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Ever Have Trouble Getting Hard? [Free MP3 Interview]

Ever Have Trouble Getting Hard? [Free MP3 Interview]

There’s nothing quite as frustrating for a woman as a guy who can’t get hard. Really. It makes her feel insecure and ruins the excitement of the moment. Even if she doesn’t tell you, chances are, she’s wondering if it’s her fault.

When a woman is ready to come and she needs a consistent stroke to get off and her man is not able to give her the speed, pressure and consistent strokes it takes to give her an orgasm. . . want to know what she’s thinking??? ¬†Listen and find out.

If you struggle with ED, it can be hard to figure out exactly what’s causing problems. Is it physical? Mental? Why isn’t “it” responding the way you want it to?

This is one of the biggest problems men face in the bedroom. That’s why I asked Jim Benson to talk about the issue with me on this free 18 minute interview:

Jim Benson


Jim Benson is an internationally renowned sex educator. I invited him on as a Mastery Coach in my Revive Her Drive program because I was so impressed with his work. He’s taught with Margo Anand, perhaps the best known tantra teacher in the world. I’m very selective with who I bring on as Mastery Coaches, so you know Jim truly is the best of the best.

This interview is the first of four interviews in a series we’re doing on Ejaculatory Freedom, everything you need to know to gain full control of your cock and be absolutely amazing in bed.

This first interview covers:

  • What women really think when a man has trouble getting hard. A more raw and honest description than you’ll find anywhere else!
  • The most common (hidden) causes of ED.
  • The #1 way most men desensitize themselves to sex.
  • Why getting hard is essential for getting her to orgasm (and what to do about it)

Listen Now:

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  1. Susan is spot on. I keep myself in good shape (and I do mean well above the norm for my age) and am intelligent and successful and generally easy going. The absolute worst part of the experience of having a cock-centric man (martial artist in his 20s) lose his erection was him suddenly flailing away at masturbating to try to get hard again and entirely focused on himself and forgetting me. After a few minutes of witnessing his efforts, I was ready to leave the bed; by that time I felt that I had become nothing but a warm wet hole to put it in as he tried yet again to ejaculate through intercourse. Yep. Habitual masturbator who couldn’t give up the habit and concentrate on retraining himself to come through normal intercourse. Follow that experience with an aging man (early 60s) who was beginning to experience ED issues and decreasing libido that he began to blame on me instead of addressing it with his doctor and I’m ready to throw in the towel. Purchased a dildo and now I have something reliable that has a better “cost-benefit” ratio.

  2. I lost my hard on when the woman I was with just wasn’t being affectionate she just lied there no kisses no touch ,she said fuck me ,that really turned me off ,so you can’t blame it if the Man is not really into you and loses his hard on ,any woman that is sexy and attentive can keep any cock working ,so women it your fault sometimes ,we are not machines we need care if you want a good fucking!
    Thanks for listening

  3. Susan, I’ve listened to the 3rd and 4th of the series but couldn’t find the 2nd in the series? Is is still up?


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