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TOUCH: How To Give and Get More

The more you are touched, the more you enjoy being touched.

The more you touch her, the more intimately connected she becomes to you, and the more she will want your touch.

The sooner and more often you touch a woman, the easier it is to establish intimacy.

“There are four basic languages of touch.

There’s touch that makes us feel nurtured and accepted. That’s the touch that we would give a baby and it’s completely non-sexual.

There’s therapeutic touch, touch that’s there for healing. There’s sensual touch, touch that’s just designed to delight our senses and helps us move into our sensual trance.

Then there’s sexual touch, touch that’s specifically designed to arouse and stimulate. Part of what happens with partners is we tend to not get this whole spectrum of touching from our partners. When we do it really enhances things.” — Sheri Winston [Excerpt from Secret Arousal Maps in Revive her Drive]

“How To Get Touched, Stroked and Fondled More Often”

Check out the links below for exercises to guide you in getting more touch more often:

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With love,
Patricia Taylor

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  1. Thanks for the valuable information you have been giving to both couples and lovers. but I would be glad if you get me the free ebooks of the “fit for love ” and the “stroking guide ” . Thanks.

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