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Reclaim Passion In Your Relationship In 8 Simple Steps

Reclaim Passions in Your Relationship

What does it take to have the kind of passionate, exciting, juicy, respectful, zesty relationship you know you can have and deserve?

Men want the big picture and “the steps” in a logical order to make their marriage passionate again. Women lose hope that the fantasy of their dynamic relationship can ever be real again.

Scroll down to go through 8 beautiful ways you can revive the passion in your relationship.

Revive Her Drive ⇐ The Ultimate Guide To Bring Back Lost Romance, Passion, and Intimacy


A passionate relationship is a journey, not a destination!

Sifting through tons of information gets overwhelming. Learning too many new skills at once is confusing. So I broke it down into bite-sized chunks below.

The 8 Steps To Reclaim Passion

  1. Re-Inject Polarity – The masculine/feminine balance required for a sexy relationship.
  2. Get Out Of Dependency – Own your happiness.
  3. Get Into Decisive Leadership – This one is for the masculine. Take charge of your relationship and lead her to pleasure. For a woman, it’s inviting her lover toward more satisfaction.
  4. Overcome Resistance Issues – Proactively fix or work around whatever is holding your partner back from their natural sexual desire.
  5. Get Into Building Respect – Start giving your partner appreciation and approval and setting boundaries that reward them for good behaviors.
  6. Get Out Of Trying To “GET” – Inspire and stimulate her, lift her spirits, cause her to feel alive, and challenge her positively, so she automatically comes on to you, her man. For her, understand that sex IS love for him.
  7. Ignite Turn On With Seduction Techniques – Begin romancing her heart and mind, then use sensual experiences to reawaken your bodies while you run menus of right-sized offers.
  8. Escalate To Passion With Advanced Sexual Skills – Use a series of erotic escalation techniques that allow you both to surrender to your multi-orgasmic potential.

This list of more specific advice below gives deeper detail into the eight steps. I’ve linked many of these to additional accessible information.

How To Revive HIS Drive ⇐ If you are in a relationship where he is not as eager for sex as you are, read this article which includes how to increase a man’s libido:

And if you are a man who wants to re-spark your sex life with your lady… 

Check out Revive Her Drive by Susan Bratton ⇐ Work “the four elements of revival” to bring back that honeymoon feeling again.

8 Steps To A Passionate Relationship In Detail

1. Re-Inject Polarity

  • Discover each others’ “Relationship Values.”
  • Help her feel feminine.
  • Lead her out of her pain that stems from her unfulfilled energy so it doesn’t result in one of only two things: cheating/divorce or sickness (emotional and/or physical).
  • Get your physical and emotional house in order – from “manscaping” to self-respect and confidence.

2. Get Out Of Dependency

  • Become vulnerable and honest with each other.
  • Earn your woman’s respect as a lover, not just as a guy who does chores to get sex.
  • Understand that what makes your woman special to you is how she contributes to your life and vice versa.

3. Get Into Decisive Leadership

  • When you reward, appreciate and approve of her, it increases your leadership.
  • You’re always training her – and you’ve trained her into the situation you find yourself in now, so you’ll need to retrain her into the situation you both desire.

4. Overcome Her Resistance Issues

  • Begin to identify, then fix or workaround her resistance issues to you and/or sex.
  • Remember she started out as a sexual woman and that woman is still inside her, waiting for you to unlock the door for her.

5. Get Into Building Respect

  • When there’s no desire, there’s no respect. Shift into building-respect mode because your current behavior creates a lack of respect.
  • Without respect, any sex you get is mercy sex where she’s willing to lower her standards.

6. Get Out Of Trying To “GET”



➢Life with you in the present.

➢Her future with you.

  • If she’s feeling pain in her relationship to you, it’s covering up her desire. You must get rid of the pain to find the desire. (this is partially handled in the “overcoming resistance issues” earlier in the process)

7. Ignite Turn On With Seduction Techniques

8. Escalate To Passion With Advanced Sexual Skills

Once you get her to this point, we can show you so much more about escalating eroticism.

Revive Your Partner’s Drive ⇐ Spark Intimate Passion Back Into Your Relationship

13 Responses

  1. My wife is not ware of my needs. I have tried many many ways to talk to her about this. She is a mental health counselor. She has no idea its like she cant hear me. I dont think your article is helpful. I get awful feelings because she isnt aware or doesnt care about me. 2 nighht ago she met her needs and left me totally frustrated. I have ask many times to help me sexually and she refuses.
    You need to write an article that helps.

    1. This was written by a woman who has never listened to a man. She may have heard his words but never listened to what he feels.

      1. Hi Mike,
        I’ve been working with men for over a decade, so I hear the true desires of men from around the world of all ages. Based on your other comments on our website, I can tell you are frustrated that your wife is not listening to you. That does not mean I don’t listen.
        The dynamic you describe between you and your wife is one where she has the upper hand and you feel disempowered and that your feelings don’t matter.
        Said simply, your wife could well be a narcissist. Your brief description makes we wonder if that is true if she is as insensitive as you portray.
        Read up on narcissistic behavior and see if that gives you any clues as to what to do.
        Your situation might require you working with a sexuality therapist. As you said, she’s a mental health counselor. So it’s going to be important to find a therapist she respects to fix your marital woes.
        Find one here: The American Association of Sexuality Educators, Counselors and Therapists.
        Let me know how you do.
        With Love,

  2. Why are there so manny laicy men ?
    You get so much better sex if you just give an effort an do an amazing for play with your women ❤️?

    1. Hi Marianne,
      They aren’t lazy. They just don’t know what to do. That’s why we make sexy sex ed programs!

  3. A lot to try and figure out, most guys would say that’s too much work for me, I have a job, house and other responsibilities. Easier to find one night stands and hookers for sex.

    1. Agreed totally, why do we do everything when you can follow the path of least resistance and immediate gratification

  4. If you feel the effort is not worth it , you will always end up disappoint, in what you have you must create to to see its full potential or else it will show you the way to the other side which will also leave you feeling sad and empty . If you put the effort it will give you smiles and think of it as foreplay which can be lots of fun .

  5. Find your article extremely problem,however,is simply “Performance Anxiety”.Can you direct to your blog on How To overcome this “problem”.TQ

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