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5 Years In The Making: The DESIRE Bar!

The DESIRE Bar is a sexual vitality snack. Support blood flow, sexual desire, and stamina while eating a healthy treat.

Five years in the making… We are pleased to announce the newest product to our “sexual biohacking stack” of supplements.

Announcing The 🍫DESIRE Bar… A sexual vitality energy bar with two of the five most important libido botanicals built right in.

This chocolate-crunchy peanut butter energy bar tastes delicious. It uses natural, whole foods, including chocolate, peanut butter, pumpkin seeds, flaxseeds, and tapioca from the cassava plant. The DESIRE Bar does not contain ultra-processed foods.

🍫DESIRE Bar Taste-Test Trio ⇐ Buy One Get Two Free

Desire Bar Promo

Now offered by the box!

Buy A Dozen DESIRE Bars ⇐ Keep Them In Your Purse, Your Car, Your Cabinet

The two libido-supporting ingredients are Maca and Cacao. When I was creating the libido support product line for The 20, all the clinical data showed the top libido botanicals are:

  • Cacao Polyphenols from Dark Chocolate for blood flow
  • Maca Root for stamina and sexual energy
  • Citrulline and Pine Bark Flavanol Antioxidants

However, getting an effective dose of cacao and maca requires more material than I can fit in supplement capsules. 

That’s where I came up with the idea of putting the Maca and Cacao into a sexual vitality bar. You can take them with our Nitric Oxide Booster, FLOW with the citrulline and Pinus pinaster flavonols, and eat the DESIRE bars daily. They are synergistic for libido and erectile function support.

Further, this bar is not just a whole food bar; it’s a nutraceutical. A nutraceutical is a food containing health-giving additives and having medicinal benefits. We manufacture this in a Riverside, California production facility, where they make precision pharmaceuticals and health supplements. They are rated to much higher standards than a food production company.

Every bar of DESIRE is guaranteed to contain 200 mg of polyphenols from cacao and 1.5 grams of maca, considered the efficacious daily dose for libido support, per the aggregated clinical data. 

The polyphenols are the healthy part when you hear the recommendations of eating dark chocolate daily for heart health. The DESIRE Bar has 200 mg of polyphenols from cacao in every bar.

You can eat a DESIRE Bar every day. You can take it with two capsules of FLOW daily and two before intimacy. 

The DESIRE Bar tastes good!

Susan Desire Bar

It’s not overly sweet because it has low sugar. The peanuts are toothsome, and the dark chocolate has a deep flavor. The bar also has peanut butter, pumpkin, and flax seeds for added protein and fiber.

Now, you can try a DESIRE Bar for yourself!

I’m giving you two free bars when you buy one to try out. You pay just $2.95 + shipping. You can try the DESIRE Bar over a few days to ensure you LOVE it before we release the dozen bar boxes. We have limited boxes available in our first run, so we want our fans to get first dibs on the boxes. 

🍫DESIRE Bar Taste-Test Trio ⇐ Buy One Get Two Free

Now offered by the box!

Buy A Dozen DESIRE Bars ⇐ Keep Them In Your Purse, Your Car, Your Cabinet

When eating them, please take a picture or video of yourself and send it to me with your thoughts. I’d love some good testimonials on my page to launch to the greater public.

FDA Certified

Desire Bars are made in an FDA-registered facility with Certified Good Manufacturing Practices.

All information from Susan Bratton, Personal Life Media, The20, and our collective brands are personal opinions. The statements made within this email/website have not been evaluated by the Food and Drug Administration. These statements and the products of this company are not intended to diagnose, treat, cure or prevent any disease. Always seek consultation from your doctor.

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