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Rekindle Passion In Your Relationship (Part 2)

Rekindle Passion

I recently outlined how a man can transform his current sexual relationship into one of erotic passion and deep intimacy.

Many of you asked me exactly where to find more details on the 8 steps, so I broke it down below:

The 8 Steps To Create Passion

1- Inject Polarity

  • Lifelong Passion, Masterful Lover MANifesto, Alpha Masculinity, Dance of Polarity all from Revive Her Drive
  • The Masculinity Program -Calle Zorro The Marriage You Want

2- Get Out Of Dependency

  • The Masculinity Program  -Calle Zorro The Marriage You Want

3- Get Into Decisive Leadership

  • Masterful Lover MANifesto, Dance of Polarity -> Revive Her Drive
  • UNBLOCKABLE -Calle Zorro The Marriage You Want

4- Overcome Her Resistance Issues

  • Is Her Sex Drive Repairable?(free)
  • Stealth Turn-Around Tricks(free)
  • 21 Mistakes That Destroy Her Arousal(free)
  • Sexual Sticking Points, Erotic Adventures, Overcoming Resistance, Surrender & Trust, Identifying and Changing Her Limiting Beliefs, Fixing Her Sexual Health Issues, Cultivating Desire – Revive Her Drive
  • Major Issues – Calle Zorro The Marriage You Want

5- Get Into Building Respect

  • Relationship Values, Trust, Honesty and Listening – Revive Her Drive
  • UNBLOCKABLE – Calle Zorro The Marriage You Want

6- Get Out Of Trying To “GET”

  • Seduce Her Tonight & Seduction Accelerator – Seduction Trilogy
  • Fear of Missing Out, Seduction Integrity, 4 Keys to Seduction, Seductive Sensuality – Revive Her Drive

7- Ignite Turn-On With Seduction Techniques

  • Happy, Sexual Marriage –  Calle Zorro The Marriage You Want
  • Marital Passion, Erotic Communication, Erotic Adventures, Awakening The Sensual Goddess Within Your Woman – Revive Her Drive
  • Expand Her Orgasm Tonight –Dr. Patti Taylor

8- Escalate To Passion With Advanced Sexual Skills

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If you have any questions at all about what to do in what order to turn your woman into a love machine for you, just ask.

I’m here for you. I’m here for this.

Let’s make it happen.

With love,
Susan Bratton

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