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Sex Is Good For You – Health Benefits Of Sex

“Seminal fluid is a cocktail of potent chemicals” for your lady. It’s healthy for both of you if you are in a fluid-bonded* relationship and can share fluids without worrying about STD’s.

Wet sex is the best sex. It’s the most intimate. The most primal. The most surrendered.

When you can let your saliva and ejaculate get all over each other…
It is especially hedonistic if your lady knows how to ejaculate (squirt) on you.
If you can create a situation where you are able to squirt your semen up inside your lover where nobody will get any STD’s and no pregnancy will occur… (I recommend your lady checking out the next generation of IUD’s which are 99% effective without wreaking havoc on her hormones with The Pill, which are synthetic hormones, not natural.)
Wet sex is the most primal, satisfying, healthy sexual interaction you two can experience.
Depending on your relationship status, this is possible to create through agreements with lovers of high integrity.

Read this fascinating excerpt by Dr. Helen Fisher from her book, “Why Him? Why Her?” where she explains why seminal fluid is a healthy cocktail:

“Sex has many health benefits. Frequent sex improves your sense of smell, reduces the risk of heart disease, improves overall fitness, contributes to weight loss, relieves pain, reduces the frequency of colds and flu and improves bladder control. Having good sex also makes you want to have more sex, in large part because sexual activity elevates of testosterone.

Having sex can also reduce depression, particularly in women because seminal fluid is a cocktail of potent chemicals. The dopamine and norepinephrine in this male liquor relieve stress and give energy, optimism, focus and motivation. Oxytocin and vasopressin in seminal fluid can give feelings of deep attachment as well. And the follicle stimulating hormone (FSH) and luteinizing hormone (LH) found in male ejaculate regulate a woman’s monthly menstrual cycle.

In short, sex with the right person at the right time is good for you.

But what about casual sex with someone you just met?

I’m not in the “should” business; I don’t wish to tell you how to conduct your life. But here is one of Mother Nature’s secrets: Casual sex is rarely casual. Fondling the genitals stimulates the production of dopamine–the brain chemical associated with feelings of intense romantic love. Just after orgasm, you get a spurt of norepinephrine too, the closely related chemical associated with energy, exhilaration and focused attention. So when you have sex with someone you hardly know, you can stimulate these powerful neural juices, pushing you toward feelings of passionate romantic love. Moreover, with orgasm you experience a flood of oxytocin and vasopressin, the “cuddle chemicals” associated with attachment. Hence you can begin to experience deep feelings of union with this partner, too.

In fact, I have often thought that men and women unconsciously “hook up” with a new date precisely for this purpose –to trigger the brain circuits for romance and attachment in themselves and a partner and thus jump-start a new relationship.

Interestingly, anthropologist Justin Garcia and others have recently come to the same conclusion. In his study of casual sex on an American college campus, Garcia found that 50 percent of women and 52 percent of men who initiated a “one-night-stand” were eager to jump-start a linger connection with this partner and one-third of these “hook ups” turned into romantic relationships. Moreover, when this strategy failed to trigger a relationship, one of the partners regularly became depressed–suggesting that this individual had hoped for a longer, a more meaningful connection.

Casual sex can lead to love. So think before you step its deep waters.” – Dr. Helen Fisher

*”Fluid-bonded” means you are either monogamous and agree to have unprotected sex with each other or you are in a fluid-bonded relationship with a small group of lovers who are only having sex with each other. Think of it as a monogamous group.

If someone wants to come into your group and have sex with you or another person, they must “screen in.” Which means they must get their STD tests and make love only within the screened group.

That way, you can have safe, unprotected wet sex together.

Keep your STD tests current – every six months is good if you are sexually active – and use condoms EVERY TIME if you are not fluid bonded.


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  1. Nice post, Yes there are many health benefit of sex. Sex is not only a sexual activity its good for muscle toning, relief from stress, improved immunity, cardiovascular strength, and mental fitness. Thanks for your nice and informative post.

  2. really nice, very informative Due to sex some changes develop in you immune system and your body produces more antibodies against infections and diseases. it boosts your self-esteem and confidence.
    Benefits of sex

  3. Been saving PLM emails to read when my time wasn’t quite so tight. However could not resist a subject that included the term “meat injection;” had to check it out. Thank you, Susan. You make me feel like a mobile pharmaceutical outlet. I am now considering charging a nominal fee. You’ve also added “fluid-bonded” and “monogamous group” to my vocabulary,terms that I suspect I will only use with my fluid-bonded friends within my monogamous group(s). You guys sound like you’re having a hell of a lot of fun out there. Wish you were not so far away.**p

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