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Vestibular Bulbs: How To Find And Stroke Them For Maximum Pleasure

Vestibular Bulbs: How To Find And Stroke Them For Maximum Pleasure

I first learned about Vestibular Bulbs from Sheri Winston, author of the best book on female anatomy ever written.

Here’s an excerpt from an interview Dr. Patti did with Sheri where she describes the Vestibular Bulbs. Vestibular Bulb Description

The best way to engorge her vestibular bulbs is to stroke them with organic avocado or coconut oil (something edible that can be used safely around her vulval area).

They are underneath her pubic hair between her slit and her legs where the green arrows designate in the picture immediately below:

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Start from the outer edges. Massage more down than up, especially in the beginning. Go with, not against the nap of her pubic hair.

Try all kinds of strokes from small circles, to pats, to light kneading. Roll your fingers across the top of her mound, her mons venus. Ask her for feedback and see what feels good to her. Spend a considerable amount of time there as you are awakening that erectile tissue. Each time you give her a vestibular bulb massage it will begin to engorge faster and more fully.

The ultimate goal is to have the tissue all around the opening to her vagina be so engorged that the tissue seems almost gelatinous. When you can wiggle her pudendum like jelly and it easily moves up and down and all around instead of being “stuck” to her body, you’ve done a thorough job.

Then you can move toward the center further and start engorging the hood of her clitoris and her clitoral shaft before you begin your Expanded Orgasm date.

Do you want to download this brochure explaining What Is Expanded Orgasm?”
If so, click below. It’s a fast read and a whole new way to make a woman have really long orgasms.


  1. Thanks for the info,, I sometimes need to be reminded of some techniques after a dry spell of sexual activity.. Also thanks for the tips I didn’t know.. Peace

  2. That is very good information….

  3. please send more picture


      • Hi Mohammed,

        Newsletter subscribers get a lot more photos. If you like what you see I’d recommend signing up for our newsletter.

        Thanks for liking our site!

    • Hi Abdul,

      Newsletter subscribers get a lot more photos. If you like what you see I’d recommend signing up for our newsletter.

      Thanks for liking our site!

  4. Susan
    You are just the very best.

  5. This advice about stroking the vestibular bulbs, I did not know before,
    thanks for letting me know!!

  6. i really like the pic its more of a way of showing us really were to hit the right spot or where to lick the righ spot thank you

    • Thank you so much for your kind comment. You will need to “awaken” her vestibular bulbs by touching them and kneading them lightly at first. Build up over time to more sensation and she begins to ask for more.

      • All the email tips are fantastic there should be a place where you could find women in Sydney to practice these on and come together to caress and massage each other and put these skills to practice :-)

      • I looking for a woman in my life .

        I am from Ghana,
        I am looking for woman from Australia/USA
        Could you please find me a one?

  7. Light touching fingertips

  8. Good info!

  9. Nice I m form India ..i really Surprise ur Deep Knowledge .
    Thanks for that
    Now I rally eager to do all this things ..Is any one from India

    • Thanks, Sachin. We have MANY members from India. We are a global company of friends. Welcome!

  10. Hello Susan,

    Do you think that a pussy pump could also help to achieve a full engorgement of those erectile tissues?

    Have you any recommandations regarding these pussy pumps?

    What is your opinion/experience on these products?

    Thank you!

    • Hi Ivan,
      I am familiar with these pussy pumps – can be used on nipples and penises too. Yes, the vacuum suction does create engorgement. But I would only consider a pump as an additional fun experience, rather than the gold standard of engorgement through massaging, kneading, suckling, stroking, rubbing, tapping…
      Fingers and tongues and loving patience will do better than any machine ever could.
      That being said, if she’s open to you hooking her up to a machine, I’d still lay in a foundation of manual engorgement (engorge her with your hands).

      • I am also into shamanism and an ex massage therapist, I have been promoting yoni massage over pussy pumps, I just wrote a little blurb for lemon drop, didn`t get published. although I love Ian Kerner. the human touch bonds and connects through living tissue, and shows you care, the pussy pump is cold, inhuman, and being made of plastic blocks the flow of human energies, and chakra connection. nothing compares to the human touch. physically, mentally or spiritually.

  11. Wow, great info. This newsletter is priceless. Thanks for this great tip!

    • Plenty more where that came from. :) Thanks, Kevin! Welcome.

      • Dear Susan, you have researched so well. I am proud of you. It helps millions of people. Yet, I may say that you should be willing to speak over phone. there is sea of info with experienced men like me. I would like to tell you on what is the most essential ingredient for ‘O”. It has been missing in all your and your 3 colleagues blogs/ articles. I am not trying to be secretive. Actually it needs lot of space and time to write. Talking on phone, yes, we can perhaps cover it in a few minutes. If willing, call on +91 9884067671.

  12. Hey Susan

    Well thanks for this hun, what a disaster!
    tried this with my lady and the bed was totally saturated; she could not stop spurting; came three times and hotel bed a mess!!

    So thanks LOL
    She adores what I do and i am really enjoying the after effects too


    • Hot hotel sex. That’s so awesome, Colin. Proud of you for learning how to get your lady off so well. And proud of her for letting it all go!

  13. Hey susan,you’re totally the boom. Thank you for being here.

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