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Sexual Arousal Is A Trance State

There are different levels of trance that we go to, and the deepest levels are the ones that we most want to reach. They’re the ones where people have experiences where you don’t know where your body ends and your lover’s body begins, and you feel one with the universe and you recognize divine unity and bliss. That’s the deepest trance state. — Sheri Winston

The way we get there is by practicing.  No one is born knowing. This is a a learned skill. You get it through experience.

Here’s a complimentary excerpt from Susan’s interview with Sheri Winston in the Revive Her Drive “Seduction Summit.” I was listening to their dialog and thought this might help you better understand how profound an Expanded Orgasm practice could be for you and your partner.

The more we practice going into that trance state, the easier it gets. The easiest way to get there and the way that we get deeper into our trance state is by creating a setting where we can turn our brain OFF. Keeping our thinking part of our brain going keeps us out of trance.

Trance state is enhanced by using the tools of our mind and our body and our heart and our spirit. Use your body tools of breathing and sound, movement, of vision, both inner vision and shared vision with a partner by eye gazing. Touch with rhythm is particularly good at putting a body in a sexual trance. [That’s why the rhythmic stroke of the Expanded Orgasm practice works so well to create a sexual trance state between partners. — Dr. Patti] Music and more animal-like movement get us into those states. We can use our body and our sound to help us focus.

If your partner is having trouble “dropping in” to a sexual trance with you, encourage her to take ten nice big breaths while she opens and closes her  pelvic floor muscles and lets the breath sounds move down her body. Say, “Oh baby, breathe with me,” and go “Ahhhhhhhhh…” with her. Start opening your mouths and opening your bottoms and pulling each other deeper and deeper into that trance state. When we’re with a partner the more we do it for ourselves, the more we’re encouraging and supporting them to do it for themselves. When we do it together we create this harmonic oscillation that enhances and deepens that trance state.

I call that pelvic breathing. Men can do it too.

The thing about trance state is most of us learn our solo sexual trance first, and then we learn how to be in what I think of as parallel trance. I’m getting you turned on, you’re getting me turned on and we take turns and we’re sort of both in our own little sexual trance world but we happen to be trying to do it at the same time. That can be good, but the highest level is when we get into conjoined trance.

When we’re in that trance, it stops mattering who’s doing what to whom. I get just as turned on by sucking your member as you are by having your member sucked.

You get just as turned on by licking my vulva as I am by having it licked. We literally become telepathic and we start to feel what the other person is feeling. In fact what’s interesting is science documents that this happens on a real level. First of all, you can’t touch somebody without also being touched. It’s like a hug; it’s not a one-way thing, it’s always a two-way thing. When you’re really tuned in to the interface, your body starts to register what you’re doing to the other person as if it’s happening to you.

Perception happens in your brain, and if you think somebody is giving you pleasure your brain goes, “Okay, it must be real.” We literally both physically and energetically and emotionally in every way can get to that place and that’s what we’re aiming for. That’s what we’re trying to learn how to do on purpose, as opposed to the spontaneous serendipitous amazing mind blowing cosmic sex that most people have had occasionally, but what we’re saying here is you can get there on purpose. You can learn how to make that happen by learning to really use your whole toolkit to understand your operating system and your partner’s operating system.

This is an excerpt from the Seduction Summit within Revive Her Drive between Susan Bratton and Sheri Winston.

Note: There’s a free report we give away called Touch For Rapture. The whole idea being that when you’re in that trance state and you’re really connecting in with your love at a physical and an emotional and an energetic level, it’s the idea that “I’m feeling you, you’re feeling me. I’m feeling you feeling me. You’re feeling me feeling you.” It’s like you’ve connected that circuit of touch where I can feel you feeling me feeling you.

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With love,
Susan Bratton

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4 Responses

  1. Susan, thank you for writing your article.. the mind body connection is a wonderful and mysterious thing.. but I think you would REALLY benefit from going away and for a whole day or two .. just study and learn as much as you can about “Physical Rapport”. If you achieve a highish level of comprehension on this matter, you will understand empathy and while we can feel what someone else is feeling. Once in Physical rapport with someone we dont even need to look at them to feel what theyre feeling.. freaky … enjoy 😉

  2. It is indeed waw!!!!! I still believe you so much that is a thing of much time together. I feel increased trance daily. Keep it up. I appreciate your mails. It is my tool of my happy home today

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