The 30 Minute Orgasm” in that the strokes will take her right up to the edge of climax and then EXTEND or expand the moment of climax so it stretches like chewy taffy and allows her stay in orgasm longer and longer. The stroke techniques in Expanded Orgasm help you BUILD on each orgasm so that the next one feels better than the last one.

This is a chart of what Expanded Orgasms look like:

Expanded Orgasmic Progression

The Expand Her Orgasm Tonight program is very clever. It breaks down the process of the couple learning together into “21 dates” where the skills from the last date are built upon by the next date.

Not only is this a fantastic “couples project,” it will help her orgasm from penetration/intercourse in addition to manual stimulation.

You have 30 days to fully try the program with our money-back guarantee. This gives you time to review the program, present it to your partner once you understand how the pieces fit together and what you will be expected to do.  This planning will increase your chances of enrolling her in this pleasure.

This is the program that saved my marriage with Tim, made our sex life juicy hot and is the reason we started our company, Personal Life Media, to bring to other lovers the skills we learned in the sex workshops we went to, including learning from Dr. Patti how to experience Expanded Orgasms.

Note: For some women, there’s a mental barrier. They don’t BELIEVE they are multi-orgasmic. Or they are not aroused enough when having sex with you. While they may be willing to give you the satisfaction of bringing them to one climax, that is all they are motivated to achieve. They prefer to come once and be done so they can get to sleep or put their attention on other things that are more interesting to them. A harsh truth? Yes. But you come to me for answers to problems, not to mask problems from you. For this issue of her lack of motivation to be multi-orgasmic, there’s a different solution than for clitoral fatigue. The solution to lack of interest in being multi-orgasmic typically involves them understanding that other “every day” women (not porn stars or sluts or some orgasmic wonder woman) are experiencing immense amounts of pleasure and that they can too. This could be a limiting belief of theirs, boredom with the sex they’ve had to date and/or their partner not fulfilling the sex they long for and dream of. One solution is the introduction of more novelty and excitement that is missing in their sex life. This ennui is the result of their partner not being the lover that can take them into rapture — often a lack of “differentiation” between a couple and a lack of polarity (masculine/feminine magnetism).

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11 Responses

  1. for partners with women – just, listen to her. multiple orgasms are great but if she’s totally happy with just one THEN BELIEVE HER. don’t keep harping on her about having more. the number of orgasms she has is not about your ego/satisfaction. you can certainly talk about having more but if she really doesn’t want more than one then respect her choice. if you continue after she has made her decision then you’re being a disrespectful bad partner. don’t make her feel bad because she’s satisfied with one. no one knows her better then herself.

    1. What about the fact that both men and women are multi-orgasmic and that there is a lot more pleasure available if you don’t burn her clit out on the first orgasm?

      1. Just because there’s more pleasure “available”, it doesn’t mean we have to have it. Some people are happy and don’t always need more and more. I feel sad for anyone who has that mindset.

      2. Please forgive my lack of knowledge on the subject Susan but how does one burn or rather not burn a lady’s clit out on one orgasm? As the clit is the pleasure centrethat we are all told that it is how does one ignore it in order to get my woman off she demands that I play with it this of course is hard to ignore but are you saying that this is what I must do to give her the ultimate pleasure of multiple orgasms?

  2. COMPLET the comment 2
    Why some women the don’t want to have plunger for her self and for the man and for free ….and working the hared working (sex) without value

  3. Out of the twenty or so women I have enjoyed sex with over the years, only one woman had very intense “full body” orgasms that lasted for five to ten minutes. It was amazing to watch. I may be wrong but I don’t believe men can achieve that level of intensity. Is that right?

  4. some women don’t have their first orgasms til their mid 20’s. I had a girlfriend when I was 19, and she was 18, and she would sometimes have multiple long lasting orgasms, once she even had like 7,8 in a row, she was having orgasms for like 4-5 minutes, something us guys will never endure, I admit I was so jealous, of course being a boy/men has it’s advantages too, like we get to pee standing up, we don’t have to deal with periods or PMS, and don’t get pregnant, we don’t have to give birth to babies. personally I would give up being able to pee standing up for those longer lasting multiple orgasms, but at the same time I would not want to get pregnant and have babies, so I think it’s absolutely fair the girls and women have the advantage over the guys, being able to experience that kind of pleasure for minutes at a time, it’s a woman’s right, and every woman should be having many orgasms per sex session, it’s only right, the truth it of guys only get about 3-6 seconds of orgasm, than we are done for a while, so gals need to know that being female does have it’s advantages too, multiple orgasms us men will never endure, so girls be grateful of your ability to have much more intense, much longer lasting, and multiple orgasms, as your reward, for dealing with all you women go through. while us guys get to pee standing up, the gals get the better orgasms, fair is fair. I really wish these college boys would stop complaining about how this college girl they are having sex with is having these 20 second orgasms, while their are 5 seconds.

    1. James,
      Although your piece is insightful, once you get married or are in a long term , committed relationship, you will quickly find out that you DO have to deal with periods and PMS every month.

  5. Very good it opened my mind on this issue, my woman always get fatigued and now learn so much and know what to do. Thanks Susan

  6. A message sent today(Sat. Nov. 30th) to Dr. Patti:

    Good Morning Dr. Patti,

    We have become friends with a gentleman who seems to have a very good handle on the female mindset as it relates to all things sexual. I wanted to forward a most recent email he sent, to get your expert opinion of what he is saying.

    A brief explanation of our(wife and I) situation is needed to understand this:
    We have been together since ninth grade, married for 42 yrs. A super-solid marriage. As a result of many things (stress, menopause, routine, etc) our sexual life came to a virtual end. In an effort reawaken a dormant passion, I offered my wife the opportunity to get a sensual massage at the hands of another man (we have always loved massages). Hesitant at first, the thought of it became very enticing to her. We put her profile on 3 popular massage related sites and began a search. Over the past three years she has had some wonderful, and very exciting experiences. My role has been (90%) as an observer; sometimes participating; often, she and I continuing the lovemaking after her partner has left. Then we met Charley. I would describe his lovemaking prowess as a ‘respectful Dominant’. His recent message:

    (From a friend, Dr. Charles, retired cardiac surgeon))
    Tad, I have some very strong opinions about you and Karla that I would like you to think about. First of all YOU have clearly been the man in charge of her sexuality. All the fucking around with ‘other’ men or ‘partners’ is entirely your doing. Karla, would never have done anything without your ‘dominant’ directorship. You are what I call a ‘soft’ dominant, the most powerful kind, and you can have women doing anything you want. I’m not entirely sure you understand that … you aren’t that ‘sociopathic’, and never exploit that skill. She does what you want and thinks it’s a fifty fifty decision … when in reality she is doing whatever she thinks will please you and she loves it. BTWay, all women want what you have allowed her to do… few could cope with it. She can because she is still smitten with you and your dominance as a male. Take it from me Tad, You can ‘make’ Karla do anything you want her to do … she is an extreme submissive. Oh I know, she will kick and resist, that’s required of her, but I know she would ultimately do anything … she is a very sensuous woman and YOU have started her realizing that. Tad, don’t bother with hypnotism … you don’t need it!
    PS … go ahead and share this with Karla … she’ll resist and come up with lots of this and that on the subject but when all is said and done … you own her pussy … and she loves it. She loves to be owned and used in any way that gives you pleasure.

    Your thoughts Dr. Patti!?!?!?

    Thanks, Tad
    PLM member

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