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How To Increase Desire In Your Woman: My 7-Year Expanded Orgasm Practice Report

How We Began

I remember when we first started our Expanded Orgasm practice. We committed to trying it “just 5 minutes a day.”

This was long before Dr. Patti created Expand Her Orgasm Tonight for couples and we had only taken one class to learn “the bread and butter stroke.”

Tim couldn’t find my spot and I couldn’t feel any orgasmic sensation the first couple times we tried.  But the advice we got was, “keep trying just for a few minutes every day.”

On the third try, I felt some good feelings from Tim’s stroke.

Seeing Early Results

By the second week, I was beginning to understand how different this Expanded Orgasmic experience is, compared to a single, clitoral orgasm or even a series of multiple orgasms of any kind. This was the first time I began to stay in an orgasmic state for longer than a single climax. I had been able to have multiple orgasms, but not these “Expanded” kinds before. WOW.

It started feeling really good. But those times when we couldn’t find the spot, if felt pretty frustrating. That’s how it is when you master a new skill, a little progress… a little frustration. That’s what makes “the work” so sweet.

Slowly and surely, success built on itself and soon I was experiencing an orgasm that lasted for a few seconds, then a few minutes.

I got more confident about how my genitals looked as Tim described how delighted he was with the engorgement I was experiencing.

Sure, there were setbacks. Times when I couldn’t feel a thing and we’d get up and go back to what ever we were doing before our DO Date. [DO means, “Deliberate Orgasm” and a DO Date is another word for an Expanded Orgasm practice session.]

The DO Date Stands Alone

The one thing about this practice that really helped me feel good about trying, even when we were  not finding the orgasmic sensation, was the permission to just have the DO Date be its own entity. The rule was that a DO Date was a stand-alone experience. If I laid down and butterflied my legs open and got stroked, it didn’t mean I wanted to go further. A DO Date was just that, with no promise of sex, intercourse or anything afterward.

Without any performance anxiety to do anything beyond just “practice Expanded Orgasm” for as long as I wanted that day  —  and because Tim never pressured me  —  it was much easier to lay down and try. Knowing I could enjoy as long as I wanted and there was no expectation to do more made me more willing to stay with the practice.

Over time, as we got better at Touching for Rapture and Finding The Spot (two of the key practices you learn within the 21-Day Program for Partners in  Expand Her Orgasm Tonight) I started to come for 5, then 10, then 15, then 20 minutes.

Oh my gosh, I got to feeling so good about myself! Sexual self-confidence is a powerful experience that informs all the other aspects of a person’s life. Our Expanded Orgasm practice quickly accelerated my overall sexual self-confidence.

This is the hand gesture used in Yoga to represent a woman's vulva.
This is the hand gesture used in Yoga to represent a woman’s vulva.

The Goddess Reveals Herself

My confidence in my sexuality exploded. I felt like a goddess. That caring, unselfish genital stroking that is core to Expanded Orgasm gave me such a high! My Oxytocin levels soared. My genitals were finally, for the first time in my life, really well-engorged and the sensations I could feel became so much more pleasurable and laster so much longer. I started to want intercourse again and after a year or so of Expanded Orgasm practice. I had my first vaginal orgasm during lovemaking. Then I experienced my first ejaculatory orgasms. Then cervical orgasms. Over time I became orgasmic in so many ways, all from our Expanded Orgasm practice.

Sexual Healing Experiences

During those first few years I experienced a lot of sexual healing. Tim was so sweet and loving to me as my orgasms would cause me to laugh, cry, sob, cackle like a witch, roar like a freight train… I never knew what emotion was going to erupt from an orgasmic session. Tim rode out my waves of emotion with tranquility and acceptance.

The upset I had stored in my vulva came out a bit at a time and after that I started to really feel my turn on, my life force, my goddess energy.

My personal confidence and ease about myself and my life grew substantially at this time. It was a period of awakening to my own personal pleasure.

By the fourth year in we were having very hot sex together as a result of continuing our Expanded Orgasm practice. I was becoming such a good comer and Tim was a mighty fine stroker. Our lovemaking was more passionate and we started wanting more novelty and variety in our sex.

My Yoni Got Supple

In the last three years or so we’ve continued our Expanded Orgasm practice and it’s still expanding our love and pleasure together. For a long time I wanted a DO Date before we’d have intercourse. Otherwise I wouldn’t be engorged enough to enjoy the intercourse. I could tell a big difference between how intercourse felt if I had a DO Date first or I didn’t. But over time my vagina got more supple, flexible and lubricated on its own. It was kind of like Expanded Orgasm was the training wheels for my lovely Yoni to reach a higher potential.

By the sixth year of my practice, I started to achieve a transcendent trance state of arousal that connected me to the divine. My Expanded Orgasm practice connected me to the source of our humanity. That was a very profound time for me. My orgasmic bliss became a spiritual connection between Tim and I and our connection to Source.

I had some heart-opening experiences — because the heart and vulva are deeply connected — and I started feeling more emotion than ever before. My compassion soared and I became a more loving woman with new levels of gratitude and appreciation.

Thank goodness for my kind and loving man who took me from shut down to alive and full of love with his gentle strokes. Our Expanded Orgasm practice has connected us more deeply in our marriage. And it’s had a profound impact on my life. Being a turned-on woman gives you a zest for life that a woman who isn’t getting this kind of orgasmic genital stroking simply can’t imagine.

We are all hungry for touch and connection to ourselves, our lovers and our humanity. Who knew the portal to this would be our beautiful Yonis?

Listen to this audio interview I did with Maverick Masterson called, “Hours of Orgasms,” talking about what he loves about giving Expanded Orgasms – what’s in it for the man.

Hours of Orgasms ⇐ Click To Listen

What’s Next For Me? For You?
I can’t wait to report in to you in another seven years. That’s the beauty of a practice… It continues to evolve you in ways you cannot imagine. This is some copy we’re working on for our new video about Expand Her Orgasm Tonight. It’s so hard to capture how amazing this experience is for both couples, but I’d love your feedback on this:

Because when you learn the secret art of expanded orgasms, you’ll catapult your sex life into an exciting new realm so passionate… so hot… that you’ll swear your bed was on fire.

As a result, you’ll have a woman in your life who will do anything with you…

For you…

And to you.

A woman who will follow your sexual lead where ever you feel like taking it.

And guess what…

You’ll be able to do that using nothing but your bare hands.

The truth is that women love to be touched.

They literally crave it.

Why do you think we’re so dang cuddly all the time?

Being touched… being held… reaches us in a deep, primal place far inside.

A place that unlocks everything that we love about being a woman.

We feel sexier…

More feminine…

And safer.

And when we feel those things there is absolutely nothing we won’t do to please our man.

Because when you know how to touch a woman…

How to create intense, sustained orgasms that last 10 minutes or more with nothing but your hands…

You’ll instantly become a much better lover.

Imagine taking her to the brink of a total body meltdown…

Where she is so relaxed that all she’ll want is for your hands to continue to caress her body.

And then, after you’ve taken her into a deeply relaxed state…

You give her a powerful, intense series of linked expanded orgasms that lasts so long…

You’ll blow her sexual circuits!

Your confidence will swell when you unleash this powerful state in her.

When you realize that you have the ability to make any woman crazy with lust… with only your bare hands…

You will see a side of her you never knew existed!

Learn more how to increase desire in your woman,

download our free eBook!

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11 Responses

  1. I listened to Hours of Orgasms, and all I can saw is WOW! WOW! WOW! I need to find out more. Is there a full course for sale? I know many women who would benefit from it 🙂 Andrea

  2. I was very pleased to find your account of what is possible for a couple to accomplish together. J have always believed that this level of intimacy is possible and I very much want to be a part of helping my wife reach that level of appreciation of her God given feminine sexuality. I have been looking for and now have found the resource to make it happen for our relationship. Thank you for helping me find the path to complete self discovery,

    1. Jim,
      It’s wonderful men like you who want to bring the Goddess out in their partner that make our work so worthwhile. Do let us know how you go.

      1. Another incredible awesome expanded (or extended) orgasm site for women. I love to please my woman like this but it seems the universe was designed by a Goddess who left men with the short end of it all. If the genders were reversed in Nature, I am sure women would feel left out just “assisting” their God Man to expanded orgasm. But that is not the case so we “nice guys” just service the Goddesses. No regrets about pleasing them, just sad looking on.

        1. Men can learn multiple orgasm too! It’s a different way to the woman’s but very possible.
          There’s a lot for men in the tantric approach; google whole body orgasm for men; you may be pleasantly surprised.

  3. What a beautiful, hopeful and inspiring story.
    It reinforces everything I have always believed inside.
    I have fallen into the “nice guy” trap and lost faith in that vision, so thank you again for another chink in my clouded sky for more rays of hope.

  4. Interesting article, good read. Sexual satisfaction is such an important part of a healthy relationship. Those of us who follow what you say and do recognize you contributions. Thank you for all you do.

    I am a motivated and skilled marketing executive with extensive management, sales, customer service and business consulting experience.

  5. such a loving beautiful story. I was in tears before I finished reading it. such joy it brought me
    thank you Susan for sharing it.
    matt donnelly

  6. I feel that my long time partner and I arrived at a similar spiritual place with our own forms of expanded organism, as did you and Tim, over many years together. Do you think you would have had similar results if you had joined a community like One Taste, where there appears to be more of a round robin, musical chairs approach, using partners catch as catch can, depending on available hook-up? That being said, of course the advantage of One Taste is that it provides a place to meet similar minded partners.


    1. Thanks for the comment Dan. We have done a lot with One Taste folks and we know them quite well. As you’ve pointed out, singles really like their approach. For couples, we’ve found more success with Dr. Patti’s approach. Both are excellent… it’s really about what “flavor” of excellence is right you 🙂

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